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I strip off my suit coat and tie, then rip my shirt from my chest. When I push off my slacks and pull out my cock, her naked pussy is wet and waiting. I don’t hesitate as I slide my thickness into her tight little pussy and groan with every inch that sinks deep.

“Beau,” she moans as her hands reach for me, and I lean down and kiss her.

“I love you, Dove. I’ll never get tired of saying that,” I tell her as I press my forehead to hers and slowly rock in and out of her.

Now that we’re joined, the demand to rush through this is gone, but my need is still right on the razor’s edge. Her hips move in time with mine and it’s as if the universe has sent me my other half. She’s soft where I’m hard, she’s light where I’m dark, and she’s the best of all my mistakes.

In this moment I feel the magnitude of what we have and no one can ever take this away. No one can ever separate what we’ve bound together, and I will never let her go. As I make love to her, I whisper promises of my commitment, my vows, and of our future together.

“Forever,” I say as her body tightens and her climax begins.

“Forever,” she cries out as I follow her over the edge.



A week later…

My eyes keep going to the doorway to my office. I wonder when my girl is going to get here already. She’s been in our bedroom getting ready for the last hour. She’s a ball of nerves about having dinner tonight with my dad and stepmom. She wants them to like her. I had to fuck her six times today to get her tiny ass to calm down before she gave herself a panic attack.

Like it matters either way. I would throw them out in a second if they looked at her funny. I’m not worried about it, though. Dove is impossible not to love. Her sunshine will light up anyone’s world. I’m just not sure how my dad is going to respond to some of the other things I have to say. I won’t have a yelling match with him. At least not when Dove is within hearing distance. I know it would upset her.

I stand from my desk when I hear a knock at the door. Our three little puppies start barking and going nuts. Yes, three. I’d gone back to the pet shop where Dove got distracted and she couldn't pick just one. So now we have them all. I don't regret it for a second, even though they are a lot of work. Whenever they get to be a little too overwhelming I remember the face she made when I told her we’d get them all and it washes away any doubt. The trainer we have coming every day helps, too. They are still a little rambunctious, but I’ve noticed how protective they are of Dove. It makes me like them even more. I won’t have to worry about her being alone with them in the house.

I can’t help but smile when I step out of my office and see the three of them barking and tripping over each other as they try to run down the hallway. Dove pokes her head out of our bedroom door, her blonde hair a mess all around her.

“I’m not ready!” she squeals.

“Take your time, sunshine.”

She blows me a kiss before shutting the door. I take a breath and stop myself from going down the hallway after her. I could tell she was naked. If I went back there right now there wouldn't be a dinner tonight. I remind myself I had her only an hour ago and I can have her again before the night is over. Because like every night since we first made love, she’s been in my bed. Where she belongs.

The puppies scamper around my feet, barking for me to open the front door. When I open it up I see my father standing there, an arm wrapped around his wife, holding her tight. He’s leaning over and nuzzling her neck. He’s more affectionate with Jenna that he has been with any of his other wives. In fact, I can’t remember him ever cuddling close to any of them like he does with her.

“Beau,” Jenna says, breaking away from my dad and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I can’t wait to meet her.” She pulls back with a smile on her face. Her dark hair hangs loose around her shoulders. She’s dressed casually, and I like that about her. All my dad’s other wives always dressed like it was a night out on the town. They had to have the best of everything. I still wonder how my dad landed her. She’s so down to earth and she doesn't seem like someone who would put up with his ways.

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