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“Which is?”

“I very much enjoy your company, even when you are being defiant. I like how you look when you are dressed as an elegant

woman and I like the thought of having a mistress for one of my houses. With as headstrong as you are, and with as much as you care for these women, I think you would do an amazing job with this. And quite honestly, I’m tired of clashing with you. I would rather simply ask that you do it for six months and then I will grant your freedom,” he said.

“But you said he was ready for me in one month like two weeks ago. How are you going to hold him off that long?” I asked staring at him.

A smile started to slowly appear on Kerstan’s handsome face. A devious smile that told me that he had already thought this through and I would probably wind up getting fucked in the process either way.

“I have more houses around Amsterdam. If you agree to this, we will leave this house in the capable hands of Saskia, and move to one of the others,” he explained.


“The one who went deliver Minikin.”

Oh. So that’s her name.

“And if I refuse, I go to this mystery bastard?” I asked.

Kerstan nodded and leaned past me, reaching for my cigarettes. He placed one between his lips and lit it, inhaling deeply. I never even knew he smoked. But as I watched the smoke being expelled from his full lips in rings, I somehow became overrun with fear of this person that I could be potentially sent to. Would he kill me? Torture me? Abuse me for entertainment? Pass me around?

“I’ll do it.”

“Good. I was hoping you would. Tomorrow morning we will leave. If you do not wish to stay in Amsterdam, we can stay at my home in Diemen.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Not a home like this one, an actual home,” he added quickly.

I nodded and turned my attention back to the night sky. My last night sky over Amsterdam and sighed. I was conflicted. On the one hand this was a good thing; on the other hand, I didn’t know what I would have to do to keep him happy as a mistress.

“What happens if I fuck up?” I asked.

Kerstan exhaled the smoke that he had stolen from the cigarette before answering, “Then you will be immediately sent to him.”

“And if I won’t go?”

“Then I’ll have no choice but to make you my first,” he replied.

“Your first what?”



I crushed what was left of my cigarette into the ashtray and got up from the chair. I climbed onto Kerstan’s bed and undid the neatly made blankets, pulling one up to my chin. Turning onto my side, I looked at the night sky again wondering if I would somehow run into Betje or Minnie without having to run into the instigator of this whole fucking mess.

I closed my eyes and listened to Kerstan undo his belt. I heard him pull his pants off and I heard him undo his vest before pulling it off. His shirt would be next and then he would climb into the bed with me.

It was odd really. I knew the sounds of his clothing being removed and we had only fucked the one time. I knew his touch like no others even though it had been mostly been used as punishment.

“May I?” he asked laying down and hover his arm over me.

I nodded as he thanked me and let his arm wrap gently around my waist. Another odd feeling took over me as I hoped he would slide his hand under my shirt or maybe into my shorts and start to fondle me. Instead I was met with the steady breathing as he quickly fell asleep.

I closed my eyes and wondered what the fates possibly could have in store for me with a man who was hired to break me down and make me subservient. A man who rented women out to be used by men and women. A man who had no morals, not a real sympathetic bone in his body. A man who only offered me what he had because he knew I was as stubborn as he was. A man who held my life in his hands and ignited my desires with his simplest touch.

As I found myself drifting to sleep, I decided that Lieve would die that night. When I woke up the next day, I would be Amity Crane again. Fun loving, man crushing, mega bitch, Amity Crane.

I would find my friends.

I would free them.

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