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“He’s going to flip shit,” she grumbles in Spanish.

But I ignore her and rush around Mrs. Molina, zooming up the stairs and into Draco’s bedroom. I change into a gray maxi dress and sandals, making my way into the bathroom to brush my hair and then toss it up into a loose bun. There are sunglasses in the closet and I grab a pair.

I noticed Draco keeps money in the top drawer of his dresser. There are five thick wads of them. I slide off the rubber band from one of them and unroll it, taking a few bills and stuffing them in the black leather satchel Mrs. Molina bought me. He never said I could use it, but also never said that I couldn’t.

I guess there’s really no point in my using it. He doesn’t expect me to go anywhere to spend it on anything. But with his guards with us, I don’t see the harm in going out for just a few hours.

I’m out of the bedroom in no time. As I waltz down the stairs, I spot Mrs. Molina standing at the front door with a tote bag now strapped on her shoulder.

“You ready?” She smiles broadly.

I nod when I meet up to her. “Yes.”

“Good. Come.” She grips the doorknob and opens it. Guillermo and Diego are already posted at the car, waiting for us. When I step out, the sun beams down on me, kissing my skin. I slide my sunglasses on as we walk to the black Mercedes. Guillermo opens my door as Diego opens hers and we slide into the back seat at the same time.

When the doors are shut behind us, I look over at her. “Are you sure he’ll be okay with this?”

She gives a small smirk that almost resembles his. “No.”

My eyes stretch.

“But he can’t stop us right now, can he?” she adds. “I’ve learned that with Draco you have to take what you want. Waiting around for him to give you permission gets you nowhere. If he doesn’t see you make a stand for yourself, he won’t take you seriously. He used to try and keep me trapped in there. Let’s just say we had one conversation over dinner one night, and he hasn’t tried to hold me back since, though he does make sure I take my precautions.”

Guillermo climbs behind the wheel as Diego gets into the passenger seat.

“Plus, I’m sure those two clowns up there have already told him.” She looks between them.

Diego huffs a laugh, but his mouth doesn’t move. Guillermo looks through the rearview mirror and gives a slight eye roll. Well, if they are still willing to take us, I’m guessing Draco is fine with it.


No more leashes.

I deserve freedom, and I’ve wanted to get out of the house for weeks now.

The ride is refreshing. Even though the air conditioner is on, I roll my window down and stare out at the road and tall palm trees. The palm trees transform into shrubs and the road turns into a dirt one as the car veers left and continues up a winding road.

I look back, watching the mansion grow farther and farther away. It’s a beautiful home, but it feels so much better being outside of it than in it.

I’m surprised he isn’t raising hell about this. Maybe he’s beginning to trust me. Maybe he knows where my best instincts lie.

We take a long dirt road past small, various colored stucco homes. Children are playing outside but when they see our car, they stop kicking their fútbols and stare. Some wave. Some don’t. They must know whom this car belongs to—or they suspect it’s trouble.

It takes twenty minutes to get to the city of Lantía. It’s a small city indeed. There are corner markets and Mexican food stands everywhere. The food smells amazing, and when I inhale, I feel a pang, remembering the ride on my wedding day.

Smelling all the food—the tortas and cakes—and then having it all drowned out with the scent of hot copper and being blinded by a black hood.

A chill shoots up my spine just thinking about it.

“Are you okay?” Mrs. Molina asks, and I shoot my gaze over to hers.

“Yeah.” I nod when she places a kind hand on top of mine. “I’m great. Just glad to be out of the house.”

She scans me, and I can see the worry in her eyes, but I force a small smile, then turn to look out of the window again.

The car finally slows down and I look ahead, spotting tall cream-colored and red tents. The area is busy, with men, women, and children milling around. It’s a market. A large one.

Guillermo parks the car and then kills the engine, he and Diego hopping out immediately. They don’t come for our doors right away, and Mrs. Molina sighs, peering out.

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