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He let go, pulled out so abruptly that my mouth made a pop sound and there was spit all over my chin. I was flipped over like a pancake and pulled up to my knees, and then he was inside me again, slapping my pussy again.

I cried out. “Fuck. Baby…”

His hand went over my mouth and he went harder. I whimpered behind his hand.

He was determined to pull another one out of me. I didn’t think I could, no way. I was exhausted. But then the orgasm bared its teeth and was upon me. Oh shit. I have no choice. It was coming.

It hit me, blinding white light in my face, and after so many of them consecutively, but he was there telling me to take it, telling me to give it to him, so I fought against the urge to squint against that white light. I opened up wide and soaked it in. Holy fucking shit.


He fucked me for at least another hour in every position he could likely think of. He came three times. After the first time he was instantly hard again. The second erection lasted a long time. Then, it took a while for him to have a third. But during that time, he spanked me. He sucked my nipples so hard, they would bruise. He kissed me, swallowing my cries as he pulled my hair. When he got that third hard-on, it went fast. Thank God. I was exhausted and sore and I didn’t complain once.

He slept for ten hours straight afterwards.

Mission accomplished. I was sore all over and my ass had been beaten halfway to a pulp, but he was actually snoring. And he never snored, so that told me how exhausted he was.

“I’m gonna be the best wife ever,” I whispered, smiling to myself. And then I laughed at my own ridiculous thoughts, such submissive thoughts. And then I snuggled in and slept, too.


I limped the next day, my body feeling like I’d run a marathon.

But, we had a little talk at breakfast. He’d made us eggs and bacon.

“You can’t go in the front after visiting the back, hubby. You’ll give me an infection.”

His eyebrows rose. “Are you telling me how I’m allowed to fuck you?”

Mine rose too. “Are you telling me you don’t care if you give me an infection?”

He winked and looked back to his paper. “I hear you. Noted.” He shoved a piece of bacon into his mouth.


“Wanna go for a walk?” Tia asked, coming into the office on the second floor.

“Waiting for a call, baby.”

A few hours later she was back.


“Still waiting for that call.”

She gave me a look. “I just wanted to walk along the beach. Collect some shells. Get some exercise off the grounds.”

“Okay, well wait for me to have my call and then we’ll do that.”

“You can’t bring your phone?”

She didn’t believe me. Granted, she’d asked the past two days in a row if I wanted to go for a walk. She was losing patience with me. She had that look in her eyes like she was going to try to provoke me. We were in dangerous territory with these games. Just because she took what I gave the other day after the smack in the face, did she think she could handle me?

I didn’t like the idea of this turning into a thing where she kept on pushing until she went too far. It’d go too far and I’d be the fucking asshole.

“Shitty reception out there. Can’t chance I’ll miss this call.”

And the sass with this one? She put her hand on her waist.

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