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Looking suddenly emotional, she tries to say something but can’t.

Still holding back so much.

“Thank you, Dr. De Silva,” she finally whispers, pretending to lay back and close her eyes.

The calmest I’ve ever seen her.

Just beautiful. She’s just perfect.

“And call me Foxx,” I coach her.

I can’t very well have you screaming, ‘Dr. de Silva’ when you’re quaking to climax on my fat cock now, can I?

Although, the idea does have its merits.

“Foxx…,” she murmurs, a little smile playing at the corners of her sweet lips. Making my mouth contract into a knowing grin.

Almost there… Almost. Just gotta get you home and outta those clothes. Into a nice warm bed…

She’s literally asleep in seconds, which isn’t unusual for anyone in her situation. I move to hold her hand in mine but hear my own breath catch once I realize she’s already clinging to it in her sleep.

All of her fingers wrap around a couple of mine as if we’re already inseparable.

The urge to lean in and kiss her is overwhelming, and I watch her sleeping angel face getting closer to mine as I lean down.

I’m just as helpless as she is right now, I guess. Helplessly and hopelessly falling hard for her.

How could I not want to kiss her?

Suddenly shifting my movement, I aim for her forehead instead of her lips.

“Doctor!?” Somebody asks briskly from behind me.

Without skipping a beat and letting our hands shift apart, I conclude my forehead area, slash closed eyes, sleeping princess examination.

Spinning on my heel, I raise both brows to a nurse and a ward assistant ready to take Mandy to her ward.

“Oh!” the nurse exclaims. “Dr. de Silva…it is you,” she murmurs, giving me some more of that ER staff only look that I totally understand.

“I’m riding shotgun on this one,” I explain, letting my doctor’s voice settle it once and for all.

They both shrug and move to shift Mandy, who stirs in her sleep.

“Foxx…Foxx…,” she mumbles, and I notice the others give each other a strange look, but moving Mandy isn’t the only thing on their minds.

There’s a whole hospital full of patients. And with drill team precision, they have both Mandy and me on the way up to the wards.

Mandy’s hand searches for mine, and I squeeze it gently as she sleeps before placing it back under her blanket.

“Daughter?” the ward assistant asks, fully aware of the clear connection between us.

“Coffee girl. She does a mean creamed coffee from the hospital coffee shop for me,” I tell him, noticing his frown and slow nod of agreement. Probably wondering why his pay and benefits don’t get him the same level of service.

“I get the hot dogs,” he says, looking down at Mandy with renewed respect for the coffee shop as the elevator pings.

“She’s mine,” I hear myself rumble. The caveman in me is coming out again.

He gives a startled look.

Pushing the gurney as he easily maneuvers it onto the ward, I reassure him, forcing a friendly face, “I mean, she’s gonna be fine.”

Hate to break it to ya, buddy. The only hot dogs she’ll be handling aren’t the kind they sell in stores.

And the next guy I meet who says he thinks she’s got something they want is going to lose their teeth.

She’s mine.



The feeling of being lifted up is what wakes me.

I must’ve dozed off.

And before my eyes open, I can feel his strength, the ridges of his chiseled body under his clothes pressing right into me.

Foxx… I must be dreaming.

Everything today feels like a dream, but feeling my body sit up against all his hardness? That’s a dream I could never wake up from quite happily.

But it’s the commotion behind him that makes me snap awake, fully aware I’m not dreaming as Foxx lifts me up as if I weigh nothing and eases me over to a regular hospital bed.

I can hear other people making noise about him lifting me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You just rest up,” his voice murmurs in my ear. He was so close before I zonked out.

“I think we can take it from here, doctor,” One of the older-looking nurse's chimes in, a mixture of humor and a little disbelief on her face.

“Hi, Mandy,” she adds, talking just that little bit louder the way some people do when they say anything to sick people.

“You’re in a regular ward now, we’ll take that brace off soon, and you can have some dinner if you feel up to it.”

I guess it’s not standard practice for heart doctors to lift thick-set, younger girls from their gurneys into bed.

“Just making sure she doesn’t get any more damage,” Fox notes in a deep voice, but sounding lighthearted.

It was almost as if it was just something he did because it was easier to pick me up himself.

I’m not that big. But in his arms, I feel so small. Almost too small for a man of his size when I give it some thought. I mean… And not that anything like that would really happen, surely. But I’m assuming every part of Foxx is as big as the next. A thought that makes me moan softly, pressing my legs together under the covers.

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