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I would try to run, he would try to stop me, and I know the only way I would be able to get through him is over his dead body. He would have to die.

He catches me off guard, pulling me from my thoughts by placing a warm kiss on the apple of my cheek. “I have to go. Patanza will be guarding the upstairs area. If you decide you want to go to the library, just let her know. She will show you where it is.”

I nod. “Okay.”

He pulls his fingers away from my chin and steps back. “I mean what I say, niñita. No one but me will ever touch you again. You will get whatever you want as long as you respect me. Everything you desire can be yours, just as long as you are mine. Remember that, mi reina.”

“Of course,” I murmur. He walks to the door, glancing back once before finally disappearing. When it’s shut behind him, I remain still, listening to his footsteps drift down the hallway. “How could I ever forget that?”

Draco returns when the sun is perched on the horizon.

The etching of my pen on the paper drowns out all sounds. It’s the only thing I can focus on, until I hear a throat clear to my left. I glance sideways, stopping the flow of my words. The first few buttons near his collar are undone, his hair not as sleek as it was when he left. It’s messy, like he’s been running his fingers through it.

He looks aggravated. On edge.

I drop the pen, peering up at him as he leans against the frame of the library door. “I take it you like it in here,” he says as I sit back in my seat. “Patanza says you’ve been in here all day.”

“I have. It’s peaceful.” I point to the window to my left. It’s arched at the top, a floor-to-ceiling window. The sunset is beautiful, its warm glow showering the oblong library. The books are all tucked away in alphabetical order. They are mostly romance novels and, like Draco said, all written in Spanish. No matter. I will still read them.

The wooden beams above give the library so much height and depth, matching the mahogany floorboards. A spiral staircase leads up to an open second floor, consisting of even more books, some of the shelves filled with antiques. A day bed with a brown headboard is set up in front of the window up there as well, decked with gold and white pillows. It looks comfortable enough to read and even sleep on, but I can tell most of this furniture hasn’t been broken in.

Down here where I am, there is a large curved desk full of all the supplies I need, recliners, and a coffee station set up in the corner.

“How was it today?” I ask when he shifts on his feet. He’s quiet. Somber.

He releases a heavy sigh. “Rough. Don’t want to think about.”

I pause, thinking of a proper response. “Do you need to talk about it?”

Walking closer, he plants his knuckles on the desk, still standing on the opposite side. His hair tumbles onto his forehead, curtaining his whiskey eyes. He focuses on me, lips mashing together.

“Draco?” I call when he pulls his hard gaze away and looks out the window.

“Tell me about your day,” he commands with a gentle voice. “What are you writing about?” He drops his line of sight to my paper, but I sit forward, covering most of the words with my elbow. His mouth twitches when he meets my eyes again.

“I don’t like to share what I’m working on so soon,” I tell him. “It’s still a work in progress.”

“A love story?”

“Hmm . . . no. Not really.”

“Figuring out ways to take me down?” When he says that, I can see the spark and challenge in his eyes, his mouth forming into a subtle smile.

I return a smirk. “If you don’t trust me, why do you even let me sleep with you?” I ask, flipping the paper over and then folding my arms, leaning back in my seat.

“I never said I don’t trust you.” He pulls up, spine stacking.

“You act like you don’t.”

“I don’t trust you away from me,” he says, and he walks toward the door. “Which is why we’ll be spending the rest of the night together in the pool, like I promised. Let’s go back to the room and change clothes.” He turns halfway, extending his arm, gesturing for me to join him.

“You’re serious?” I smile a bit, standing from my chair and walking around it.

He bobs his head slightly when I take his hand. “I told the butlers to bring my favorite tequila out. I could use a few shots. Couldn’t you?”

I grin. “I really could.”

In less than fifteen minutes we’ve changed clothes and are heading to the pool.

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