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“That’s right. No mistakes,” I told her. Slowly, I reached over and traced my fingers up her thighs all the way up to her sex. As I first touched her, drawing two fingers along the outside of her wet pussy lips, her eyes closed and she tilted her head back. Her milky throat exposed, her mouth parted with a moan.

I withdrew my fingers and pinched a nipple hard in reprimand. “I said read. No mistakes.”

Her eyes opened again, her breathing becoming a pant as she resumed her secretarial position to read back the notes, keeping the pad down so I could see every inch of her thrust-out breasts. But she opened her legs a fraction more and I let her. She wanted to give me more access.

As her voice began again, I brought my fingers back to touch and stroke her sex, so wet for me, so sweet and hot. I parted her folds and found her bud, stroking it, circling it, drawing out her honey. She kept reading and I began to finger-fuck her, forcing my two fingers up deep inside of her, then drawing them out slowly. She bit back a moan and kept reading, doing as she’d been told.

“Good girl,” I praised her, plunging my fingers up inside her, deep. She whimpered in response and I could tell she was already getting close.

Fingers out, I drew back. “Pour me some water.”

Slowly catching her breath, she drew her legs closed, her eyes half-lidded.

“Over there.” I looked over at the wet bar.

She put the pad of paper down on my desk, stood and began to pull her skirt down again.

“Stop.” I kept my gaze focused on her pussy lips, slick and glistening and still begging for my touch. “Keep the skirt up.”

Perched on her stiletto heels, she walked over to the wet bar and pulled out a glass. Her ass peeked out in the back, underneath where she’d raised her skirt, the soft curves of her cheeks teasing me.

“Fill the pitcher and bring it over here.” I wanted her closer to me again, by my side while she served me.

The sight of her walking back in those heels, skirt forced up, shirt opened, breasts spilling over her bra sent me into overdrive. I gripped the arm of my chair, watching the way her hard nipples bounced as she walked. Soon I’d have them in my mouth.

“Here,” I motioned to my desk. She placed the glass down. “Now pour me some water.” As she bent to serve me, her breasts overflowing, I brought my hands to her needy nipples and stroked. “Don’t spill,” I warned her as I gave them each a twist. She sucked in her breath and bit her lip, but she didn’t spill a drop.

I brought my other hand to her still-exposed pussy. Dripping wet now, I slid my fingers into her sex and began to stroke. She brought her hand to the desk to steady herself and bucked into my touch, working to get more contact. She needed to come. I loved her like this, desperate and panting, eyes closed, lips parted, thinking of nothing but my hands on her and the building, pulsing pleasure coursing through her system. I owned her right now, but the truth was she owned me as well. I couldn’t even look away from her, bringing her so close, about to come.

My phone rang. I took my fingers out and licked them while it got to the third ring, her eyes glazed and heavy as she drank in my intimacy.

The seller had called back. He was having last-minute reservations. Stern and sure, I walked him through why this transaction was going to happen as arranged.

Pointing down between my legs, I looked at Kara. She knelt right where I’d directed her. Unsure, she brought her hands to my inner thighs, then up to my zipper. Our gazes locked and I nodded yes, this was what I wanted.

Eager, she unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and brought her hands to my briefs, pulling them down. My prick sprang out, thick and swollen, veins pressing along the side, a pearl of pre-come at the tip of my crown. With a soft sound of satisfaction, she brought her pink tongue to it and swirled the tip, tasting me. Closing her eyes, she murmured, “Mmmm.”

I wasn’t going to last long, I could tell. Fisting my hand in her hair, I brought her hot, wet mouth down on my long, steel cock. She took me in, deep, far down her throat, sucking and bobbing her head as I forced her down along my length. It felt so good, so tight and wet.

The seller went for it, signed off this time for good. I ended the call.

Both hands in her hair, I thrust my hips up into her face, rough, hard, demanding. This wasn’t a slow lesson in teaching her to suck cock the way I liked it, this was fucking her face, making her work for me. She made deep noises of pleasure and I could feel her mewls deep in her throat against my shaft.

“I’m coming, Kara,” I growled, going down deep into her throat. She looked up and met my eyes, her plump pink lips wrapped around my huge, engorged cock, a look of immense pleasure on her beautiful face. That did it for me. My hot come shot out deep down her throat, spurting out in waves. She sucked it all down, her hands up to either side of my hips, holding me like she couldn’t get enough of my come. She stayed on my cock like that, sucking every last drop, until I collapsed back into the chair, spent. Then she sank back on her heels, still kneeling, licking her lips to get every last taste of me. Her bun had come loose from my fists and her hair now spun out around her like golden silk.

