The Company of Fiends (Tempting Monsters 2) - Page 67

"Of course," he answered, a touch imperious. "But for now, we'll return to my home."

"Ronan and Nireas—"

"Will join us," Hunter said.

I nearly skidded down the first step of the police station, only Hunter's arm snapping around my waist keeping me upright.

"You need to sleep. And I have plenty of guest rooms to accommodate everyone," he said, and I thought there might have been a hint of laughter in the words.

"Of course," I squeaked out.

In truth, I was too tired to argue. No one would let me return to my home, which I understood, and the only other option was to stay at the theater, but after my conversation with Jude, I wasn't sure how safe that would be. Better to let Hunter argue his case with the others than to give myself a headache sorting the matter out for myself.

But when we did return to the carriage and Hunter made the announcement, neither Ronan nor Nireas spoke a word of protest.

"Goose down pillows never did a man any harm," Ronan quipped cheerfully.

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