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“What the fuck do you want, Yessica?” Draco finally demands, his rage skyrocketing, fists clenching.

“Oh, I think you know exactly what I want. Hell, the signs should have been very clear. I thought you’d have come to me before this, especially after the way I killed half a dozen of your men during those shipments, even got Thiago here yesterday. I knew you wouldn’t come running for him, though, so I had to work harder. Find out more about you. But I heard through one of the men we took away that you had a woman in your home. A beautiful one. A Nicotera. Shit, Draco,” she laughs. “Do you know how much money I could make from selling her? People have wanted to make Nicotera babies for centuries. It’s a very powerful name. All it takes is one raw stroke to continue the bloodline, make an heir. But, you know, I’m not going to do that.” She steps away from me, wagging the knife in the air. “Because I actually like her. And I’d hate to keep her hostage any longer, so all you have to do to get her back is agree to give up half the Mexico territory. Let me run it my way. I choose which cities I want, and you can keep the rest.”

“You want me to make a deal with you after the shit you’ve pulled?” Draco snarls, shaking his head. “You are still so fucking stupid.”

“No, I don’t think I’m the stupid one, honey,” she says in a singsong voice. “I think if you don’t take this deal, then you are the stupid one. You are outnumbered, Draco. I can have Rico over there draw his gun, shoot you down, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I could bring this blade across this sweet girl’s throat and you wouldn’t get to me in time to save her. This is the only option you have.”

His nostrils are flaring now, the rage sparking in his eyes.

Silence showers down and I feel my belly twist up in a large knot for him. I know how much Mexico means to him. Having the entire country, his family worked hard for that, and to just hand half of it over for me? No. He would be stupid. His father—my father—would flip in their graves.

“Don’t,” I mouth to him.

A pained expression masks his face as he stares into my eyes. I can read him like I book, and I hate that he’s already made up his mind. I wouldn’t be able to change it even if I tried.

“Only half of Mexico,” he finally grits out. “And we will negotiate which cities you can have. You don’t take my biggest suppliers. You will not kill any more of my men, and you damn sure will never touch her again. Agree to that, and we have a fucking deal.”

Yessica laughs boastfully, her head falling back and her silky red hair shaking. “I swear you are still the same. Trying to negotiate with me while I have you here, under my thumb.” She steps closer to him, so close that it makes me uneasy. Her hand runs down his chest and she lingers above his belt buckle, one finger tapping the gold buckle. “But I can’t forget. You are still Draco Molina. The craziest, scariest motherfucker I know. It would be foolish of me to not agree, wouldn’t it? After all, I can’t kill you. I need you to tell the suppliers I take that they will work for me now. I know they would rather die than side with a woman, so you’ll be there to give them the approval. I can’t kill her either, because then you really won’t agree.” He glares down at her. I watch as she unhooks his belt buckle and then she peers over her shoulder at me.

“You know, I miss this. The fighting. The bickering. What would that sweet girl do if I dropped to my knees right now and sucked your cock, huh? What would she do if I rode you against your will and made you come in my pussy? Forced you to give me your baby while she watched? Hmm?”

My teeth clench and grit together. I’m trying damn hard not to let my emotions sway me now. She got half of his territory. She got what she wanted. She’s been fucking with my emotions ever since I met her, and I’m tired of it.

I remain perfectly still, but the fiery heat I feel in my veins is hard to ignore. Jealousy sets in, tightening in my core.

“Don’t worry. I won’t fuck or suck him,” she laughs, darting her eyes on me. She pulls from him, and I sigh through parted lips. “His cock is a waste of my time, though it was enjoyable a long time ago.”

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