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I don’t speak as I look into his hot brown eyes.

“Don’t. Betray. Me. Again.” Between each word he plunges harder than the last time. And just as I wanted, he gives me the power. The ruthlessness. He drills into me, bringing a hand down to my throat, fucking me like the savage I know he is.

Dominating every inch of me. Taking me like I need to be taken.

He’s not gentle or light. Nothing about him is. He is hard and cruel and merciless . . . and I love it. I want it. More and more, I want it, and I can’t help it.

His hand is still gripped tight around my throat, allowing me just enough air to breathe through each of his rapid strokes. Our skin claps, and I hear my moans getting louder, bouncing off the walls and the ceiling. He’s groaning between each breath, so hard inside me.

He’s close. I can tell.

I pull myself up, sliding right down his full length, riding him fast as I kiss him. I kiss him deep and whole, the passion burning through me, returning full force. He’s swelling up inside me as I circle and grind my pussy on his cock, my fingers threading through his hair.

He’s groaning loudly, and I can tell he wants to rip me off and push me away. I can tell he wants to fight against this—me on top. Me in control. But he doesn’t.

Instead, he grips my waist and brings me up and down on top of him. Rising up, slamming down. Repeating the actions over and over, as if he can’t get enough. He’s hitting a tender spot, one that’s already been triggered, and I breathe my pleasure past his full lips, my fingers curling even tighter in his thick bed of hair.

“Shit, Gianna,” I hear him say, and those are the last words I hear before I explode—no, we explode. He stills, so deep inside me, as I greedily swirl my hips for more, breathing raggedly, moaning and sighing. He cups my ass in his large hands, reeling me closer, as if we aren’t already close enough.

Our lips part.

Hearts thumping.

I don’t know what that was, but it was powerful. And strong. And . . . real.

Almost too real.

I drop my forehead on his shoulder, but he picks it right back up, forcing me to look at him. “Never again,” he says, low and deep. “Never go against me again.”

“You killed him,” I whisper.

His jaw ticks. “He’s not dead.”

That surprises the hell out of me. “Then where is he?”

“In one of the cells.”

I think before speaking. “What are you going to do to him?”

He studies my eyes, then he lightly pushes me off and I land on my back. He steps off the bed, standing tall, glaring down at me. “Why do you trust him?” he demands.

I look all around the room, a slight frown creasing my forehead. “I—I don’t know, Draco. I just do. He . . . saved me in there, during those first days when you weren’t here, and Pico and Bain said and did those things to me. In a way, he taught me how to survive and how endure it. If it wasn’t for him, I never would have caught your attention.”

“You already had my attention,” he grumbles.


“You were married to a man I hated. I needed to know everything I could about him, and who he worked with. At first I wanted to destroy you . . . but then I saw you.”

I drop my gaze, focusing on my toes. “If Daddy promised me to you, why weren’t you keeping tabs on me then? I was supposed to be your future wife, right?”

He shrugs. “He didn’t want me to have you anymore. He wasn’t expressing the interest either. It’s almost like he lost his faith in me—sending Trigger Toni’s cousin to watch after me, making sure I stayed out of the U.S. for months on end, probably so I couldn’t come near him or you. I knew it was Lion, and I couldn’t even retaliate because I owed him more than my life. Let’s just say that after my father died, I didn’t care much about being married to Lion’s daughter. I wanted to be alone. All I wanted was revenge. Lion knew that. He also figured out who killed my father. Probably why he started seeing me less and less. He knew that I knew who the person was, and he knew I wasn’t going to stop until he was dead.”

My breath becomes ragged, but I draw in as much oxygen as I can, focusing on him. “Do you have proof? Pictures? Something that shows you were close to him in any way?”

“Why do you need proof? Why would I lie about this?” he asks, slightly agitated.

“Because . . . I’ve been lied to before. By a man just like you, Draco. He pretended to love Daddy, and if what you told me is true, and he killed him in cold blood, then I need to know. I can’t just go off of what you tell me. If . . . if I’m really going to stay here, and if you really want me to trust you and do what you say, I need proof. I need to know that you aren’t just saying and doing all of this to manipulate me. I still have some family out there. Friends. People still know who I am.”

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