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Besides the guns in their waistbands, there is nothing. I could use the vase, bash it over one of their heads, but they’re large men. They probably wouldn’t even bat an eye.

“How much longer?” I snap as I sit back down.

They both ignore me, now playing a game of dominos over chump change.

I keep staring at them. The driver merely ignores me. I get it. He’s obviously the veteran here. He’s used to this. But the other one, Lonso, lets me get under his skin so much I almost want to laugh. He’s the rookie, wanting so badly to be a top dog here.

“What the hell are you looking at?” he finally snaps at me, bushy eyebrows furrowing.

I challenge him, narrowing my eyes, leaning closer, still staring.

“Just ignore her,” the driver mutters, sliding a domino across the table.

Lonso clenches his fists on the table and finally snatches his eyes away. “Stupid bitch.”

The door to the left clinks and then pulls open, and I look at it, my back going stiff. I watch as a feminine figure approaches. “I tell you, Alonso, that is no way to speak to a lady. Especially Draco Molina’s lady.” She comes in, swaying her hips, and I don’t know who the hell she is, but her presence demands respect.

A smile sweeps across her ruby lips, her hand planting on her hip as she focuses on me.

Her hair, a fire engine red, proves that she doesn’t give a damn about being traditional or society’s rules. Her makeup is done to perfection, lashes long and thick, eye shadow smoky. She’s wearing black leather pants and a sleeveless cheetah print blouse.

I look around at the furniture, the cheetah print pattern on the pillows and curtains, and realize this must be her space. She must be important here.

The men rise from the table, dropping their game of dominos and stepping sideways.

“You’re back earlier than we thought,” the infamous Alonso says, smiling at her. “We got her for you. Unharmed, as promised. Though she did put up a fight.” He rubs his upper lip and then his throat, grimacing at me.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” she titters. “Draco doesn’t like weak women. He’s always enjoyed a fighter.”

I narrow my brows, still looking at her. She talks like she knows so much about him. Like she was his best friend or something. It’s too personal. I don’t like it.

She comes toward me in her spiky brown heels. When she extends a hand, I glare down at it, refusing to take it. “Oh, sweet girl, please,” she scoffs, her hand still out. “I have no reason to hurt you—not unless you give me a reason to. After all, it’s not you I want. It’s him. You’re just leverage. Safe leverage, as long as you don’t try anything stupid.”

My mouth twitches. She doesn’t let up on that extended arm, her cheetah print nails on display.

“Who are you?” I ask with a small snarl.

She smiles a simple, meek smile. “Yessica.”

“Where is Hernandez?”

Her eyes stretch wide, and she looks at the guards, busting out laughing then. “You two didn’t tell her? Aww, how cute!” They chortle right along with her, shaking their heads and sitting down at the two-top table to start up another game of dominoes.

“Hernandez?” She finally drops her hand with a sigh, realizing that I’m not going to take it.

“Honey, I am Hernandez. Yessica Hernandez, to be exact.” Her accent thickens when she says her name. My eyes get bigger. Hernandez is a . . . woman? How the hell did I not know this?

“You’re the threat he’s dealing with right now?” I’m in utter disbelief.

She laughs again, taking the seat beside me like we’re buddy-buddy. I slide away, looking her over. “I like the way that sounds. Me, a threat to Draco Molina. The Almighty Jefe,” she teases. “No. I wouldn’t say I’m a threat.” She rubs a finger over one of her diamond rings. “I’m just a woman who knows what she wants. And I know you aren’t a stupid girl, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I already told you, it’s not you that I want. It was never you. Draco is a hard man to find. It seems every time we catch one of his people and try to get them to talk, they get amnesia or something.” She rolls her bright gray eyes. “They can’t ever seem to remember where he is or even who he is. It’s interesting how far they will go and still not speak.”

“And you think I’ll crack and hand him over to you?”

Her laugh fills the large room. “Oh, I know you won’t. If he’s with you, you’re just as loyal as them. You wouldn’t betray him by giving him up. You’d probably rather die, I bet.”

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