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I hadn’t realized it but I’d started to pull away from the pain, moving my ass down toward my calves, but under his command I brought it back up. Positioning myself, I arched my back, offering my red, sore bottom up for his hand.

“Yes,” he hissed in approval as he brought his hand down again for a hard, punishing whack. “Submit!” I cried out, now panting with tears in my eyes. It stung, it felt humiliating, and the throbbing in my pussy grew with each and every spank. Every time his demanding, huge palm smacked my sensitive ass, my sex ached in response, needing this, wanting this, wanting more.

“You’re mine!” He brought his hand down one last time, this time positioned to smack not just my bottom but my wet, dripping pussy. I screamed and pushed my sex into his palm, wanting the contact. He kept his hand there, rewarding me, pressing his palm against my mound. “Say it,” he growled.

“I’m yours,” I purred in agreement. I was his, it was all I could feel, throbbing through every inch of my body. I belonged to Declan.

With his fingers down at my clit, he began stroking me, coaxing out the honey and the pleasure. “That’s right. And tonight you’re going to prove it.”

I tensed. What did he mean?

“You remember what tonight is, don’t you, Kara?” He kept stroking. It was so difficult to think while he did that. All I could do was feel, quiver, moan. “I’ve been training your ass for a reason.” With that, he brought his slick fingers up to the rim of my asshole. He didn’t enter, not yet. He teased, slippery, at my hole.

I whimpered at the reminder. Tonight he was going to take my ass. I didn’t know if I was ready. I didn’t know if I could take all of him in. His cock was so huge I felt like he might split me open.

“Declan,” I whimpered, shaking, frightened. “I don’t know if…you’re so big.”

Smack, his hand came down again, hard on my bottom. “You will take your punishment,” he ordered. “Naughty girls get punished. I’ve been training your body, training your ass to please me.” He brought a hand down to stroke my wet pussy again, reading me as I trembled to his touch. With his other hand he stroked my breasts, bringing his fingers to my nipples to pet and pull, stroke and pinch.

“Are you ready to please me, Kara?” he asked, working me as I panted and moaned. “Are you ready to take your punishment and please me?”

“Yes,” I begged, ready for anything he wanted to give me. “Yes, please.”

With a growl of victory, he quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes and knelt behind me again, this time directly at my ass. “Spread your legs for me,” he commanded.

Throbbing with need, I pushed my knees further apart to give him better access, remembering to keep my bottom up. He brought his huge hands to my hips, positioning me. With his fingers, he pulled apart my cheeks and I knew he was looking straight at my asshole. I wanted to pull away, embarrassed. He shouldn’t be looking at me there. That was too private, too dirty. I pulled at my wrists, feeling my restraint.

“Stay still,” he told me, gruff, and I tried. I held myself right where he wanted and let him start to explore me, taking my pussy juices and working them up at my ass, slowly drawing his finger into my forbidden hole. I gasped as he penetrated me, but I didn’t move. I’d learned what he wanted of me and I wanted to give it to him.

“Good girl,” he praised me. My pussy flushed, dripping in response. “Stay still for your master.”

“Yes, master,” I purred for him, melting into his touch, my mind a hum of heat, all rational thought gone. His fingers felt so good. The pleasure began to build as he penetrated me, finger-fucking my ass, now bringing two wet fingers to slip in and out of my hole. With his other hand, he circled and stroked my clit, working me higher. Once I was moaning and meeting his thrusts with my hips, trying to take more of his fingers deeper into me, he pulled out.

“Now it’s time.” I could feel the hard, insistent crown of his cock at the edge of my asshole. I couldn’t help whimpering in fear. It would hurt so much!

“Take it, Kara,” he growled, pressing his dick, slick from my own juices, against my opening. “Take my cock up your ass.” With that he pushed into my asshole, forcing the huge, swollen crown of his enormous shaft into my narrow, tight hole. Screaming, I pulled against my wrist restraints. It burned! My eyes filled with tears.

