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“Declan…” I panted as he took his thumbs to my breasts, teasing me again, tracing them lightly, outlining their swell. I felt agitated, embarrassed to be called out for doing exactly what I had been doing. I had been flirting, enjoying the male attention.

“I saw you strutting around,” he continued. “Working it.”

“No!” I gasped, ashamed. But I had been, thrusting out my tits, swaying my ass, using my body to turn them on. Especially when I knew Declan was watching.

“No? You weren’t being a tease, Kara?” He brought his hot mouth down again and bit me, lightly on the soft mound of my breast, harder, his teeth on my nipple.

I cried out, twisting on my hands, arching into him, shocked and confused and desperately wanting more. I had been teasing. And I’d wanted him to catch me doing it, to see that I was sexy and desirable. But I felt guilty about being caught. Good girls weren’t supposed to do that.

He drew back and surveyed me, cupping my breasts lovingly. “I’ve always loved your tits, Kara. So sensitive. So responsive.”

I was vaguely aware of him taking one hand away, the sound of ice clinking against a glass. I assumed he was taking a drink.

He brought an ice cube directly onto my erect nipple. So cold, it made me gasp and straighten up, my eyes wide now in surprise. He smiled, not pulling away at all, and began to trace a path around my breast with the ice cube. I still wore the bra, but it didn’t offer much coverage. He plastered the lace to my trembling skin with the cold, dripping ice.

He reached down with his free hand to my inner thigh. I parted my legs without being asked. Declan gave a low, appreciative murmur. “That’s good, Kara. Open for me.”

I moaned in response, parting my legs more. He stroked my inner thigh and brought the cube in slow circles around my nipple, making me think about how much I needed direct contact. I tilted my head back, wantonly pressing my breast up into the ice, seeking more sensation. I wanted to reach out, pull him toward me, but I kept my hands pinned where I’d been told.

“I like how much I can see with this bra.” The wet lace pressed against my curves, my nipples stiff and aching. He licked his lips. “But it has to go. Take it off. Take everything off for me, Kara.”

He took a step back to watch. I instantly longed for his touch, felt bereft without it. Standing, breathless, I brought my shaking hands to the bottom of my shirt. I could see the outline of his huge, hard cock straining against his jeans. A soft moan escaped me and I licked my parted lips.

“Take it off,” he growled, growing impatient. Complying, I unclasped the bra and dropped it to the ground, my breasts springing free for him to see. I kicked off my boots. Slipping my thumbs inside the waistband of my skirt, I looked up at him, suddenly shy.

“Now,” he commanded. I slipped my skirt down my curves, stepping out of it to stand absolutely naked. Slowly, biting my lip, I revealed myself completely, my shaved-bare pussy juicy wet and on full display.

Declan watched me intently, then reached a hand to his lower abdomen and undid the top button of his jeans. I couldn’t take my eyes off that spot, where I could see the outline of his giant shaft almost free now, straining. I could see the tip of it, pushing out against his briefs, reaching the top of his waistband. I wanted to reach out and touch it so badly.

“Hands back where I told you.” His voice came out in a harsh hiss.

“Yes,” I responded, putting my hands back under my ass. I could feel my slit now, pressing against my fingers. I wished I could have more room to touch myself. With so much pressure building up inside me, I felt crazy, clenched and quivering for release.

He stepped closer, inches away again without touching me. I shook as he surveyed my naked breasts, shivering as he brought just a few fingers up to lightly brush my stomach, tantalizing me.

“I think you liked being a cock tease tonight.”

“Declan!” I gasped.

“I saw you showing off these tits. But they’re mine.” As if unable to stop himself any longer, he bent with a growl. Bringing his mouth down onto one of my breasts, his hand claimed the other. “Mine.” He licked and sucked. Then he bit me, sharp but light, marking me as his own. I moaned and twisted underneath his heat.

“Yes, Declan.” I never wanted him to stop.

