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me. "Then I'm going to take you into the palace and spend the rest of the night with my cock buried inside of you."

His filthy words make me crazy. I'm breathing hard and practically seeing stars. I'm swollen so tightly around him and his cock is so hard that I think he's close to coming, too. "Yes, Yes, Yes," I sigh.

"You like it like this, don't you? You like that I ripped up your dress and pushed you up against the wall, and that I'm fucking you rough right outside of the palace."

"Oh, God, yes."

"Tell me how much you like me pulling your hair and slapping your ass," he growls. He doesn't wait for me to tell him, though, before he smacks my ass cheek. The pain pushes me closer to the edge.

"I love it," I whimper.

"Slide your fingers between your legs," he orders. "Play with your clit while I fuck you."

So I do exactly that, my fingers strumming my clit as he pushes deeper and deeper inside me. I'm so close to coming, I can hardly hang on.

"You love me telling you just what to do," he notes, yanking my hair hard. "You love me taking control of you and fucking you rough."

"Yes," I whine.

Yes, yes, yes.

"I'm going to cuff you to the bed in your room and take my time with you. Do you want that, princess?"


Oh, God. The very thought makes me nearly come.

"I'm going to come, Max," I moan, warning him.

He slaps my ass cheek hard as he thrusts into me even harder. "You come when I say you come, Alexandra."

I can't help myself.

There's no way I can wait, and even if I could wait, I wouldn't. I'd still defy him on principle, just to defy him.

I let go, crying out his name as I come hard, the orgasm so intense that it's practically blinding. I'm coming for what seems like forever. Time seems to stand still as I crash over the edge.

My orgasm triggers his, and he comes with a furious groan. He pulls my ponytail so hard as he thrusts inside me once, twice, three times, that I think he's going to pull the hair right out of my head. My muscles squeeze his cock, milking him dry and throbbing around him when my orgasm finally begins to subside.

Afterward, I'm breathing hard, my chest rising and falling and my cheek pressed against the side of the wall. When Max pulls me close against him, I can feel the pounding of his heart and the rising and falling of his chest as he breathes. "I've never heard anything as hot as when you called me that," he whispers.

"Daddy, you mean?" I joke.

He brings his hand to my breast and pinches my nipple with his fingers, causing me to yelp before I giggle. "Max," he corrects.

"Mmm-hmm," I mumble, as he grazes my ear with his lips. "Max."

I might be able to get used to saying that.

That prospect should be fucking terrifying, but it's not. Maybe it's the afterglow of my orgasm clouding my mind right now, but the idea of getting used to saying his name – getting used to him – isn't scaring me.

Of course, the fact that it's not bothering me is probably the scariest thing of all.



My name, coming from Alexandra's lips. It's the simplest thing in the world, the most basic thing to hear from someone you're sleeping with. So it shouldn't make me as turned on as it does to hear my name come out of her mouth.

But it does. It feels like an accomplishment.

"Say it again," I demand.

She whispers my name and laughs, then says it louder. "Max."

"Good girl," I murmur.

"I can be a very good girl," she teases.

"I know you can." My cock twitches at the thought of exactly how good she will be – and of how good I will be to her – once I get her out of the middle of the fucking palace grounds and into her bed.

What the hell was I thinking, doing this with her up against the damned wall outside like a fucking animal?

I'm standing here zipping up my pants, and Alexandra – Princess Alexandra – is pulling down the dress that I just destroyed by tearing in half – the expensive designer dress that I just ripped up with my bare hands like some kind of crazy person.


In the middle of the damned palace grounds.

Where anyone might find us.

This entire thing is beyond stupid. It's reckless and crazy, and I don't do either of those things. Alexandra is obviously causing me to lose my mind, and that's a problem not only when it comes to protecting her, but in general. I don't lose my mind over anything, and I sure don't lose it when it comes to spoiled princesses.

Yet she seems to be the only thing I can think about.

I tried to keep from fucking her. I really did. I even told myself that if I just gave in to my baser impulses with her, if I just scratched that itch, it would go away.

Now I'm standing here having just scratched that itch. The only thing I can think about – the only thing in the world I want to do right now – is pick her spoiled little ass up, carry her inside the palace, lock her up in her room, chain her to my bed, and never let her go. So, as it turns out, the itch seems to have just gotten stronger.

