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“Do you think about me?”

“Yes!” Building up in me, the storm was about to break, my climax rising.

“You want to come for me, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Only for me, Kara. Only for me.” He moved his fingers faster, up to circle and rub my clit, down stroking along my folds. Then he plunged two fingers deep up inside of me. He growled, “Come for me.”

His words sent me crazily plunging over the edge, my orgasm exploding as he groaned.

“Declan!” I cried out, my head thrown back. My entire body shuddered, the walls of my pussy contracting around his fingers.

“Yes.” He coaxed wave after wave from me, watching the ecstasy crest and break across my entire body.

“Ooohh,” I cooed, senseless in pleasure.

“Kara,” he exhaled, kissing his way up my throat, nestling me in his arms as if I were a treasure beyond compare. “You’re incredible.”

I smiled and nuzzled into him, his warmth enveloping me. He brought a hand down to my low back and pressed me into him. I rested my head on his chest and heard his heart beating fast, a crazy rhythm for me.

“Are you OK?” he asked, kissing the top of my head.

“That was amazing.” I glowed, bringing my hand up to his chest.

“So you liked it?” he asked and I could hear the smile in his voice, his pride.

“I loved it.” I laughed and he wrapped his arms tighter around me.

But over on the wall, out of the corner of my eye I saw his clock. 6:50. That couldn’t be right.

I sat up. “Declan, is your clock right?”


Pointing, I asked, “Is it almost seven o’clock?” I noticed the light came in less through his windows. It had grown darker outside.

“Yeah,” he confirmed, a hand stroking my hip.

“How did it get so late?” I was supposed to make dinner for my father tonight. He and I were going to eat together.

Declan shrugged. “We’ve been busy, Kara.”

My eyes moved over to his face, the dark stubble on his chin and jaw that had felt so rough and right against my cheeks. I realized that he must shave before he met me in the barn at night. My heart squeezed, I felt so much love for this man. I wanted to spend all night, the rest of my life with him.

“I have to go,” I said sadly. “I’m fixing dinner tonight for my father.”

“You have to go?” he asked, one hand up to his black, rumpled hair. Oh, I wanted to stay. But I needed to go.

Using every last ounce of willpower and strength I didn’t even know I had, I pulled myself up from his lap, tugging my panties back into place. Declan followed suit, standing next to me. He took my hand and walked me toward his door. In the entryway, he wrapped me up in his arms and kissed me, full and sweet.

“Thank you,” he whispered into my hair, kissing me there as well.

I smiled up at him, not even finding words to express what he meant to me. Instead, I kissed him again with all of my love.

Barefoot, I drifted away on cloud nine, up to the house to fix dinner. My hands floated lazily to my lips, feeling his kisses there still. Declan was so gentle and so commanding all at once, so demanding yet so intently in tune with my every feeling and need. I’d never felt so fulfilled, so satisfied, so cared for.

What we had between us was real. I knew we had a future together. We hadn’t discussed it yet, but I knew it in my heart and soul. We belonged together. Somehow we’d manage to make it happen. I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Seven thirty and Daddy wasn’t there while I sang and cooked in the kitchen. Nine o’clock and he still didn’t show up while I waited for him, keeping the food warm in the oven as I folded laundry. Ten o’clock and I put it all in a Tupperware container for tomorrow. He must have gotten hung up somewhere, maybe decided to grab a bite with a neighbor or join in that poker game I knew he enjoyed with some of his buddies. It wasn’t like him to not call and let me know, but I couldn’t worry about it. Not tonight, when my life was taking off.

Tonight, I had wings and my heart soared. Usually around this time of night I’d be pacing in my room, counting the seconds until I could run down to the barn at midnight. Tonight, though, I felt so happy and relaxed and certain that I lay down on the couch. I grew so drowsy and comfortable that I smiled myself right to sleep.


I barely made it to the bathroom. My legs felt so weak. I felt like I’d been out in the sun all day, lounging in the heat. Only tonight, the heat came from within.

I sank down onto the wide marble ledge surrounding the Jacuzzi tub and brought my shaking hands to my head. What was going on? I couldn’t think. I usually moved through my days with clear efficiency. Even in the depths of grief I’d still risen in the morning to make coffee, place phone calls, thank sympathetic friends and neighbors who’d brought over banana bread or a casserole. I got stuff done.

I didn’t dress up in a French Maid costume and dust some man’s penthouse while he stroked and spanked me, then fucked me senseless. But Declan wasn’t just some man. And I hadn’t just let him do all that to me. I’d liked it. No, I’d loved every second of it.

“You may touch yourself in the bath.” That was the last thing Declan had said to me in his office. I could still feel his thick, broad shoulders leaning over me and the rough stubble of his face against my own. With his deep voice, he’d whispered in my ear, low, controlling, filthy, “You can play with yourself, touch and stroke. Think about what I might do to you next. But you may not come. You only come for me.”

Whew. To my left lay an oval ring of marble around a huge, immaculate, sparkling white tub. The sides looked like they’d been bedazzled with jets and lights and knobs. Even the faucet handles felt expensive as I turned on the water, the way they moved so smooth, the engraved “H” on the white porcelain amidst the polished nickel.

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