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her large oak desk and was eyeing me.

“What did you do to them, Swing?” she asked quietly. “I want to hear it from your own mouth.”

And there’s the official club president voice, I thought chuckling.

“I killed you.”

“But why would that piss Pardon off so bad that you ended up in the situation we got you out of?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.

“I don’t know. From what I was told, he was sick and tired of me mouthing off to him and honestly, with as much as I respect him, I was sick of being his little errand boy of death. The last few? I didn’t even know if they deserved what I did to them, but I did it because Pardon said the club voted on it. I was damn loyal to that MC and they shit on me for it when I needed them the most,” I said quietly, shaking my head.

“And that’s the truth?” she asked.

“As far as I know.”

She let out a sigh and turned her chair slightly. I watched her peek through the curtains again before getting to her feet and leaving me alone in the office. The sound of her boots echoed down the hallway and faded when she entered the entertainment area.

Moments later a small explosion of giggles and laughter filled the hallway and I pushed myself to my feet. Cracking the door open I raised an eyebrow at the dancers that were walking back and forth getting ready to start their day. There was definitely something for everyone; big bottomed girls, girls with thick waists, girls with big fake tits, flat chested and flat assed girls too.

I closed the door again and smiled as an idea to test Alaska suddenly jumped into my head. She had obviously asked me those questions to test my loyalty to my crew, so now I was going to test her loyalty to what I had a hunch about.

It had been a few weeks since her and Tumbler came busting into Leon’s old workspace and dragged me out, so I was starting to think that this was something of a record for me. Unfortunately for her, the only thing I had on my mind right now was getting revenge, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t throw my little test out and have some fun. I went back to the window and peeked through the blinds in time to see her heading back again.

With the grin that Ricki told me I was famous for, I counted to five before I opened the door and poked my head out into the hallway full of pussy.

“Has anyone seen Alaska?” I asked, looking around at them.

A couple of girls turned red and giggled, a couple stared at me, and the majority of them looked at each other with wide smiles on their faces.

“I’m right here, Rader. Get your ass back in there,” Alaska said, walking through the girls.

“Rader?” I asked, with a laugh. “Suddenly we’re on a last name basis?”

“You’re being a perv,” she hissed swatting me back into her office.

I rolled my eyes and grinned. I couldn’t tell yet if it was her crush that had her mad at me right now or if she really thought I was being perverted. Though truth be told, if I wanted to fuck any of those girls, it wouldn’t be an issue. I was too torn up still, physically and mentally, to worry about some random lay.

“You’re such a bitch, Alaska,” I said once she closed the office door behind her.

“And you’ll do well to remember that,” she said with a smirk. “Now, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with you.”


She ran a hair back through her hand and smoothed out her ponytail. “Meaning, I can’t let you stay here obviously. But I can’t let you go home either. I don’t know where to hide you.”

“If you think I’m afraid of Pardon and the MC, then you obviously don’t know who you’re dealing with,” I scoffed.

“That’s the problem, smartass. I know you’re not afraid of them and I don’t want you to go charging after them until you’re one hundred percent.” She went over to her desk and hopped up on it. Then she leaned back and opened one of the top drawers, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. I waited patiently while she lit one, exhaled, and looked at me gravely.

“There’s a price on your head, Swing. It’s not just the MC that’ll try to take you down. It’s anyone they’re associated with. I can’t let you die yet.”

So you are planning on killing me after all. I smiled, a genuine heart felt smile. It was nice to know that someone finally meant what they said even if it meant I had to die. I was fine with it though. I knew that I sealed my own fate by shooting Saylor and I honestly just wanted the chance to put a bullet in Pardon’s head before it was all said and done, and Alaska had already agreed to that.

“Let me make some calls. I think I know what to do with you,” she said, spinning around on her ass and dropping into her chair.

I nodded and went back to the couch. Lying down with my back to her, I decided to go to sleep. I didn’t care where she planned on housing me as long as I got what I wanted in the end. Dallas, Pardon, Tidals & Anchors and Mary Ann dead at my feet.

After a few phone calls where she was obviously talking in code, Alaska walked out and I went back to sleep.

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