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Emotion welled up in me as I watched Declan walk away from my front porch. His massive shoulders and broad chest stooped and downcast, he made his way to his truck. I wanted to call out but words stuck in my throat. I couldn’t process everything that was happening, everything I’d gone through that day. I felt dizzy and shocked and amazed.

He loved me?

Wait, he couldn’t leave!

I ran down the stairs fast as my barefoot feet could take me. He’d almost made it to his truck. Shock had made me that stupid and slow.

“Declan!” I cried out, hand up to his shoulder.

“Kara.” He turned around in an instant.

“Don’t go!” I pleaded. He crushed me to him, kissing me like a starving man, searing me on my mouth, my cheeks, my throat.

“I love you,” I cried, kissing him back, not wanting to remove my lips from him for an instant but needing to say it to him. “I love you.”

“Don’t cry,” he whispered, wiping my tears with his fingers as he kissed them away.

“I didn’t know I was.” I smiled and kissed him some more, my fingers twining up into the hair he’d nearly pulled out moments ago. I drew him closer. I never wanted to let go.

“I love you, Kara,” he murmured into me and we kissed with an intense tenderness that sealed my heart, making it whole. “I’m so sorry for what I’ve put you through.”

“Shh,” I whispered in his ear, hands caressing his shoulders. “That’s all behind us now.”

“I should have done it the second you asked,” he continued, torturing himself. I couldn’t take the anguish in his voice. I had to make it better, soothe him. Reaching up, I kissed his mouth so he’d stop, kiss me back instead, meld our two breaths as one. Our tongues licked and danced together, promising and guiding, loving each other.

He held me to him, pressing me close against his chest and fast-beating heart, burying his face in my hair. “I don’t care if you just want me for my money, Kara. I’ll give it all to you. I’ll give you everything I have. I don’t care.”

“Shut up, Declan.” I brought my mouth to his again.

“But I want you to know,” he broke away again, frustrating the hell out of me, “there’s nothing going on with Courtney. I know I’m a dog. I’ve been a dog. But when you saw us I wasn’t kissing her. She was all over me.”

“OK.” I placed my fingers to his lips, so wide and full, those lips that worked such magic on me. “OK,” I repeated, stroking him now, caressing his lower lip with my thumb, licking my own lips in anticipation. Because right then, I did know. He was telling me the truth.

“I love you,” he repeated, his arms surrounding me, binding me to his broad, hard chest.

“I love you so much, Declan.” My heart felt so full as I said it, brimming and overflowing, finally released as it had needed for so many years. We kissed as we repeated the words to each other, kissing and telling each other what we urgently needed to say.

With a groan of victory, he swept me into his large, powerful arms and strode to the nearest building, his old cabin. Unlocked, unused with our reduced ranch staff, Declan and I tumbled in. Fumbling hot and needy in the dark, he pressed me up against the wall. He tore my shirt up and over my head and ripped off my bra as if it had been insulting him. My heart beat fast as I reached out for him, wanting him bare as well, skin against skin. Kissing, moaning, pulling, we undressed each other in haste, unable to bear another second without full contact.

Up against the wall, he brought his hands under my ass to position me exactly how I fit best, like two interlocking puzzle pieces. My legs splayed open around his broad girth, I dug my heels into the backs of his thighs. It felt like being claimed by a lion, licking me all over, holding me with his strong paws, his huge, hard body stretched over me as he tasted every inch of me, scenting, marking, devouring me.

“Mine,” he growled, hungry, possessive.

“Yes, Declan.” I shuddered into him.

He grasped my thighs and spread my legs even wider apart, pressing the full, hard length of his cock against me. I threw my head back at the feel of him, so dominant, so male. I wanted him so badly, inside of me, driving, pounding. But he moved away, and I whimpered with loss. Until he kneeled, spread me wider with his fingers and I felt his hot, demanding tongue licking the full, straight length of my slippery slit.

“Ah!” With a scream, I already felt close to orgasm with the ferocity in his movements, the unrestrained lust.

“Mine,” he declared again, holding me fast with his hands, widespread for his access. His wicked tongue plunged into me again and again, up to circle my clit, work the sensitive bud, then down along my slit and inside of me, making me frenzied.

“You belong to me!” he hissed, angry, possessive. Circling my clit, he commanded, “Say it!”

“I belong to you!” I cried out, nearly undone, tears at my eyes.

