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In our frenzy, we moved along the rug and I felt the edge of the couch now grazing the top of my head. I brought the palms of my hands up to it and pushed against it so I could get more purchase, grind into him harder. I needed him so fiercely, I needed him to consume me, take me right up over the edge.

“Yes,” he grunted, liking that I pushed into him, aroused that I wanted still more from him. “You like it like this.”

“Yes,” I moaned, loving that he knew everything about me. I had nothing to hide from him, nor him me. We were the perfect fit to each other’s puzzle.

“I want you to come for me, baby.” He thrust into me, his cock impossibly huge. His words sent me over the edge.

“Ah!” I screamed, the waves of orgasm crashing over me, engulfing me whole. My mind went blank as pure pleasure, white hot, raced through my entire body.

“Take it!” he roared as he exploded in me, his come rocketing out deep inside. I could feel the force of him, the fierceness with which he possessed me.

“Declan,” I cried out, pulling him nearer, needing him even closer though he was already deep up inside of me. He unwrapped my legs from his shoulders, easing then down on the floor, and brought his chest down to mine, still supporting the majority of his weight on his elbows.

“I love you, Kara.”

No matter how many times he said it, it still thrilled me to my soul. I’d been so convinced for years that I’d never hear him speak those words. It still seemed impossible to me sometimes, but there he was, with me, my husband.

“I love you, Declan.”

I didn’t even realize it until he brought a finger to my cheek.

“Don’t cry, Kara.” He kissed my cheeks, stroking my face.

“Oh, you know I’m just happy,” I reassured him. This was part of the whole floodgates thing. He’d opened them up and now I had some strong feelings flowing unrestrained through me.

“I’m so happy, too,” he murmured to me, nuzzling into my hair. “Happier than I ever imagined.”

We lay like that in front of the fire, sharing bits of thoughts, both of us wrapped in the joy we had together, and would soon share with our baby.

“It keeps getting better, Declan.” I smiled at him and played with his thick hair. I wondered if he’d know what I meant.

“It does,” he smiled in agreement.

He knew. What we had between us. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. What a future we’d have together. Starting now.


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Take one bad boy rock god. Mix slowly with one wholesome librarian. Add a dash of paparazzi, a twist of scandal, and you won’t believe how good this dish tastes.


It’s pretty easy being a rock god. Party. Perform. P*ssy. Repeat. I’m 26 and it’s worked for me for years. Until I was caught ripping out the heart of America’s sweetheart in a video gone viral. Now #HatePlayerAsh is trending on Twitter, she’s writing a song about how much I suck and I’m in desperate need of image rehab, fast.

Good thing paparazzi chased me into that library. Had I not ducked under that desk I never would have found myself next to the long, sexy legs and disapproving gaze of Anika Ivanov. In my world of use and get used, she’s a unicorn. A kind, 24-year-old, hard-working, family-oriented children’s librarian. My agent agrees, she’s the one to set everything right. All she needs to do is fake a month-long public romance, let the world see me fall hard for her, then dump me in a brutal, public display. It’s genius.

Now I just have to convince her to agree. And convince myself that the only reason I want to spend the month with her is to improve my image. It’s not her full, luscious lips or her soft, seductive laugh or those fantasies I keep having of tying her down to my bed as I make her quiver and pant and call out my name.


Ash Black. In my library. Under my desk. It’s hard to believe it happened. I’ve listened to his voice enough times, my favorite soundtrack as I walk down the streets of New York. My secret bad boy crush, the smoldering, shirtless star of the tabloids, all muscles and tattoos. Then one day he shows up and kisses me in my break room.

What’s even crazier is how he wants me to spend the next month. Backstage at his shows in L.A., San Francisco and Vegas, candlelight dinners in New York and Paris. He wants the world to believe he’s fallen in love. With me.

I’ve got to say no. He’s a walking disaster with a dirty mouth and wicked hands that melt my panties right off of me. This month would take everything in my well-ordered, neat little life and shake it up like a snow globe.

Then why am I so tempted to say yes?



p; Ana

One Month From Now

I pulled against my wrist restraints, panting as his tongue trailed a slow, teasing path down my stomach. A moan escaped my lips. I needed to touch him, fist my fingers in his thick, jet-black hair and dig my nails into his broad, muscular shoulders. But I couldn’t even see him. He’d blindfolded me. Twisting my head to the side, I could still picture him, tattoos licking along his biceps, down by his abs, right at the start of his V.

“Please!” I couldn’t help but cry out. I needed more, needed his tongue lower, needed to be set free so I could at least touch myself if not him. He’d worked me up into such a frenzy. With a low, satisfied growl deep in his chest, he dipped his tongue in a lazy circle around my belly button. He insisted on having me his way, tormenting every inch of me until I begged for it.

“Ash!” I strained against my ties, spread-eagle on the king-size bed, but he’d fastened them well. All I succeeded in doing was arching up my back, further offering my naked breasts up for his pleasure.

He chuckled, deep and wicked, tracing my curves with his hand. “You like being tied up, don’t you, my Ana?” His fingers melted me as he stroked my limbs, up my side, along the swell of my breast. He paused and I held my breath, wondering what he might do next, feeling a throb deep in my pussy, drawing more slick, sweet juice from my core. The anticipation, the submission, it made me crazy.

But he kept on going, up past my breast, along my collar-bone, up my arm to circle my restraints. He drew my attention to his control, how he had me tied up, exactly where he wanted me.

“I knew you’d like it,” he murmured. “You’re so beautiful, laid out here for me.”

I panted like an animal and swallowed hard. A sliver of my mind still reared up in shock at what I was doing, what I was letting him do to me. Willingly turning myself over to him in complete submission. I’d never done anything like it before, letting someone tie me up. I’d thought about it, even touched myself fantasizing about it late at night. But never in my bland, boring, good girl what-passed-for-a-sex-life had I ever done anything like it.

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