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His breath streams out, tattered, hard.

“Distraction enough?” I ask, fondling, teasing.

“For now.” He drinks his shot and picks up the bottle of tequila again. Man, he never quits. “How many men have you slept with, niñita?”

“How many men have I slept with?” I repeat, pulling my hand from his swelling cock with a light scoff. I toss my tequila back, letting it ride down my throat and glide through my veins. “I was only with Toni, before you. He took my virginity. He was my first at a lot of things.”

I rest my elbows on the edge of the pool as he pours another shot for himself. I’m getting a bit of a buzz. I’m definitely tipsy. “So you’ve only been in bed with two men?”

“Well, if oral counts, two men and a woman.” I don’t know why I say that. I should feel embarrassed or hate the thought of when Francesca ate me out, but I don’t, and when he realizes that I don’t, he flashes a crooked smile.

He circles the rim of his glass, watching me with heated eyes. “You think I regret making her do that to you?”

I laugh, swimming backwards. “Not at all, actually.”

“Good. Because I don’t.” He brings the glass up to his lips and chugs it down. After letting out a sharp gasp and putting the glass in its rightful place, he swims my way, collecting me in his arms and pinning his body to mine. “Making her do that showed me what you really are.”

“And what am I?” I challenge, feeling the liquor settling in now, boosting my confidence.

His face comes closer, full lips hovering above mine. He wraps his large hands around my waist and hoists me up. I ease my legs around his torso, arms slinking over his broad, wet shoulders.

“You’re a freak,” he rasps on my mouth, warm breath trickling over my damp skin. “You’ve always wanted to try something with a woman. It was a fantasy, I could tell. That’s why you didn’t fight back.”

“I didn’t fight back because you threatened me,” I laugh.

“No, niñita.” His chuckle is deep, sensual. “If I’m recalling that day correctly, you spread those legs good and wide for her and you moaned even louder when I forced her deeper. You couldn’t control yourself. And, fuck, seeing you like that made me so goddamn hard. Seeing how wet your pussy was—feeling it after she was finished . . . shit.” He swallows hard, and I can feel him growing harder, his cock pressing on my leg. “I may have spoken, but I had no real words to say to you at the time. You’re a naughty girl, but you play innocent. Every time we fuck, you reveal a glimpse of that naughty side. Every time my cock is buried deep inside you, I’m shedding a layer of that innocence away, exposing you for what you really are. A freak. And not just any freak. My freak.”

My breath goes unkempt as I feel his fingers slowly rolling my bottoms down. His mouth is still hovering over mine, only a hairs breadth away. I want to move, thrust or grind, but I can’t. I won’t make the first move.

But I do want him to kiss me. I want him to take me—fuck me in this pool relentlessly. I don’t care who hears or sees. I don’t care as long as I get the pleasure I’m aching for.

I don’t know why I want him so badly right now. It has to be the tequila. Only tequila gets me this way, desperate and hungry for more.

“Just say the words,” he murmurs, still peeling my bottoms off. “All you have to do is say it, mi reina, and it’s yours. Tell Jefe what you really want.”

I know exactly what he wants me to say. He knows how badly I want it.

“Jefe,” I pant, threading my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. “Fuck me. Please. Right here. Por favor, Jefe.” Please, Jefe.

He lets out a low, quiet groan, my words his undoing. My bottoms are off in seconds, as well as his. We both release hard, heavy moans when our mouths finally connect, and when I feel his thickness thrust inside me, I pull my mouth away, gasping as my head falls back.

He grips the back of my neck with one hand, forcing me against the wall of the pool. His other hand is cupping my ass, his thrusts full and deep as he stares me right in the eyes—as he takes me like the boss he is.

The Jefe.

The one and only Jefe.

He doesn’t pull his eyes away for a second. He holds me tight on my ass and neck, watching as I willingly welcome it all, sighing with pleasure.

Bring his face closer, his tongue pushes through my lips, claiming, owning. I swirl mine with his, gluing our bodies, holding onto him as I feel the heat between my legs, building up for one momentous explosion.

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