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I reached up with the hand that didn’t hold our son and touched his face. “It was a confusing situation,” I said.

“Maybe,” he said. “But my behavior was inexcusable.”

“But not unforgiveable, and that’s what matters.” He brought my hand to his lips and held it there for a few beats.

“Thank you,” he said. “I need to apologize for so much more… the lawyers, the fights with Cassie that you had to overhear… I thought that I was grown up and a man of the world and then I slept with my maid and realized I didn’t know anything at all.”

I laughed. “I think I have a lot of that growing up stuff left to do myself,” I told him. “Maybe Michael can help us with that.”



“Can I hold him?”

“Of course.” I scooped the tiny little man with one hand under his bottom and kept the other under his head as I handed him to Alex. Then I watched as the baby yawned and stretched and peeked open one of his little eyes… his hazel eyes. He looked at his daddy and the look on Alex’s face was priceless. They were bonding and I knew that my baby would never have to want for anything, most especially love.

When Alex was able to tear his eyes away from Michael he said, “Michael and I were wondering if his Mama might consent to having a date with his daddy when she gets out of the hospital?”

I laughed and said, “Mama would love that… but I don’t think I’ll be able to get too far from him for a while.”

“That’s okay,” Alex said, looking down at his son. “He has a standing invitation.”

Holly Rayner

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