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Chapter 17


We’d been on the island for three days, and we still hadn’t had sex yet.

I know, I know, fucking crazy, right?

I couldn’t believe it either, but that didn’t mean Ashton had kept his hands off me.

His hands.

His mouth.

His tongue.

The number of orgasms this man was delivering was mind-blowing, in every sense of the word. Every time I tried to touch him and return the favor, he’d stop me. Saying it wasn’t about him, it was about me and my pleasure.

“Wait a minute,” Aspyn stated, changing into her bikini in one of the private bedrooms on Cain’s catamaran.

He was taking us offshore today to go fishing and cruise around.

“You haven’t had sex?”

I shook my head.


“Every time I try to touch him, it only leads to him getting me off again.”

“Huh, maybe he has a small dick?”

“No. If there’s one thing I know it’s how well-endowed he is. Trust me, I’ve felt it enough. Plus, he texted me a picture of his dick when he was hard a few weeks ago; he’s built bigger than my battery-operated boyfriend, and we both know how big that Ashton is. But I have a bigger problem, Aspyn.”


“Haiden won’t stop calling and texting me.”

Her eyes widened.

“Yeah, exactly. I don’t know how much longer I can pull this off. Ashton is getting suspicious.”

“Has he asked?”

“Not in so many words, but I know it’s coming, and what am I supposed to say?”

“I wouldn’t tell him about the kids now.”

“Why not?”

“Because he whisked you away to an island, and I think you should wait until we get back.”

“I—” My phone rang, cutting me off. “And there it is.” I held up my phone before answering Haiden’s Facetime call, “Hey, baby.”

“Mom, when are you coming home?”

“Babe, I told you already. I’ll be home on Saturday.”

“But, Mom, I want you home now.”

“I know, honey. I’ll be home very soon, and I’ll tell you what, we’ll spend all of Sunday together.”

“But, Mom…”

“Haiden, is something wrong?”

“Yes. I miss you, a lot.”

Talk about a kick in the gut. “I miss you too. We’ll be together soon.”

He grumbled, handing the phone to his sister.

“Hey, Mama. Haiden is very sad. He’s being a big fat baby.”

“Shut up!” I heard him yell on the other end.

“Haiden. Don’t tell your sister to shut up.”

“Yeah, Haiden, it’s not nice, you ugly face booger.”

“Oh my God. Guys, don’t start.”

“He started it!”

“Yeah! And I’m gonna finish it!” He pushed his sister.

“Ow! You’re nothing but a bully! Mom!” she screamed, loud enough to break glass.

My heart dropped, and I hoped no one else had heard that.

“Honey,” Mom announced, showing up on the screen of my phone. “They’re fine. I have everything under control. Go enjoy yourself.”

“Haiden is acting out because I’m not there. How am I supposed to relax when my boy is—”

“Sage.” Ashton knocked on the door. “Everything alright?”

Instinctively, I hung up the call. Mouthing to Aspyn, “Did he hear them?”

“Uh, yeah,” she responded to him. “We’re just changing. We’ll be out in a couple of minutes.”

Footsteps descended while my heart slowed down. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Sage, it’s fine. He didn’t hear.”

“I’m serious. I can’t keep lying and living this double life.”

“It’s fine. You’re fine. Just a few more days and you can tell him. Alright?”

I sighed, feeling like the worst mom ever. “Aspyn, he also keeps referring to himself as my man.”

“Dude, are you for real? You haven’t had sex, and he’s still calling himself yours?”

“I know! I don’t know what to do with this, Aspyn. He’s messing with my head. And don’t get me started on his oral and fingering skills. I’ve never come as much as I have in the last three days. He’s been waking me up with his head in between my legs, saying he’s eating me for breakfast.”



“Sawyer has been waking me up the same way. I wonder if they exchange this information?”

I laughed. “It wouldn’t surprise me.”

“You can count Cain in on that too.”

Our eyes shifted toward Cain’s fake wife, Lively. We met them the first day we got here, when all of us went to dinner together. She was lovely, stunningly beautiful, and her personality was something else. She said she was a starving actress, and this was the best gig she’d ever had. Cain was paying her a shitload of money to pretend to be living the dream of love they were selling. Watching them together, though, you’d think they were actually happily married.

They fit together perfectly. Their personalities were one and the same. Not only that, but they were both extremely attractive. In my opinion, Lively could be a model if she wanted to with her long legs and slender, toned figure.

Of course, she didn’t work out; she was naturally born perfect.

“Cain has been waking me up with his head in between my legs since I said my fake, ‘I do.’”

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