Picking up her shoes where they're scattered in the grass, I kneel on the ground at her feet and slip them on her. She looks down at me and giggles. "I feel like the porn version of Cinderella right now," she whispers.

My hands slide up her ankle to her calf, then higher to her thighs. My dick twitches the farther I go up her legs. What the hell is wrong with me? I just fucked her and I'm dying to do it again. "You're definitely the naughtiest princess in the kingdom," I tell her.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"I meant it as one." I really do, too; she's the most un-princess-like princess there ever was. Standing up, I pull her hard against me. Damn it, she feels perfect against my body like she's supposed to be here.

We pause, standing still for a moment before Alexandra clears her throat and puts her hands on my chest, pushing me away playfully. "We can't stand here all night," she says, then turns to walk away.

She's perpetually skittish, always moving, never letting anyone get close. Even after I've been inside her, she still doesn't let me get too close.

She walks away swinging her hips, as if she's wearing regular clothes and not a transparent, half-torn dress. She walks as if she has all the confidence in the world, and as if she didn't just push me away because she's scared.

A few yards ahead, she turns and gives me a playful look. "Are you going to hang out in the lawn, or are you going to take me back to my room and cuff me to the bed already?"

I can't help the grin that spreads across my face as I catch up to her. "Well, when you put it that way." She squeals as I scoop her up into my arms. "Be careful with your demands, little girl, or I might just take you to your room and chain you to your bed and never let you go."

Alexandra squirms, protesting: "Bodyguard, I can walk by myself."

"Don't be so uppity."

"I'm not uppity!"

I laugh. "Oh, you're uppity as hell."

"I'm independent."

"That's a fucking understatement," I say. "And uppity is far more accurate."

I don't set her down until we make our way into the range of the security cameras that pan the entrance to one of the old secret passageways. Only then do I let her walk, following her at a respectable, professional, bodyguard-like distance – and not the distance of a man who just fucked the daughter of a king up against a dirty wall.

Alexandra puts her finger on the electronic pad by the door and unlocks it, but not before she grins up at the security camera and gives it a middle-fingered wave.

"Classy, princess," I note, shaking my head.

After the door opens, we slip inside. The tunnel is illuminated by the LED lights that line the ceiling, bathing the entire place in a weird, bluish glow. These tunnels should be the least sexy locations ever, but the only thing I can think about when I'm in them is the night of the engagement party wh

en I pushed Alexandra up against the walls and thought about tearing her dress off her body like I did tonight.

That was back when she still refused to call me by my name.

At the door to her bedroom, she pauses before turning to face me. "You could stop now, you know."

I raise my eyebrows. "You're not trying to discourage me, are you?"

"I'm giving you the option of walking away."

"Why the hell would I do that?" I ask. I trace the outline of the tops of her breasts with my finger, and she draws her lip between her teeth. "Are you trying to tell me you don't want to let me in?"

Her cheeks flush a deep red color, and I instantly know that neither of us are talking about her just letting me into her bedroom. We're talking about something more, and she definitely doesn't want to let me in. She's the most protected girl I've ever met with walls built up around her heart, refusing to let anyone actually know her.

"I'm not saying that." She puts her palm flat on my chest and slides it down my abdomen until she's touching my cock. I harden immediately at her touch, and before I know it, I'm pushing her up against her door, my finger going to the keypad to open it at the same time.

We stumble into the bedroom, locked at the lips, and I kick the door closed behind us. Then we're a tangled mess as I take her face in my hands because I can't get enough of her mouth, and she's fumbling with the buttons on my shirt before giving up and just trying to yank the fabric off my body.

I don't even bother trying to get her out of the dress. I just tear it the rest of the way right off her body before scooping her up, my hands under her thighs.

For a second, I consider depositing her on the bed right there, but I need to slow things down with her. I want to take my time with this girl. So I walk her to the bathroom and deposit her on the countertop before turning on the shower.

She perches on the edge, naked and swinging her legs back and forth as she nibbles on the edge of her index finger and watches me unbuckle my belt and pull off my pants. "I seem to recall you threatening to cuff me to the bed earlier."

"That was no threat, Alexandra. It was definitely a promise."

