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“I can still smell you on me.” My mouth moves below her ear, and I feel her shiver in my arms. “I can still taste your sweetness on my tongue.” I kiss along her jaw until her breath hitches and her lips part. That’s when I cover her mouth with mine.

The shock of it makes her open her mouth and I slide my tongue inside. She tastes like spearmint and something that’s so perfectly her that I can’t stop kissing her. Hours could pass or even days and it wouldn’t be enough. My hands have a mind of their own as they move up and down her hourglass to cup her ass and squeeze her breasts. She’s full in every place my palms squeeze, and I’m so damn hard for her. I push her up against the wall so I can grind between her legs, seeking that softness around my cock.

“Mr. Combs,” Rebecca says and knocks on my door. Thankfully she doesn’t open it, but I’m reminded that we aren’t alone.

“Just a second,” I tell her as I look down at Valerie and her flushed cheeks. “We’re not finished here. Not by a long shot.”

Chapter Nine


Tidas’s words roll around in my head all day. I’d gone into his office to set things straight, but instead he kissed me into submission. All while being devilishly handsome. Cocky has never worked for me before, yet Tidas somehow manages to make it sexy as hell. Normally it makes me want to throat-punch a man, and I don’t think I’d mind smacking Tidas. And then maybe letting him kiss me again.

I have no clue what to make of him. I should have been thankful when Rebecca interrupted us, but instead I’d been annoyed. My body was begging me for another round with Tidas, and I would have let him have one too. I’d melted for him, and hours later I’m still turned on.

It burned when I got up this morning and saw he was gone. I would have thought it was a dream if not for the note he left. He also finished cleaning up the kitchen too. It was almost sweet. Then I remind myself who Tidas is. He’s my opposite in every way. At least I think he is. Sometimes I’m not sure I know him as well as I think I do.

Still, I’m wondering what he means by saying we’re not finished yet. My lips and other places start to tingle the longer I think about that. Would it be so bad to let him finish things? At this rate I’m going to turn into an old maid. We could have some fun and get whatever this is out of our system.

“Earth to Valerie.” Gracie snaps her fingers in front of my face. “You with me, babe?”

“Sorry, what?” I zoned out on her for a second. I’ve been doing that a lot today actually.

“Which lip stain do you want to use?” She points to the ones she’s laid out. The three of us are getting ready for the bachelorette party at my shop.

“Whichever you think.” She knows more of what she's doing than me. My normal makeup routine takes me a couple of minutes, but tonight we’re going all out.

“Bold it is. Open,” she orders, and I part my lips for her to put it on for me.

“If Jacks gets word about this dress, the night is going to be short,” Julie laughs as she steps out in her sexy little white dress. She’s got a veil pinned in her hair, and it’s got plastic dicks that light up on it. She’s in white while the rest of us are in little black dresses. I actually had to go buy one. Well, one that didn’t look like it belonged at a funeral.

“You look hot,” Gracie says to Julie before putting the lip stain back in the bag. “And so do you, Valerie.” She steps out of the way so I can see myself in the mirror.

“Wow.” I turn my face, taking in her work. “You’re an artist.”

“Whatever. I only highlighted your beauty. You didn’t need much.” Gracie winks at me. “Now let's see the dress. I brought back-ups in case it’s not sexy enough,” she warns.

“I got a sexy one.”

“We’ll be the judge of that,” they both say doubtfully at the same time.

“I did!”

I hop up from the chair to go put it on. I’d been a bit bold in my purchase. The truth is, when I was shopping for the dress, I’d been thinking about Tidas. It was stupid because he’s not even going to see the dress, but I wanted to prove that I’m not always so buttoned up. I can go out and have fun. If there’s any night to do it, it's your best friend's bachelorette party.

Grabbing the dress from where I’d hung it up, I change into it and put my heels on too. When I step out to show them, they both stop talking when they see me. From the waist up the dress is completely sheer with long sleeves. It’s fitted tight to my body and you can see right through it to my black satin bra. The bottom is solid black and hugs all the way down to the middle of my thighs.

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