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Something I have no control over.

“You okay?” he asks instantly, moving between me and everyone else like he did in the emergency room.

I nod dreamily, still feeling nothing except the memory of his body against mine. And doing my best not to stammer I say, “I’m okay. Just a little sore.”

Not as sore as I know I could be if my big Foxx theory is correct.

I chew at my lip, open my eyes wider and stifle another little moan as I realize just how wet and ready he’s made me.

All this from picking me up and moving me like three feet.

“Dr. De Silva? Telephone,” someone chirps from the door, and creasing his brow in annoyance, Foxx studies me a moment before telling me he’ll be right back.

As soon as he’s gone, I have three nurses, all making sure I’m in bed straight and fussing over me like old hens.

As if they nearly lost a prized egg once Foxx got in their henhouse.

The accident, the insurance. And oh, not forgetting my job at the coffee shop I just bailed from for the day. All of it should be swimming through my mind, worrying me. But remembering what Foxx said and feeling him pick me up like I’m lighter than air just now? I think I could get used to this hospital idea.

If only people could just leave us alone. If I could just have Foxx looking after me. But that’s just stupid horny girl talk.

“He carried me, though…,” I murmur to myself, reasoning aloud that he’s interested in more than just playing doctor, and one of the nurses giggles.

“I’m sure Dr. De Silva was just having some fun. Flexing his biceps or something,” she sighs, adding that the next time I’m moved, it’ll be her and two ward nurses doing it. “Not Dr. De Silva,” she chuckles and rolls her eyes.

I instantly dislike this idea, but surely I’ll be able to be up and about myself soon.

Even trying to wiggle my toe on my hurt foot sends a jolt of pain up my leg, but I bite down on it.

Maybe he carries patients around all the time. Lord knows he’s strong enough.

But something in the nurse’s eye tells me it’s so out there, so unusual, that she has to tell herself he’s playing.

I mean, a guy like him and a girl like me?

I don’t judge others, but I’ve seen the looks I get from so-called ‘regular’ or ‘fit’ people. The ‘poor you. You’re such a nice person, but you’ll never be with a hot guy because of your size,’ kind of looks.

Apart from a few years on me, the nurses seem just as thick-set as I am, except for one.

“Now. Dinner’s in a little while. We’re just waiting for the all-clear to get that brace off, and then you can have something to eat if you’re up to it?” she smiles, tucking in the top part of the sheets and making me feel like it’s a great idea.

Except I’m not exactly hungry right now.

I try to nod, but she holds a finger up. “Oooh, careful nodding and moving your head too much, sweetie, okay?” she says. Making me toss another nod in reply. Wondering just how much longer Foxx is gonna be.

I like the hospital way better when it’s done his way, so when he does stride back in, my heart leaps, and I feel myself trying to sit up better. Only doing so causes me to yelp in mild agony when I try.

It’s not my ploy, but it works, and Foxx is the first in the room to come settle me again, propping up my pillows and putting an extra one under my calf.

“Scans all clear, I’ll let you..,” he says to the nurses, waving a hand at my neck brace.

Signaling that now it’s time to come off. And not being my actual doctor, he won’t be assisting. It must be a hospital/doctor thing.

The small team moves into place, and I discover that the not-so-heavy, more perfect blond nurse is actually a student.

Makes sense that she’s hanging back and not saying a lot.

But what surprises me most is that Foxx is happy to give directions, but his eyes always come straight back to me. As though hot student nurses or even the others really don’t interest him at all.

And seeing him with an all-girl audience makes me realize he really is interested in me. Making sure I’m getting the best care, anyhow.

Did he really mean it when he said he was gonna pay the hospital bill?

I’m tempted to ask him about it again now that I’m feeling a little better, but the neck brace is coming off, and then the dinner cart is arriving early….

It’s like I can never get a proper conversation with Foxx going with all these nurses and staff humming around.

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