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I run my finger along her slit, feeling the wetness already there. She wiggles a little. Moving quickly I grab her, pulling her into my lap and pushing up her dress. She gasps and puts her hands on my shoulders. She digs her fingers into me and my cock jerks at her possessive hold.

“Beau, please,” she moans. Her eyes are already filled with lust.

“If you’re not going to wear panties, then you’re going to wear me,” I growl as I free myself from my slacks. She licks her plump, strawberry lips when my hard cock springs free. Cum already coats the head of my dick, begging her to take him.

I grip her hips, guiding her down onto my cock. Her mouth starts to open, but I cover it with my hand. The partition between us and the driver might be closed, but sometimes my girl gets loud when I’m buried inside her.

“Go ahead, Dove, ride my cock. I know it’s what you want. You knew this would happen when we got in this car and your little ass didn't have any panties on.” I give her ass a soft smack and she does as I commands. I work her tight, tiny pussy up and down my cock. She clenches around it, trying to suck the cum out of me.

Her muffled moans fill the limo and the smell of sex coats the air, bringing me closer to the edge. “That’s it, milk it out of me. Get that little girl you want so bad.” Her whole body jerks at my words, her pussy clamping down on me so hard it’s almost painful. I go over the edge with her, shooting cum deep inside her and filling her up.

I release my hand from over her mouth as she slumps against me. My cock grows hard again instantly, wanting another turn. After all these years I still can’t get enough. I rub small circles on her back as she buries her face in my neck. After a few moments she starts to wiggle on my cock again.

I grab her hips, lifting her off me. I wish we had time for round two, but we’re already late for our reservations and I know the car stopped moving about five minutes ago.

I place her on the seat next to me. Her legs part a little and I can see some of my cum has leaked out of her and is coating her thighs. I grab her dress, pulling it down to cover her before fixing my own clothes. I know she wants another round, but I’ll give her all she wants when we get home tonight. Right now I want to give her a perfect Valentine’s. After all these years we still haven't managed to finally get our Valentine's Day date. We’ve spent the last few years with the kids at home. I want to give her this and make it special.

I lean over, giving her another kiss before I open the car door and pull her out. I reserved us a table at the nicest restaurant in town. I pull her toward me as we make our way to the restaurant. She bites her lip and I know what that means right now. She’s nervous. Dove still hasn't gotten used to the idea of having money and sometimes it makes her feel awkward.

“Reservation for Heart,” I tell the hostess. She smiles at me before looking at her tablet, clicking away. My eyes go to Dove, who is glancing around the restaurant, still chewing on her lip. I pull her lip out with a gentle thumb. She gives me a small smile.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Heart. I can’t find your reservation.” She keeps clicking away.

“Beau Heart.”

Her eyes widen when she hears my full name. “Let me see if I can find something. Maybe—” I hold my hand up to stop her.

“Beau.” Dove pulls on my arm. I take a breath. I don’t want to lose my cool in front of Dove. I just wanted tonight to be perfect for her.

“Never mind,” I tell the hostess without looking back at her. I pull my girl from the restaurant. I hear the hostess call my name, trying to stop us from leaving, likely thinking she might get in trouble with the manager.

“We’ll find somewhere else to eat and then I’m taking you dancing.” Dove loves to dance. She does it all around the house. I love watching her do it. We’ve never gone out to dance before, other than the frequent events and charity dinners we’ve had to go to.

She pulls at my arm again right before we make it to the car. The driver hops out, but I hold my hand up to him to let him know I’ve got the door. He slides back into the driver seat.

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