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“Why would you come in here looking for him? That’s ridiculous.” Man, she needed a pair of dark-framed glasses with that tone of voice. So stern. She had a great pair of legs. Her boots ended at her calves, and then her legs just kept going and going, long and lean.

More hustle and bustle, more gusts of cold wind blasting in from the outside. I could tell a small crowd was forming. I didn’t want a crowd. I wanted some time alone, just me and this prim little librarian.

“He’s around here somewhere,” a deep, guttural voice insisted.

“Librarians only behind the reference desk!” She stopped them in their tracks. I liked this one. I couldn’t help it, I’d never been able to stop myself from unwrapping a present right in front of me. I brought a hand up to her leg and stroked her lightly around the start of her thigh, right above her knee. Nothing too naughty, just my thumb grazing the inside of her leg.

She cleared her throat, loudly, took a step away and clamped her feet firmly together. It made me smile. I couldn’t remember the last time a girl had denied me access.

“C’mon, some guy saw him head into a store down the street.” I could hear them start to retreat.

“If you’re from the press, I have a story for you here,” she called after them.

“What’s that now, honey?” I could tell from the tone of his voice, the guy answering already wasn’t interested.

“This library branch may have to close due to lack of funds. Why don’t you do a story on that?”

“Some other time.” I heard the sounds of the door opening and their footsteps leaving.

“If you cared half as much about children learning to love books as you did about stupid celebrities the world would be a much better place!” she called after them.

Yeah, you tell them. Except, wait, did she say stupid celebrities? The door closed behind them.

“Vultures,” she muttered. That was better.

“Is everything OK, Miss Ana?” a child asked.

“Of course,” she offered reassurance. “You go sit tight and I’ll be over in a minute.” She turned her pretty face back to me, entirely displeased.

“The next time you pick a place to hide,” she hissed, “please don’t choose my library. That was very disruptive.”

My face broke into a wide grin. “Are you a librarian?”

“Yes, I’m a children’s librarian.” She looked so proud of it, eyes flashing with indignation.

My grin got even wider. “Are you married?”

“No.” She flushed and turned slightly from me, then murmured, “That’s a strange question.”

A single, goody-two-shoes librarian. Pretty as a picture with a goddamn Peter Pan collar on her dress. Had I told my agent that I didn’t know any good girls? Hold the phone. She was fucking perfect.

Flashing her my most devastatingly sexy Ash Black smile, I set Operation Image Rehab into play. I gave her my trademark smoldering gaze and whispered, “Hello, gorgeous.”

She rolled her eyes and started straightening papers on her desk. Yeah, I liked this one. I liked her a lot. Now I just needed to get her to like me back.

I wound a hand around her calf, brushing her slender leg with my fingers. She frowned at me and stomped her foot like I was a fly she was trying to shoo away. I smiled up at her, all wicked sin and temptation. I got a blush.

She looked good when she blushed. I wanted to see it on her again. One month together, that’s what my agent had suggested. Now I liked the idea a whole lot.

“Is the coast clear for me to come out?” I asked. “Or would you rather come down and hide under here with me?” I caught her eye and gave her a naughty wink. There was that blush again.

This was going to be one fun month.

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