She gets a funny look on her face, and I pause. "What's that look for?"

"You keep calling me Alexandra."

"That's your name, isn't it? I thought we were using first names now. Do you want me to call you Your Highness? Because if that's the case, maybe I need to remind you who's in charge here."

She smirks. "We both know who's in charge here, Bodyguard."

I drop the rest of my clothes on the floor and walk up to her. She slides her hands over my shoulders and down my arms, the gesture at once intimate and tender. "Bodyguard is not my name, Alexandra."

"There you go again," she whispers. "No one calls me Alexandra. Everyone calls me Alex. You know that. Everyone knows that."

"Do you hate it?" I ask as her hand travels down my body, her fingers lightly tracing my abs before wrapping around my hard cock.

"I don't know," she whispers.

"Well, that's a start," I tell her. "Now, say my name again for me, sweetheart."

She strokes me, her touch light. "Max," she whispers.

"Good girl."

"You keep calling me that when you know it's not true."

"I don't know about that," I tell her, watching her hand move up and down my shaft. "I think that you might just be a good girl masquerading as a bad girl."

Alexandra rolls her eyes and it makes me laugh. Sliding my hands under her ass, I pick her up and carry her to the shower. When she wraps her legs around me, I realize she fits perfectly here in my arms.

In the shower, I watch as the water rolls down her skin in little rivers that trace her breasts and her stomach, finding their destinations between her legs. Fuck, she's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, regardless of whether she's a good girl, a bad girl, or somewhere in between.

My hands move over her breasts as I lather her body, my fingers finding her nipples and bringing them to attention. She lets out a little moan as my hands move over her slick wet skin. When I finally make my way down further between her legs, I discover that she's already warm and wet for me.

As I slip my fingers inside her, she grips my bicep with one hand, her other hand going to my cock, slippery with water and soap. Then I'm the one who lets out a long moan. Her hand glides easily up and down until I'm ready to burst, until my balls are heavy and pre-cum drips steadily from the tip of my cock onto the shower floor.

I back her up against the shower wall, spreading her legs and guiding the head of my dick to her entrance and then back to her clit. My pre-cum mixes with her warm slickness and the hot water from the shower. "Fuck, it would be so easy to slip inside of you right now."

Her breath catches and her eyes go wide. "You would be bare inside me."

"I'm going to be bare inside you," I tell her. I don't know where the hell that comes from. I've never been inside a girl with no barrier and I've never wanted to before this moment. I'm Mr. Safety, Mr. Take-No-Risks.

She lets out a whimper as I keep stroking her with my cock. "I've never done that before."


It would be a first for both of us. I don't want to do that here, not right now. When I reach behind her to shut off the shower, she lets out a disappointed groan.

"What are you doing?" she whimpers. I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around her. She lets out a little shriek as I carry her to the bed and deposit her firmly on the edge. "I'm all wet!"

"You're going to be wetter," I tell her, giving her my best leering expression before I pad back into the bathroom and towel off. Then I head straight for her closet.

"Wait, why are you going in my closet?" she calls out. "I swear, if you're about to come out dressed in my lingerie or something …"

When I return, she's lying in the middle of the bed, her back propped up on a pile of pillows and her legs lazily spread. Her hand is on her hips, her fingers dangerously close to that glistening wet pussy.

"Were you out here touching yourself?" I ask.

She laughs. "You disappeared into my closet, leaving me here all alone to amuse myself. What am I supposed to do?"

I raise my eyebrows. "Ask permission."

"I thought we were over the whole asking-permission-to-touch-myself thing." Alexandra shrugs, her attitude casual, but that changes as I climb onto the bed and put a knee on either side of her hips. Her tongue flicks over her lower lip as her eyes go straight to my cock.

I reach forward, taking her wrist and bringing it above her head, my cock going very close to her lips. She opens her mouth, ready to take me in. Although I like her eagerness, I don't give her what she wants. Instead, I pull out one of the silk ties I removed from her collection of bathrobes. Looping the silk around her wrist, I pull it up to one of the posts on the wrought iron headboard and secure her firmly to it.

"Did you really think I was going to just let you touch yourself anytime you wanted to?" I ask. "I told you, your pussy is mine now. Mine to touch, mine to lick, and mine to fuck."

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