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I feel my head moving from side to side, answering him truthfully.

“A good little virgin girl…,” he says to himself, squeezing his cock and growling in a way that sees my hand moving towards my sex.

I have no self-control anymore. Not with Foxx. And I don’t care if I look stupid or inexperienced anymore.

He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world with a single look, but the one he’s broadcasting now makes me feel just as strong, just as powerful as he is.

“Finger fuck yourself,” he orders gently, shifting his eyes to my already drenched lower lips as I feel them part, and I widen my legs some more.

“Play with yourself, but don’t come. Not yet,” he says firmly, shaking his head slightly.

Gnawing at my lips, and under his strict supervision, I gently start to explore my body in front of him. Feeling my clit stiff and ready, my insides feel the urge to come right away from the lightest touch.

I make a helpless, whimpering sound, but Foxx only growls deeper, urging me to use my fingers inside and out.

“Play with it…show me how wet you can get for me,” he croons.

There’s no teasing in his voice, just pure arousal. And I can see at a glance just how hard I’ve made him, which makes my whole body start to shudder as I feel my climax so close already.

“Gooood,” he groans, and lifting his shirt over his head, I can see his torso naked for the first time.

Fingering my little slit is a reflex watching him, and once he slides those pants down, standing fully hard just a few feet from me, it’s a need more than a want as I feel two of my own fingers enter myself for the first time.

“Ooohhh… Ahh… Foxx…,” I groan, feeling my eyes rolling back as my hips start to pivot in my seat. My legs further apart, and my ankle?

What’s an ankle? I’d ask myself if I could stop huffing and groaning for even a second.

And Foxx seems satisfied. I'm getting the hang of this as he growls low to himself, turning away just long enough to start filling the gigantic tub with steaming water and some bath salts that remind me so much of his own manly scent.

The sound of the water running mixed with the view of Foxx, muscles taught and rippling as he leans over. The heady scent in the air. A scent already mixed with my own essence and the imperceptible and powerful scent of wildness that is this thing between Foxx and me. I let out a long gasp and feel myself shudder.

Calling out his name, I try hard to stop it.

To save it for when he’s inside me, but damn it. He’s so hot, and right now, I feel like I could fill that tub with my own cream and sugar for Foxx.

And that’s a cup I know he’d drink from.

Whimpering and feeling a little lost until I do come, I’m still squeaking and gasping when I see Foxx’s profile.

His cock is drenched with his precome. His mouth set in a sly grin.

“That’s it, Mandy…come while you finger fuck yourself, like a good virgin,” he rasps, standing erect and turning to watch me, making me come even harder, where it just won’t stop.

And it’s only scary because it’s the first time this has happened by my own hand. But mostly, it’s scary good just how awesome it is too.

I never touched myself because nobody ever made me feel like I wanted to think about them and do this. But like everything else with Foxx, this is different. He makes me feel safe enough to have him coax me firmly, and he’s more than satisfied watching his virgin girl have at it with herself for the first time.

“Your last time,” he echoes, literally – his voice booming in my ears off the glossy tiled walls, filling me with the vibration of his voice as I peak in my most powerful orgasm to date.

Which is two, by the way.

“Last time as a virgin,” he adds. And I know that he knows.

That there’s not gonna be any ‘waiting.’ I honestly don’t think either of us could stand it, and there’s no way either of us wants to look back and see an opportunity missed. I’m in love, and for once, it also feels like I’m present in an actual moment in my life.

A turning point and an open door to a real future with the man I feel that love for.

And right now, right this very second, I want him inside me as much as he does.

Right here on the tiles for all I care.

“Foxx,” I gasp, reaching for him, feeling myself nearly sobbing for joy when I feel his touch, his strength as he lifts me up again.

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