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“You mean…”

“Yes. I never wanted to go Clarissa,” he said, his voice low. “Don’t ever think that I did.”

“I don’t understand.“

“I mean I didn’t want to leave you. My dad had things figured out. It didn’t take a lot, and back then I wasn’t half as good as hiding my thoughts from him as I am now.”

My whole body lifted with every word he uttered.

“He threatened to cut you off and cast you out. He’d found your dad, dug him out from some trailer park. He told me he’d prop him up so that he could claim custody or something. He was going to ruin your life if I didn’t do what he said.”

My hands tightened onto my dress with every word. I felt like my whole world was spinning, everything I thought I knew tumbling down around my ears. Aiden looked at me, his eyes burning from the choice he had to make. I could see the pain that was in his eyes, pain that he’d forged into a hard shell.

“I was trying to protect you.”

“So our promise. You hadn’t forgotten?”

“No! Of course not! It was tough to convince him that I didn’t care for you anymore. It had gotten to the point where I thought I’d never convince him. And of course, by then, it seemed like you hated my guts. Honestly, I wanted to have this talk much earlier… but I didn’t think it’d serve any purpose.”

“No purpose! Aiden, of course it would!”

My face flushed. Things had proceeded so quickly. Even though I’d thought about it so many times, I didn’t ever think he’d be attracted back to me still. I had seen the women he took to bed every night. How could he not have enjoyed that on some level? But his expression was so pained, so sincere. I wanted to believe.


“Yes! I could have told you that I…”

Could I say it? Should I? My heart wavered, still afraid that he could take away all that he said in an instant.

“That I still felt the same.”

I didn’t have to wait for his reply. His hands reached forward to cup my face and lift them up towards his as his lips claimed mine. He pressed his mouth against mine roughly, urgently, as if letting go of years of pent up emotion. I felt his tongue against me, probing at my lip until I opened up and let him in. We tangled deliciously together, my body melting in the fiery kiss. My hands reached for his chest to steady myself, warm tendrils of heat curling around my core.

“We can’t. Somebody will see us,” I gasped as he let me go at last.

Even as I protested, my nipples hardened at the thought. I could see his eyes, darkened with unabashed lust at my fertile body.

“You’re afraid of what those people think?” he waved down at the crowd below. The very best of New York had gathered here tonight. Any of them could look up and see us.

“Well no,” I said, unwilling to close the door on his offer. This was what I had wanted. Did it really make sense for me to blow it? I wasn’t going to be seeing him again after tonight.

He waited.

“You’re my brother! What are people going to say?” I protested again weakly. I knew I should just enjoy it for what it was-a chance to spend the night with the man of my dreams. Wasn’t that enough?

“Not by blood.”

His voice was husky with his desire. My body felt heavy, and I fought against pressing myself up against him and giving in.

“Rissa,” he said again. “Come on. I know you feel this too. The love we had, back then we didn’t know better, but it wasn’t the kind of love shared with a sibling. It was the kind of love between a man… and a woman.”

He wrapped his hands around my body, pulling me tight against him. They ran free over my silky curves, caressing and squeezing my ass. I could feel a hot heat through his trousers. His cologne was smoky and rich, filling my senses and leaving me weak. Aiden moved slowly down my neck, nibbling the bare skin. I moaned softly as each kiss made contact with my chilled skin, branding me as his for the night.

My head was spinning. Was this truly happening? Anyone could come onto the balcony at any moment. The thought alone made my heart pound, and not from fear either. He pushed me easily against the brick wall of the mansion, the material rough against my bare back. In the back of my mind, I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this, that I should say stop, but I was tired doing that. How could kissing him be wrong when it felt so fucking good?

Aiden’s hands moved quickly now that I was pinned tightly against the wall and his body. His hand pushed up the hem of my dress until he could slide his fingers around my lace panties. They pressed up against my wet pussy, and my hips bucked up reflexively.


He worked against the soaked fabric with his broad fingers, rubbing my swollen clit. With one swift motion, he had hooked them down so that they dropped onto the floor. The cold air was a shock on my hot slit, and my eyes opened in surprise. This was much further than what I wanted to go out here.

“Wh-“ I was about to say. He clamped his hand over my mouth, something I found incredibly erotic.

“Trust me,” Aiden whispered, his hot breath brushing my shoulder. His hand moved back over my slick pussy lips, massaging and rolling my clit between his fingers. I whimpered quietly under his hand, head rolled back in pleasure. It was a good thing the wall was there, because my legs had turned to jelly. All I could do was rock onto his hand, chasing the pleasure he offered.

“That’s it,” he crooned in my ear. “Give in to it.”

I moved his hand from my mouth to my breasts, the dark nipples swollen with need under the smooth fabric. He delved into the neckline, pushing one breast up into the open. My peaks tightened as he rolled and pinched it deftly, leaving my breath ragged and short. Sparks of pleasure was shooting up and down my spine. Aiden picked up the pace, aware of how close I was to the edge, wanting to leave me skating so close, so close-With one last buck of my hips, I came, tipping over the precipice into a numbing pleasure. My orgasm tore through me with white hot heat, suffusing my body with warmth. I trembled against him, the noise of the party retreating until it was as though we were in a bubble.

As my orgasm subsided, I relaxed against his arms. He was the only thing holding me up. I could feel his hands teasing me slowly still, sliding languorously in and out of my quaking pussy. Time started to move again. After a while, I found my voice.

“You’re not done already, are you?”

I was pleased at the surprise in his eyes. Hell, if I was going to really do this, then I was making sure it would be worth it.

“No, I wasn’t. I think I owe you an apology though. I’ve underestimated you, Clarissa.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I didn’t think you’d actually let me do this out here,” he said with a shrug. “You were always so concerned with being good.”

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