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I put a hand on the bulging erection in his trousers. I hadn’t waited for so many years just to be analyzed.

“How about less talk and more action?”

He grinned, bending to give me another full kiss.

“As my lady wishes.”

I felt him unzip his pants, letting them fall to the ground along with his boxers. His cock stood, curving majestically upwards in his hand. It was thick and long, more so than any guy I’d been with so far. I was surprised that a white guy could be so big. I lowered myself to the ground slowly, and with one last look at him, leaned in and took his head in my mouth.

He tasted a little salty from the precum, but I didn’t mind. I gave him a gentle suck, running my tongue around the rim of his cock. His hand pushed against me gently, and I lowered my mouth over him, until the head bumped up against the back of my throat. Aiden drew a sharp breath and I smiled around his large shaft. I always liked hearing a guy respond as I took him in my throat.

I had to use my hand to grip onto the rest of it, but I began to move, up and down his cock. My jaw relaxed instinctively so that I could slide faster along him. I lapped up and down his entire length, growing wetter by the second. He had stiffened further in my mouth, and I was eager to see just how good a fuck Aiden could be.

He must have thought the same thing, because I felt his hand stopping me from bobbing back down. I let his cock go with a pop, rising back up slowly. My breasts heaved with anticipation. Aiden moved between my legs, pushing my dress up around my hips. He guided his cock towards my tight, wet opening, the head brushing up against my lips.


With a grin, he thrust forward, the head pushing against my slit hard, moving past the resistance into my slick channel. I gasped loudly, back arching on instinct as he buried himself inside of me with one masterful stroke. My pussy pulsed around his cock, stretching to accommodate his wide girth. Every inch of my body screamed with pleasure as he filled me completely.

“You feel amazing, Rissa,” he groaned softly into my ear.

I turned to look into his clear gaze. I could tell that he wanted to ask me my name, but I wasn’t ready for the magic of the night to be over. I rocked my hips, sending a shudder through his body. He got the message.

Aiden moved in and out of me, swift and powerful, building up a forceful rhythm. I could feel my back becoming scratched against the brick, but the pain served only to increase the pleasure I was feeling. My eyes fluttered shut again as I tried to take in as much of him as I could, his body pounding against mine.

How could people not hear us? My mind wondered drowsily as our bodies met with audible slaps in the still night. I moaned each time Aiden thrust into me like a piston, grinding up against my clit relentlessly. Pleasure washed through my body from my core, and I felt my orgasm building again once more.

He had to be close now, his cock ramming into me forcefully with each stroke. I felt the pressure building within me, making my body tight all over. All these years that I had waited for him had been worth it. Nobody else satisfied me the way my stepbrother did now, making me whole with every stroke. He was claiming me for himself now, and it didn’t matter who knew it.

“Aiden,” I whimpered, my hands digging in as I felt my climax explode like fireworks within me, searing me with hot pleasure. My whole body contracted around his thick cock, still moving deep inside of me. I bit down hard on his shoulder, trying to hold my screams back, as sensations whipped through me like a hurricane, decimating any thought I had left.

Aiden pumped into me as my pussy clamped down hard onto his cock, and he too came, cumming deep inside of me. I could feel his cum filling me up, overflowing onto my thighs as he slowed his thrusts. At last he stopped, pulsing within my body for minutes. His breath was ragged and hard, as if he’d run a marathon. Finally I could feel him drop out of me, slick with his own seed.

“That was amazing,” he said, his voice hoarse.

I nodded in agreement. It had been so long since I’d had such an earth shattering orgasm. Slowly, I was able to bend down far enough to pull my panties back up. With my dress in place, nobody would have known at all that I’d just had sex with my own stepbrother.

“So what does this mean for us?”

“Well, I think this means that you are mine at last Rissa,” he said, pulling me close to him once more.

I leaned my head on him, pressing my ear on his chest. I could hear the steadying thump of his heart, and for once, I felt secure.

“But what about your father?”

“He can’t do anything against you now. Your business is your own, and I’m going to make sure it succeeds. The fact that you got the biggest bid alone would put you on the map. And that’s just the start.”

“And you? What if your dad disowns you?”

Aiden smiled.

“He won’t. I’ve been overhauling everything in the company. Things are so completely different, that he’ll have no choice but to keep me on, or hire someone else. And he doesn’t trust anybody enough to let them control our money. It’s taken me years to get to this point, but I promise Clarissa, he won’t be able to keep us apart any longer.”

I leaned up on my tiptoes, giving him a kiss. He couldn’t know how light and happy my heart felt at this moment, hearing his words. I’d been waiting for them for half my life.

True to his word, Aiden helped put my company on the map. He called up his friends in Hollywood, and I was able to be the planner for the Oscar after party. I have to say, for the work done, they got a steal, but it gave me the national recognition I needed to set me up for the rest of my life. I decided to move out to L.A., and Aiden came with me. Just a year later, I was pregnant, and you better believe that my baby shower was the talk of the town!

Stepbrother Holiday

“We are preparing for the final descent. Please fasten your seatbelts now and place your trays in the upright position. Thank you.”

Hayden looked up as the light for the seatbelt illuminated. He couldn’t believe that they were going to land soon. It was surreal, how time didn’t seem to exist as he was talking and flirting with Nina. He snuck a look over towards her, and was gratified when he saw the same disappointment written on her pretty face. He groaned inwardly as he watched her bite her own lip. What he wouldn’t give to be doing that himself. In fact, if he could have had his own way, he’d have bought out the entire flight so they could have all the time they wanted to themselves. He wanted to run his hands all over her, feel the sweet softness of her body under his.

The thing was, unintentionally or not, he had created a problem. He hadn’t figured it out until halfway through, but somehow Nina didn’t have a clue that he was going to be her stepbrother. Whether it was because Sarah had never mentioned him, or she hadn’t bothered to look him up, it felt almost refreshing to have her get to know him as just Hayden, plain and simple. He hadn’t had that since he was very young. Back then he went to school with others who were just as well off as he was, and while there was a shadowy sense of just how important he was, it had never bothered him the way it did now.

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