TNT (The Dominator 1.50) - Page 62

“I spoke out of turn, Mrs. Ferrano. I haven’t checked the gender.”

This doctor was lying. The file was in his hand and I’d watched him look all through it.

I folded my arms across my chest. Tommy was still leaned forward with his head in his hands.

“Doctor?” A nurse poked her head in. “Can I have a word?”

“Be back. Do I get that epidural ready?” he asked.

“Do it,” Tommy answered without looking up.

The doctor’s eyes stayed on me.

I nodded.

The doctor left.

“You’re a fucking asshole,” I muttered.

His eyes rose to meet mine and he had a look in his eyes that I’d never ever seen. My husband looked absolutely terrified.

My heart sank. I swallowed.

He swallowed, too, and got to his feet and then moved to me.

I was frozen, in shock at the look on his face.

“Baby girl. My baby girl is giving me a baby girl. Tia, I am over the fuckin’ moon, all right? And scared out of my goddamn fucking mind. You’re early. That scares me. I hear infection. That scares me. And I don’t want to see you in pain.”

I burst into sobs and he wrapped his arms around me.

“I love you,” I said into his shoulder.

“I love you more,” he said.

“No way.”

“Yeah way.”

“Shut up,” I muttered.

He started to laugh. “Make me.”

His eyes looked a little moist.

Awe. I grabbed his jaw with both hands and kissed him.

A throat clearing sound interrupted. The doctor was back, smiling, and with a nurse. “We ready to get this little boy or girl here?”

I rolled my eyes. It was so a girl.

“You’re on a blind date,” the nurse said. “And as much as you love one another, you’re both about to meet the true love of your lives. He or she will bring you two even closer. Let’s do this!”


Our nurse rocked. She was awesome. She took great care of me.

Tommy’s siblings filed in to see me about an hour later, giving well-wishes and trying to bring me food, but that got shut down by the nurses. Tommy refused to eat since I couldn’t eat. He earned definite brownie points for that!

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