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I’d been suffering for hours now, watching her in that bikini, her ass and tits barely covered. She’d laugh, throw her head back and my eyes would darken, imagining her like that for an entirely different reason. She came so much harder after a long build-up, the tension radiating from her shattering into a mind-blowing release. I wanted that for her, for us.

I left her ass for last. I traced the outline of her bikini bottom, toyed with the string ties on the sides, massaged small circles on the outside of her cheeks displayed to me. She moved under my touch, pliant, moaning. I’d taught her how much she liked me playing with her ass. I kept her guessing about what I’d do when. She liked that, too. Today, I had a new toy.

“I have something for you,” I murmured, husky. She whimpered in response as I drew a finger down the crack of her ass, pressing against the fabric.

“What if someone sees?” she asked, nervous.

“You’re going to have to be very, very quiet,” I warned her, first undoing one side of her bikini bottom, then the other. Her ass was so round and ripe I wanted to take a bite. I used my palms to massage her, work her, then dipped my thumbs down and found the wet center of her pussy. Like a candy with the juicy part inside, I wanted to lick it all down.

“So wet for me.”

“Mmmm,” she hummed and purred as I stroked.

I pressed the cool metal of the butt plug against her warm skin. She hissed in reaction, but didn’t pull away. I’d trained her well. She’d take what I gave.

Slowly, using her own arousal as lubricant, I took the plug to her asshole and started to gently fuck her hole with it. I worked it gradually but insistently against her tight ring.

“Relax, baby,” I guided her. With my hand up at her bare throat, I could feel her pulse racing. I took a pillow and placed it under her hips, tilting her ass up at a better angle. “That’s it,” I coaxed her as she parted her thighs and offered her bottom up to me. I gripped her ass cheek and pulled it to the side, giving me more access.

“Declan, it feels so big!” she moaned.

“It is big. It’s going to fill your ass.” With that, I pushed harder and it slid further, past her opening. She gasped and her eyes widened as she got stretched. Her hand clutched at a pillow and I knew the sensation was strong.

“That’s it, baby. Take it up your ass.” I pushed the plug 100% of the way inside her asshole until the circular end lay flush with her cheeks. I stroked her for a moment, calming her quivering flanks, teasing her sensitive inner thighs. I loved seeing the tip of the plug sticking out of her ass, tangible evidence of her submission.

Then I tied her bikini bottom up again, covering her.

“You can lie on your back now.” I gave her a playful spank.

She looked at me, incredulous. “This is…I’m very…full!”

“Yes, you are.” I took delight in her discomfort, knowing how it would all end. But she’d have to walk through more fire before she got the deluge of relief. She flipped over and settled down against several pillows, propped up next to me so she could see the ocean. I noted with satisfaction her nipples pressed hard against the bikini top. The plug felt big and it stretched her full, and she liked it. Nasty girl. I wanted to see how much she could take.

The moment she settled in comfortable, I flicked the switch I held in my palm. The butt plug began a gentle vibration.

She gasped, “Declan!” Her body tensed, her palms pressing at her sides against the cushion.

“Stay still,” I warned her, watching her struggle, wanting a front-row seat as her arousal built and threatened to crest and break.

I played with her like that for a long time, almost an hour. I knew no mercy. I’d slowly build up the vibrations, let her moan and pant, her thighs rubbing together but I wouldn’t let her touch herself. She wanted to, desperately, I could tell by the way she kept fisting the pillows at her head and gripping the cushion at her sides.

Every now and then I’d torture her, saying, “Let me check if you’re ready yet.” I’d reach down to her pussy and slowly push her bikini bottom to the side, watching her pant, her ribs moving up and down. Sometimes she’d watch me, her eyes glazed with lust. Sometimes she’d throw her head back, eyes closed, as if wanting to block out any sensations except the ones I gave her. I’d bring my thick finger to her sopping wet pussy and growl appreciatively. Then I’d taste her, because I couldn’t resist, the honey sweetness so delicious on my tongue.

Then I’d s

top. “Not yet,” I’d taunt her. Her mewls and whimpers, soft pants and moans made me rock hard.

Flicking on the vibrating butt plug pushed deep into her ass, I brought the pressure up to medium. She tensed and her eyes fluttered back in her head, her jaw set.

“You like that, baby?” I whispered to her.

“Yes…uh…” She was grunting, starting to lose her ability to talk. “Uh, I need…uh…” I liked her non-verbal, overwhelmed by physical need, desperate for me to do anything to give her relief.

“Keep quiet,” I reminded her, as I did whenever she started getting too worked up. Waiters and other hotel guests were outside. None bothered us in our private cabana, not with most of the curtains drawn, but if she screamed they’d hear. She had to work to keep it a secret.

“Please, Declan, please,” she managed to beg me.

“Not yet,” I whispered, turning up the strength of the vibrations. She writhed, her thighs parting in a silent ask. She needed more, needed me to bring her further.

With my free hand, I brought my fingers back to her sex, feeling the soaking wet fabric plastered to her folds. She bit off a cry, tossing her head to the side as I stroked her. String bikinis were easy. I pulled on the tie at the side and had her completely bare for me in no time.

I teased her, toyed with her, brought her to the brink playing with both back and front but never let her come. She lay there writhing in turmoil, shivering and moaning with need.

Finally, my cock hard as granite, Kara nearly insane with desire, I murmured the words she needed most. “Do you want to come?”

“Yes,” she moaned low in her throat.

“Good.” I stroked her. “Now you may pinch your nipples.” Her hands flew to her erect nipples, pinching them hard through the fabric.

“Out so I can see,” I commanded harshly. She moaned and complied, pushing the tiny triangles of fabric down and under her tits, then thrusting her breasts out naked so I could watch. She brought her fingers to her peaked tips, tweaking and pinching them hard for me just like I’d asked.

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