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"Mason?" I asked again as Rick crowded my bed on the other side.

Rick's face was telling a story I didn’t want to hear.

"Mason?" I asked, clawing at the oxygen tube in my nose so I could sit up.

My mom’s hands stopped me, gently pushing me back down.

"He's in recovery sweetie. They say you saved his life," she said as tears coursed down her cheeks.

"What aren't you telling me?" I demanded, looking at Rick.

"They couldn't save his leg," Rick said, holding back his own tears.

All fight left me as I sank back against my pillows with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Honey, he's going to be okay," my mom said, trying to reassure me.

"No, he won't be, Mom, the mountains are his life and he needs his leg. All of it was for nothing," I said, pounding the bed with my hand.

"Kimmie, you're wrong. You saved his life. You're a hero," Rick said, holding my hand lightly in his.

"But I didn't save his leg," I said, choking on a sob.

"But you saved him. The rest we can deal with," he said, smoothing my hair back like my mom had.

"Honey, you walked three miles with pneumonia, a sprained ankle and countless other ailments. I'm so proud of you," my mom added.

I smiled slightly through my tears. "Mason said it would turn into pneumonia," I said before sliding back into the welcome arms of slumber.

Chapter 15

The next few days passed in slow motion as my body recovered from its trauma. I slept more than I ever had before, and my doctors told me that it was the best medicine I could get. The antibiotics helped and soon they were able to remove the oxygen tube, confident my lungs were well on the road to recovery. My ankle and finger would take longer, but they were now wrapped properly.

When I was awake enough to hold a conversation, Rick filled me in on what Mason and I had missed in our absence. I found out Alyssa was hiding out in the boathouse all along, but she was still at the camp since her dad went on a drinking binge before she was picked up. The judge was so upset, he obviously reversed his decision.

"She's really worried about you guys and feels bad about what happened," Rick told me.

"Tell her it's all good," I said, stealing Mason's line. "Who's running the camp right now, anyway?"

"Louise and a couple of friends we have in the area. They plan on remaining there until camp ends so I can be here for you and Mason."

"When can I see Mason?" I asked.

"They want to wait until your pneumonia is completely gone. That way Mason won't be at risk.

I nodded, understanding the reasoning. "How is he?"

"Not bad. He's concerned about you," Rick answered evasively.

"That's not what I mean. How is he?"

"He's suffering from depression over his leg. He's putting on a brave front, but I can tell he's taking it hard."

I nodded, fighting tears. "I wish I could be with him," I mumbled, swiping a tear off my cheek.

"I know, honey, but we want you to get better too," Mom said, entering the room.

"I'm practically back to normal," I whined.

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