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For the last time as a virgin.



Can I just stand here and watch Mandy get busy with herself? Of course not.

Not for much longer.

I mean, I’m about to explode right here on the spot.

Gotta…save it for… her…

Once I hear Mandy say she’s never even pleasured herself, it piques more than just my medical interest. As her man, it fills me with a fresh thrill. And Mandy never fails to please me. Whether she’s touching herself or me, it’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever experienced.

Plus, fair is fair. I had more than my share of her sweet little pussy earlier, and she can have her first and last solo orgasm as a virgin. I’m more than happy to assist.

She’s gonna need to be as ready as I am, too. Her little love hole is gonna be stretched around my aching cock. I want my girl as ready as she can be so she gets maximum pleasure.

So she has today, tonight, and all I have planned etched in her mind forever.

The day she became mine.

The day we became one.

I’m kinda hoping she’s as close as I figure. The way she quivered when I sat her down, growing hornier by the second once I command her to finger fuck herself for me.

And I’m far from disappointed, hearing, then seeing her come so hard for me. For her. For what we’re about to do.

I just know that now is the time. There’s no more chasing to be done. No more words to say except when I inform her this will be her last orgasm as a virgin.

I’m claiming her properly now and putting a baby in that cute belly of hers. And I know she’s ready for it.

But it looks as if my girl might’ve bitten off more than she can chew in the best possible way.

She’s had a big day, and it’s only about to get bigger. But seeing her coming so hard that it almost scares her, I know it’s my time to show her the best way to learn anything is by doing it over and over again.

Seeing and hearing her say my name as she comes makes me clench my jaw as I lift her, steeling myself to prolong my climax.

I’ve been so close since we left the hospital, and now is the time.

Time to make her mine.

She’s light as air, and her thick thighs and silky calves curl around my legs. Rock-solid like tree trunks, my hot organ being the biggest branch, seems to know just where to go, and we both deeply moan once she feels my stiff meat probing her ready mound.

I lift her up a little more, both my hands grip her perfect ass, kneading her cheeks as her arms hook around my neck.

Our mouths lock in a passionate kiss, and I feel her whole body shaking.

“You’re alright,” I assure her, knowing that she’s a fair bit off the ground even at waist height.

“I’ve has got you, and I’m not setting you down until you’ve creamed on my fat fucking dick. Creamed and sugared me like I know you wanna,” I growl, feeling the animal in both of us again, but more intense than ever as she grunts and huffs.

Her sounds of yearning and need get more urgent by the second.

Easing her down slowly, she gasps a little, feeling the swollen head of my manhood, slick with my own precome as it meets her already wet opening.

“Oh, Foxx,” Mandy whimpers. “I want you inside me so bad. Take me now and make me yours. Don’t stop…now…,” she moans, tilting her head back and slightly arching her back.

My grip on her ass intensifies, and I feel the pressure of her tightness building against me.

“Damn, you’re tight,” I rasp, “My virgin girl….”

She eases down on me some more, and with a little wince, she moans with relief. And there is more pleasure radiating off her and through her than I ever thought possible.

Eating her pussy made her hot for more, and finger fucking herself has primed her.

But Jesus Christ, I never expected her to take to it like this, like a duck to water.

Her wide eyes close for a moment, and her face twists in concentration, but it isn’t long before I’m balls deep inside, flexing my hardness in her as it twitches and pulses.

The pair of us find an instant rhythm to match the perfection of our bodies locked together.

She holds me tighter, her thick, soft thighs gripping me, her hands moving to my shoulders and back.

I loudly growl when I feel her fingers digging into me. Hoping she marks me. Groaning when I feel my skin break.

My lip curls once I know I’ll have a reminder of this moment for a while yet.

“Mine,” I rumble, feeling all of her quivering once we both feel my dick deep inside her.

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