“Take me in,” he commanded as he kept pushing, pushing his huge cock into my tight hole, slipping in further and further, using the lube from my pussy to press in.

“I can’t—!” My eyes bulged out, my jaw dropped. He was so huge, so gigantic, stuffing me so tight. I didn’t think I’d survive. I couldn’t imagine how he was even fitting.

“Christ, Kara, you’re so tight!” he hissed and I moaned in response hearing the lust in his voice, his tight need. I was turning him on, letting him take my virgin ass. I wanted to do this, to serve his basest desires. Willing myself to relax, I gave a deep exhale and let him in all the way.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as he buried his huge cock balls-deep into my tight, untouched asshole. I screamed with the feel of it, stuffed so full with his prick, thrilled by how wrong I knew it was to have him in there, but it felt so right. He possessed me completely.

“Brace yourself.” At his warning, I brought the palms of my bound hands to the floor and pressed my weight into my elbows and hands as best I could. He gripped my hips in his large hands and began to fuck me. First drawing out, slowly, then in again, working up into a faster rhythm, taking the burning pain in my ass and turning it into a whole different kind of fire, so intense, so primal, burning so bright I couldn’t see or speak words anymore. Incoherent sounds came from my mouth, screams and moans of need and pleasure. His balls slapped against my pussy as he thrust into me again and again, burying himself to the hilt.

“Yes, Kara!” he called out. “Fuck, yes, take me!” I could only moan and comply, his need building my own, his hand holding my hips exactly where he wanted them as he brought his cock deep into my ass again and again.

“Do you like your master fucking your ass?” His words, so dirty, so possessive, made my pussy quiver in response.

“Yes, master!” I screamed as he rammed into me.

“Say it!” he demanded.

“Master, I love you fucking my ass!” I loved saying it, loved him making me do it for him. He assaulted me, fucking my ass so fast and so hard I thought I might pass out.

“You’re mine, Kara. Mine!” He pounded into me, furious and powerful. I could feel him start to tense, his breathing growing ragged and harsh. “Are you going to take my come up your ass, Kara?”

“Yes!” I screamed, feeling myself starting to come at his words. The shudders of ecstasy built, pounded, started to break against my shores.

“Take it!” he yelled and hot, thick come gushed out of h

is cock deep into my ass. “Take my come in your ass!”

I screamed with fulfillment as my orgasm exploded, my shudders and screams mixing with his thrusts and final hot spurts of come deep inside my ass. I nearly blacked out from the pleasure, sinking down, the side of my face resting on the carpet. I could feel him pulsing inside of me, so deep, as he brought his hands down to either side of my body. He nearly collapsed against my back, pressing his massive, solid chest against me, panting as he brought his face to my head.

“Fuck, Kara. What are you doing to me?”

“Declan,” I sighed, completely full and satisfied. He pulled out and untied my wrists with one swift tug. Then he locked me in his embrace as we rolled to the floor.

“I’ll never get enough of you,” he murmured, kissing my cheek, holding me against him tight. Panting, sweaty, naked, entwined, we belonged completely to each other.



Kara lay against me, the gentle rise and fall of her chest in sync with mine. All sweet cream and honey, this woman. She should never wear clothing. It was a crime to cover up such a masterpiece.

Last night had been so intense, the feel of her giving herself completely to me, submitting. How turned on she got as I spanked and then took her ass, how tight and hot. I’d nearly blacked out when I’d come. She had as well. We’d both lain there panting and I bet neither one of us could have remembered our names, the date, anything other than how good we felt together.

Afterwards I’d taken her into the bath and massaged her, caressed her, made her feel so good. That’s all I wanted to do, take care of her. The way she looked at me with those wide, adoring eyes. And I could trust it, I knew I could, because it was the same way she’d looked at me back in the day when I had nothing. An old pickup truck the only possession in my name and she’d still looked at me as if I were a king. She made me feel like I was one, and I wanted to use everything I now had in my power to make her feel like a queen. My queen.

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