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A shrill gasp floods the room after that smack. My ass stings, and I wince, squeezing my eyes shut.



Two more. They sting so much. I ball my fingers into fists, jerking as much as I can, as if it will set me free.

“STOP!” I scream.

Another smack.

And another.

And one more.

Each one is harder than the last, all in the same area. I will be bruised. It feels hot there. It hurts. I know it’s probably welted. Bleeding.

Several seconds later and hands reach around me from behind, untying my robe. It falls open, revealing my naked front and he finally comes around to face me, jaw steeled, nostrils flared, the obedience paddle still in his hand.

He’s shirtless now. Hard and toned.

“You don’t call the fucking shots around here, Gianna!” he bellows. “You do not run anything, not even me! At the end of the fucking day, I’m the one they seek approval from, not you. I’m the fucking boss, and they all know it. You know it!” He reaches forward, cupping my breasts, squeezing to the point of pain. “You put me in this fucking position, you know that? I wanted us on the same page. I wanted us to move forward. I wanted to fulfill my promise to your father—make you mine. Make you happy here, however I could. But you fucked it up by setting him free. It doesn’t fucking matter if you believe him; I didn’t! And you ignored that cold hard fact and did what you wanted anyway!”

He snatches his hand away, bringing the tip of the paddle up to press it down on my pebbled nipple. I cry out a little when the pressure builds, fists clenching again.

“You’re a fucking monster, Draco! You will never make me happy,” I seethe.

And for some reason, when I say that, he freezes. Just briefly. His eyebrows draw together and he studies my face. His eyes aren’t as hard as they were only seconds ago. They’ve softened a touch, as if my remark was a blow straight through the heart with the sharpest of daggers.

He hardens again, though, straightening his back and stomping around me. I hear the paddle fall to the ground and he makes his way to a dark corner, returning with a sharp knife. He steps up behind me, bringing the edge of the blade to my throat.

“Maybe I am a monster,” he murmurs in my ear, “but you’re the one addicted to them.” The edge of the blade presses into my throat. It’s so sharp, I feel a sting and when something hot spills down to my chest, I realize I’m bleeding. He pulls the blade away, and then I hear a loud rip as he cuts through fabric.

My robe splits apart and he shoves each piece over so they’re hanging off my arms now. My entire back and front side is exposed. The air hits me hard, and I shiver from both the fear and the chill.

One of his hands explores my ass, gripping and pawing. He circles each cheek, and I breathe harder when I feel his other hand come around after dropping the knife. He slides it around my thigh and then between, and when his thumb skims my clit, I buckle. The chains rattle, proving I liked that a little too much.

He groans, still gripping my ass. A finger slides through my slit and then sinks inside me with ease.

“Monsters like me turn you on, niñita. Monsters like me know exactly what you need to keep you in your place. You want me to treat you dirty? Fine. I will. You can be my filthy little slut in here and the queen that reigns beside me out there. You’ll get what you want. Didn’t I promise that?”

My core clenches when he cups my pussy, but he pulls away in an instant and the sensation fizzles. I drop my head when I hear him walking again. He opens something and then returns.

I smell coconuts, sweet and strong. His hands come to my ass again, but this time he spreads my cheeks apart, lubing the puckered hole.

My asshole.

He does so almost gently and my breathing grows tattered.

“Draco, not there,” I plead.

“Yes. Here.” He doesn’t stop lubing me, making sure it’s wet enough for him to slip right in. I start to yank and twist and he pulls away, grabbing my braid again to keep me still. I feel his warm breath on my damp skin again. He’s so close. Too damn close.

His belt buckle jingles, there’s rustling, and then something hot and thick lands between the crack of my ass. It slides up and down with ease. He wraps my braid in his hand, tugging my head back and using the other hand to cup my breast.

His cock keeps sliding up and down, purposely going past the back entrance. Teasing. Provoking.

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