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I hadn’t even finished coming when I heard his rough voice with another command. “Brace yourself. I’m going to fuck you.”

Massive, powerful hands grabbed my hips, claiming me, positioning me exactly where he wanted. I felt his thick tip at my dripping entrance. Then, with a deep, primal groan, he plunged his giant, hard cock straight into my soaked, quivering pussy.

I cried out at the force of it. It pinched and hurt and I gasped. But then, stretched so full, pleasure flooded me, making me even more slick. I moaned. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Possessed, taken by Declan, nothing had ever felt so good.

He froze, still inside me. “Fuck! Kara!” I knew what he meant. “You were a virgin?”

“Yes.” I felt too amazing to feel embarrassed, too thrilled to worry about his reaction. If it felt that good from just him entering me, what would it feel like when he started to move, working all that solid steel in and out of me, pumping, driving? I shook in anticipation.

“Fuck. You didn’t tell me!”

I had to get him to move on. To move. Arching my ass into his grip, I pressed myself against him, sheathing him completely in my slick, hot folds. He was so huge, it barely felt like he could fit inside of me, but somehow he was, filling me, owning me.

“Declan,” I moaned, thrusting at him, letting him know how amazing it felt, to be stretched so wide, completely stuffed. He still didn’t move, as if his concern won out over his lust. I needed to do something about that. Using my own juices, I slid my pussy along his cock, pulling slightly away, then fitting myself down along every inch of his length with a deep, shuddering sigh. “You feel so good.”

“You’re so tight.” His voice sounded strangled and he dropped his mouth to my shoulder, sucking me there, then biting. “Kara,” he hissed, as he started to move, a bit at a time, a fraction out, a fraction in. Gentle, slow.

“Declan!” I screamed. I needed more. He was trying to go easy on me, handle me with care, but I didn’t want that. I wanted it all, full throttle, everything he had driving into me. I’d waited too long to feel satisfied with anything less. “Please,” I groaned, thrusting back, opening my legs wider, showing him how much I wanted all of him.

“You want this, Kara?” he asked, sliding out more, then sinking in deep.

“Yes!” I screamed, overwhelmed with the size of him. It burned, but the heat and pain licked me, arousing me in the most carnal way.

“I don’t think I can go slow.” He choked out his words, still holding back, still tense and coiled standing behind me. I needed him to let go, let out all of his strength and power, unleash all of it into me.

“Please!” I moaned, begging him, pleading.

His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled all the way out to his tip. Then he plunged all of the way in, full and hard. With a primal groan, he began to thrust, pounding his cock deep into me again and again.

“Declan!” I screamed, clutching the leather of the couch. I strained to keep standing up under his onslaught. I needed to stay standing. I needed this like I’d never needed anything in my life, him pounding into my slick, wet slit, every inch of him strong and relentless.

“Kara, I have to fuck you hard. I can’t hold back.” His hands held me exactly where he wanted me, angled just right for him to piston in and out, driving and fierce.

“Yes!” I could feel the shuddering, throbbing heat build inside me with each long, intense thrust. He groaned and pounded into me. Sweaty, his balls slapped against my pussy with each thrust.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked, so wicked.

“Yes, oh, please fuck me.” He was huge, the fit so tight. Rock-hard he plundered my depths, throttling against me again and again.

“You like that? Deep in you?”

“Yes,” I screamed, my voice growing hoarse, sounding like a wild animal.

“Kara!” he groaned, guttural. “I’m going to come.”

“Yes!” I pleaded. The thought of feeling him climax brought me right up close to the edge. Rutting against him, I wanted his hot come deep inside of me. I’d never wanted anything more.

Like a firehose, he exploded into me, hard and long and strong. Violent spasms of ecstasy gripped me, surrounded me as I came explosively around his cock.

“Yes!” I cried, my pussy squeezing and pulsing around his length.

“Kara! Fuck!” he cried out, emptying his seed deep inside of me. I shuddered and twisted, taking all of him in, wanting every drop.

Panting, sweating, he rested his hands on either side of my body and brought his face down to my back, the rough stubble of his cheek against my skin. Quivering, shaking, I felt like liquid pleasure, suffused by his heat, his solid, hard masculinity. Him.




When you’re getting your cock sucked, it’s generally a pretty good experience. You tend to enjoy yourself, especially when the girl’s into it.

That night was no exception. A girl I’d hooked up with a few times had come down to my cabin. I didn’t usually have girls back at my place, but I’d been sitting around drunk and bored when she showed up. Layla I thought her name was, but it could have been Lara. I wasn’t too sure about her name, but I was sure about exactly why she’d come to find me. She’d driven there horny as hell, so there was really only one way things would go down.

And go down she did. She knelt between my legs, sucking me like a pro, slick and tight.

I had my eyes closed as I sat on the couch. And I thought of Kara Brooks, her plump, pink lips, how she’d moisten them sometimes with her tongue. How I’d catch her looking at me and her eyes would widen, her lips parting slightly in response. At 21 I’d already had a lot of women, but I knew I’d never had one like her. How would it feel if it were Kara kneeling between my legs, her hands on my thighs, her mouth wrapped around my hard shaft? What if it were her soft sounds coming from between my legs, her moans of pleasure as she sucked my full length?

“You’re so huge, Declan,” she moaned, licking me like the sweetest candy. It wasn’t Kara sucking me. But Kara was like a goddamned magnet for my thoughts. She was more and more of a distraction, consuming more and more of my attention. Because a couple of weeks ago everything had changed. Ever since that moment in my truck. All alone, just the two of us, I’d spanked her. And she’d moaned with need underneath my hand.

I’d been avoiding her ever since, turning out of the barn if she came near it, heading out most nights like I couldn’t even stand to see her bedroom light on in her window. But the more I denied it, the more it built up in me, the fire raging into an inferno. Every day I stayed away, I felt more and more like a ticking time bomb. Because now I knew she wanted me. And I sure as hell wanted her, too.

I didn’t admit it to myself, but Kara was why I’d stayed in that night, not interested in my usual haunts or playmates. I told myself I wanted to hang out and do nothing. Really, I’d hoped I might see Kara. It didn’t seem likely, but there was a chance she’d see the light on in my cabin and come down for a visit. She had to feel it too, this tension mounting and building between us. She hadn’t ever come down to my cabin before, but one day soon this flooding dam would have to burst. Tonight might be the night.

Layla swirled her tongue around me, down at the base and on up to my wide crown. She knew what she was doing. Kara wouldn’t, I knew that, and the thought of her inexperience, of teaching her, showing her how to do it for me, only made me swell thicker. What if it were soft, sweet Kara with her full, luscious lips wrapped around my shaft? To hear the sounds she’d make as she sucked me. To look down into her eyes as she kneeled before me, gazing up at me with dazed lust as her mouth took in my length.

Then I opened my eyes and saw her. At first I thought it was all part of my fantasy, as if somehow I extended it, blending it into reality. I was buzzed and about to come, after all. So when I first saw Kara standing at the door looking flushed and surprised, those sweet, soft lips I’d been d

reaming about parted slightly open. I figured I’d made it up.

But then Kara’s eyes widened big with shock. She looked straight at my long, hard cock getting sucked good, and I realized it was real. Kara was truly standing at the door of my cabin, just like I’d jerked off about so many times, too many in the last few weeks, coming down to my cabin all alone late at night. She had on a tiny little t-shirt and short shorts like she wore in my fantasies, not much to them, quick and easy to bunch up and ball on the floor.

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