Just as I was about to come, he stood up suddenly and repositioned his hands, keeping my legs spread wide and tilting my hips toward him. I nearly came at the feel of his hard cock at my wet entrance, the thick, wide crown pushing aside my folds. He plunged into me, full throttle, all the way to the hilt. I came, shuddering, screaming and clasping his shoulders. He supported my weight in his hands, his broad palms underneath my ass cheeks. But he didn’t give me any time to recover. Relentless, pounding, he began straightaway to fuck me long and strong and hard, bruising my hips as he plunged into my wet pussy again and again.

“Yes, Declan, yes!” I could feel a few tears on my cheeks, fresh or from before I couldn’t tell. I had so many intense emotions coursing through me. All I knew was that I loved this man, so much, so completely.

“Do you know how many times I wanted to do this to you?” he growled into my ear, fucking me against the wall of his cabin. “How many nights I laid here awake in this cabin thinking about doing this.” He thrust into me, his hips pinning mine to the wall. I opened my thighs wide and tilted my hips up to take everything he could give me. “I’ve wanted you so long, so much.”

“I’m yours, Declan,” I sang into his ear as he began stroking my clit, circling the swollen nub, making me buck and strain against his thumb.

“I’m going to make you come again and again, Kara,” he warned, dark and intense. “I’m never going to stop.”

“Yes, yes!” I cried out, pressing against him, all thoughts gone but yes, I needed this, more, now.

“Declan!” I screamed, so close so fast again, right at the brink.

“Mine!” He claimed me, pounding into me so deep.

“Yes!” I screamed, mindless, meeting his thrusts, needing even more.

“Come for me!” he growled into my ear. Instantly, I shattered, my world exploding into tiny bright pieces. I threw my head back against the wall and screamed his name, coming and coming again as he kept plunging into me.

“I’m going to fill you with my come.”

I screamed, incoherent, raw. He plunged in me deep and erupted with a roar. His cock widened even more as he filled me completely and then shot out thick, hot come. I took all of it, deep down inside as I shuddered and came in blinding waves, my pussy clenching down on his cock. Screaming, clawing like an animal, panting, I surrendered completely to the ecstasy. He kept coming, fucking me still, deep inside as we panted and called each other’s names.

“I love you,” I whispered, reveling in my new ability to say it out loud, to admit it not just to myself, but to him.

“I love you. I’m not leaving.” He panted, hot into the crook of my neck. “Not now, not ever.”

I wrapped my hands around his neck and buried myself in the solid, hard muscles of his chest. This man who’d tormented me for so many years, who now offered me everyt

hing I’d ever wanted. My Declan.

His strong arms and hands picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he brought us over to the couch, sinking down with me on his lap. He kept his cock in me and I wanted it there. I didn’t want to stop touching, didn’t want to break our contact.

We started kissing again, his hands winding into my hair, caressing, twining into the strands. He pulled me down to him, closer, and thrust up in me, still hard. “I’m going to fuck you all night long,” he whispered into my throat, kissing me in the sensitive spot where my pulse beat.

“Yes,” I sighed, hands feathering through his thick, soft hair as he began thrusting up inside of me in a slow, steady rhythm. I spread my palms along his chest, sounds of pleasure escaping from my lips as he trailed kisses across my collar bone. How could he be so hard again already?

“Oh, Declan.” I wrapped my thighs around him tight and took him in as much as I could. With this man, my passion had no boundaries.

The night passed in a blur, lovemaking and adoring words, stroking and coming and caressing in disbelief. After all this time, after all the torment, we were finally together. We’d finally done it, managed to work things out, overcome our obstacles. After all those many years, we were together.

I didn’t know when we fell asleep. I recalled dozing at one point, only to wake with him behind me, spooning me, his hands at my breasts moving from slow and luxurious to teasing and playful, coaxing my nipples into stiff, aching points between his thick, expert fingers. He’d entered me from behind, my juices slick, and he’d held me as he’d fucked me, one hand securing my hip, one large palm around my throat. I’d arched my head back, offering myself up to him, wanting him to be able to see my breasts in the moonlight, my hard nipples, my jagged breathing. I wanted to show him how much I wanted him all the time.

He came in me again, we settled to sleep again, and then the morning sunlight woke me. It didn’t feel too early, the sun shone bright and strong through the window of his old cabin. I could see the big house up on the hill, right from where we lay on his old bed. All those nights, he could see my bedroom window while I could see his. I wondered how many nights we’d spent in separate bedrooms, looking out at the other’s, wondering what the other was doing, touching ourselves in the darkness while we burned with longing.

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