With a wicked gleam in his eyes, he stopped and looked up at me. He brought a hand behind my head and grasped my ponytail. With a tug, he raised my face so I’d meet his gaze head-on. “Did you show off your tits tonight, Kara? Tell me.”

“Yes, Declan,” I confessed, squirming and slick on my hands, ashamed.

“You wanted those men to look at you. To get hard.”

I twisted, still keeping my hands under my ass. “Yes,” I gasped, guilty and so, so wet.

“You got them hard, you little cock tease,” he grit out between his teeth. “But you belong to me.”

With a swift, strong movement, he flipped me. “Lean over the couch.” My arms against the back of the couch, I leaned down into the cushions, baring my ass and my soaking pussy for him.

“Spread for me,” he commanded. I opened my legs, squirming with embarrassment. I knew he could see everything, how much I wanted him, drenched with need.

Suddenly, I felt something cold and unyielding against my sex. I gasped and tried to twist away. Declan’s palm cracked down hard on my ass cheek.

“You stay right where I tell you,” he barked. I moaned in response, sure I was dripping now.

He took an ice cube in his thick fingers, and brought it back again against the lips of my pussy. “You need to learn some discipline.”

He rubbed against me, teasingly bringing the ice cube near, then over my clit. The smooth, cold sensation brought me close to orgasm and I started tensing, panting, my hands clutching the couch pillows.

Fisting my ponytail, Declan bent over and barked in my ear. “Don’t come until I tell you. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Declan, yes.” Breathless, I could hear myself speak rather than consciously forming the words. My body had taken over completely, in his hands, under his control.

I could hear his hand dipping again into his drink, the ice cubes clinking against the glass. I could feel myself shaking with anticipation and need, a drop of liquid slowly traveling down my inner thigh. I didn’t know if it was my juices, the melted ice or both.

Then, cold, hard ice pressed against my hot, soft slit. I had to bite down on my bottom lip, wincing from pain and pleasure. In the intensity of the sensation, it took everything I had not to let go into a blistering orgasm.

“Stay still,” he warned me. I hadn’t even realized I was bucking against him, desperately trying to get more into my pussy, more ice,

more of him. Once I restrained myself, holding still, he slid one, then two fingers inside me, stroking slowly and deliberately. The ice cube he kept circling around my clit, the cold pressure driving me senseless, wild.

“Did it make you wet? Teasing those men?”

“No, Declan.” I didn’t want to admit it. But it had, especially with him watching me. Slap, I felt a hard, sharp whack on my exposed, bare ass. I cried out, a shudder of pain and pleasure rippling through me.

“Tell me the truth.” His fingers were back, this time two fingers fucked my pussy. But with the other hand, he moved. He drew his finger up to circle my asshole, light, sensual, not penetrating, just touching. He dipped down to gather some of my slick juice, then brought it up to my other opening. I tensed. No one had ever touched me there. He continued, finger fucking my pussy while circling my asshole, slowly, so slowly. I panted, frightened, wanting, afraid, desperately needing.

“Naughty girl,” he said. I moaned, shaking. “Did it make you wet?” he repeated, pushing his fingers deep into my pussy, then slowly drawing them out.

“Declan!” I screamed. “Yes! When you watched me! Yes!”

His fingers stilled. “You saw me watching you?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“And you liked that?”

“Yes, Declan, yes,” I panted, incoherent. “Please!”

He bent over me, growling hot in my ear, “Now you come!”

He thrust his fingers deep into my sex. At the same time he pressed his large thumb against the entrance of my virgin hole. Not inside, but with the pressure on my clit, the feel of his thick fingers up inside me, I realized I might want more. I might want him to do more than tease my ass.

With a scream of wild abandon, my orgasm hit me and I bucked against him, shuddering, surrendering to the intensity. Wave after wave, throb after throb of release numbed my mind as I nearly blacked out. Fingers clutching the leather, mouth open, I let out an incoherent stream of pleasure. “Yes! Declan! Ah!”

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