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“Anything?” I asked, breathy, deep in my throat. I brought my hands up to his shoulders, my palms tracing the outlines of his muscles, caressing his pecs and circling his nipples. His eyes closed and I could feel his breathing pick up, become more labored. My hands roamed his body, traveling down the planes of his abdomen. He groaned as I found his cock, hard, pressing up, needy, thick and ready.

“Oh,” I moaned in appreciation, clasping my hands around his length. “Declan, you feel so good.”

He groaned again and swore, still with his eyes closed, still with his hands by his sides. Still holding back. “I don’t want to hurt you, Kara,” he choked out. It was difficult for him to talk while I stroked his full, impressive length, feeling him grow even longer in my hands. “Give you time,” he managed.

“But I don’t want time,” I whispered to him, leaning forward and brushing my breasts to his chest. “I want you.” My hands kept working, running the length of his prick, circling his tip, slowly traveling the length down to cup his balls, then circle his shaft. “I need this,” I whispered in his ear. “I need your cock.”

A deeper, more tortured groan escaped his lips. “Yeah?” Elaborate words eluded him. Good.

“I do,” I continued, breathy with my own desire. “I need you inside me,” I continued, parting my thighs and placing one on either side of his own. “I need your huge cock up inside me. I need to ride you, Declan.”

“Uh, yes!” he moaned, opening his eyes and bringing his hands to my hips. I knew he was about to drive me down hard on his cock. But I brought my hands to his and stilled them.

“I’m in control,” I whispered wickedly in his ear. He groaned again as I brought my hands to his shoulders, pushing him against the side of the hot tub. “I’m in charge this time,” I said, bringing a tongue down to circle his ear.

He placed his hands down on either side of his thighs and watched me, rapt. I grasped the muscle of his large shoulders and looked deep into his eyes as I positioned myself over him. His thighs were so large and muscular, I had to stretch my thighs wide open. Once I’d straddled him just right, I grasped his thick shaft in my hand and drove my wet pussy down hard onto it, taking him in full and deep with one, intense thrust.

“Ah!” I screamed, overwhelmed and filled with him, so intense at this angle.

“Yes, Kara,” he encouraged me, his hands now up at my lower back as he watched me, riveted. I started to ride him.

“Oh, so good, Declan!” I panted as I began to move, grinding my hips up and down, stroking myself with his shaft. This was the massage I wanted, deep and intimate, stroking my core, my clit. Riding him I could position myself exactly how I wanted it most, making it so intense as I came down on him, rubbing my clit against his rock-hard cock.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy!” Declan’s eyes glazed with lust as he watched me like I was a fantasy come to life. His arousal drove mine into an even higher pitch. Faster, I found a rhythm and worked it, my tits rising and falling as I rode his cock with abandon.

“Yeah, like that! Fuck!” he gasped out as I rode him. I pressed a hand against his chest now, clenching my inner thighs around his hips, moving faster, harder. It felt so good to take pleasure from his cock, riding him with lustful abandon. I drove my pussy down on him again and again, bucking wildly and moaning now, needing more and taking it. He brought a hand to my clit and matched my rhythm, coaxing me even higher with every thrust.

“Yes! Declan, yes!” I could feel myself tensing around him, the walls of my pussy tight, wet and pulsing around his huge cock.

“Are you going to come, Kara?” he asked, watching my every move, drinking in every second.

“Yes!” I screamed, exultant, riding him hard, plunging down on his shaft.

“I’m coming in you, Kara!” He gripped my hips, hard, as he shot up hot into me, filling me with his come. My hands clutched at his shoulders. I threw my head back and cried out as I came on his cock, pulsing and shuddering all around him. With a last thrust, we came together in waves, breaking apart and melting as we clung together in the hot tub.

I collapsed against him. He brought his hand to the back of my head, holding me to his chest, kissing my hair.

“That was amazing!” I murmured, looking up at him with a huge smile.

He grunted in agreement, still inside me, enfolding me in his arms. “You can ride me any time you like.”

“Yeah?” I smiled, not feeling shy in the least.

“Giddy up, cowgirl.” He nuzzled behind my ear. “I love how you ride.”


; “Well, I did grow up on a ranch.” I laughed, giddy.

“And I’m just the lucky ranch hand.”



I’d meant to hold back. Who was I kidding? I’d already held back way, way too long with her. Years of holding back. I couldn’t do it anymore. I simply wasn’t capable of it.

What man would be? The woman of my dreams had stripped down naked, invited me into a hot tub, grabbed my cock and told me that she needed to ride me. I’d known at that moment that I could die a happy man.

I was no match for Kara. And I’d clearly gone crazy because I loved it. I’d spent my whole life seeking control, fighting to be the one in charge. You’d think now when I’d been brought to my knees, felled quick like a sharp axe to a giant tree, I’d feel upset over it. But I didn’t. I felt thrilled, beyond grateful. I’d fallen for her, hard, and I’d do anything for her. Kara could have anything she wanted. A mansion on a hilltop, tons of kids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa? No problem, I’d figure something out.

Tonight, I’d talk to her. I’d tell her how I felt about her. I knew I’d told her, that night at her ranch. I’d told her I loved her, a whole bunch of times that night as I’d made love to her over and over again. But since the incident with Lymon I’d been tiptoeing around, wary of upsetting her.

Fuck that. I needed her. I didn’t have a ring, yet. I’d been too worried about leaving her on her own for even a few hours to go buy one. But I could still offer her my heart for the rest of my life. We’d find time to pick out a ring.

If she said yes. I knew she could do much better, but maybe she’d get caught up crazy enough to take a chance on me? I couldn’t wait to make her mine. I wanted to play with her all day, tease her, tempt her, drive her wild. She tasted like nectar of the gods and I’d never get enough.

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