“Kara.” It was all I could get out, a hoarse grunt. This girl killed me, so sweetly gorgeous and so nasty all at once. I’d come so hard, but I wasn’t done yet. Not with her.

“Declan,” she purred between my legs, resting her contented face against my inner thigh. “Mmmm,” she sighed. I stroked her neck, traced her ear, caressed her shoulder. Her breasts still sprang out from her shirt, exposed. Bringing a hand down, I scooped her flesh in my palm. She sat up, kneeling between my legs again, giving me full access to both breasts.

Looking down at her, I unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her shirt, then slipped it down off of her. As much as I liked the sight of her forced up and out of the bra, I wanted it off. I wanted nothing between us. I unclasped it and threw it to the ground. Now she kneeled before me, her huge tits out, her small waist narrowing in below them, the perfect playmate.

Hands up, giving her breasts attention, I looked her in the eyes. “Kara, baby?” She gazed up at me, contented and trusting. “Did that make you wet? Sucking me off while I was on my call?”

“Yes,” she whimpered, her nipples responding under my fingers. Oh, she liked being dirty. She liked it, and she loved it when I forced her to admit it.

“Take off your skirt,” I commanded. “Show me.”

On shaky legs, she stood in front of me. Unzipping the pencil skirt, she slipped out of it, nothing between us now at all. Examining her as if looking for evidence, I brought my face right down to her lovely, slick pussy. With two fingers, I spread her folds wide open, leaving her clit swollen, dark pink and exposed to the cool air. “You’re very wet,” I observed and she whimpered again. “You’re so swollen.” Then I blew gently right on her drenched, throbbing clit. She gasped and arched her back, hand back out on the desk to steady herself.

“And you still haven’t come yet, have you?” I asked, blowing again directly on her clit.

“No!” she called out.

With a wicked smile, I leaned down and asked her so close I knew she could feel my breath on her pussy, “Do you want to come?”

“Yes!” She moaned, panting. “Yes.”

I chuckled. “Not yet.” I touched my tongue light, brief, teasing to her sensitive bud and she cried out. “Not yet,” I continued, pulling back and sitting in my chair. “I want you to touch yourself for me. Show me what you do when you think about me. When you fantasize about my cock.”

Desperate, Kara rested her bare ass against my desk. Past being hesitant or shy, she spread her legs wide and brought her fingers right down to her slit. I watched as she started to finger-fuck herself, bringing her fingers in and out of her slippery hole. All the while she circled her clit with her thumb, touching it just like I did, bringing herself closer

and closer.

“I’m going to fuck you on this desk,” I explained as I stood again, placing both hands on either side of her. “And I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“Yes,” she cried out as I reached down, my shaft already erect and ready again.

“Brace yourself,” I told her as I slid a hand underneath her ass and angled her toward the huge crown of my cock. She brought her hands to the desk. With one hard, long thrust I slid full into her. Screaming, she pushed into me, raising her hips and pressing wildly to take me deeper.

Incoherent, I began thrusting into her. She wrapped her legs around my hips, her arms around my neck. I grabbed her ass in my two, large hands and rammed my cock deep into her again and again. I could hear the sound of our wet, slick fucking, my balls slapping against her. She took everything I gave, banging into her relentless, pounding her on the desk.

I could feel her shuddering, her moans and screams in my ear, her pussy starting to squeeze around my prick.

“Come for me now, Kara. Come for me,” I growled. She surrendered into a long, deep orgasm, the noises she made, pleasure sounds, release and gratification, animalistic and out of her control.

“Kara!” My burning, coiled heat exploded into her, shooting deep inside of her. She took me in, her legs wrapped around me, my tool buried in her. I shuddered and nearly collapsed, resting my hands back on the desk, my face in the crook of her neck.

Together, we panted, heavy and fast. Deep inside of her stretched, wet pussy, my cock gave one final pulse. She shuddered and moaned, instinctively pulling against me, turning her face to my shoulder and kissing me there.

My heavy, big arms encircled her and I brought her closer, if that was even possible, cupping my hands around her ass and curving my mouth into the side of her neck. Nuzzling in, I smelled her, almost the way an animal would scent its mate. I’d never felt anything so right in all my life.

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