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“He should’ve known better than to put his hands on what’s mine.”

“I’m not yours, Memphis. You broke up with me, remember?”

“You know I didn’t mean it, Sage. You know I’m crazy about you, but what am I supposed to do? I’m going out of state for college, for the next four years. You know my dad wants me to go to law school. I have to carry on the family name.”

Memphis came from one of the richest families in our town. They came from a long line of wealthy, successful attorneys. I once overheard his father state on a phone call that he charged a thousand dollars per hour. His family was always nice to me for the most part. His mom seemed lonely, though.

“Yeah, whatever.”

I served myself another drink and then another one after that. I didn’t drink often, and I was definitely what you would call a lightweight. Things started to get a little fuzzy after that last drink, and I was beginning to feel better about the whole night in general.

“Did your slutty friend dress you?”

“Don’t talk about Aspyn that way. She’s the furthest thing from that.”

It was true. She was picky and had high standards. She never had a boyfriend and had no interest in one either. She was as independent as they come, and I admired that about her.

“Why doesn’t she like me? I’ve never done anything to her for her to treat me the way she does.”

“She’s just being protective over me. It has nothing to do with you.”

“She knows I love you, Sage.”

“Do you, Memphis?”

He brushed the hair away from my face. “Of course, I do. You’re my girl.” Leaning in, he kissed me.

Normally, I’d be weak in the knees for Memphis’s lips on mine. He was the best kisser.

Well, not anymore. Ashton.

He didn’t taste like him.

He didn’t smell like him.

He didn’t feel like him.

Stop thinking about him, Sage. He’s gone. You’re never going to see him again.

“I missed you, baby,” Memphis whispered in between kissing me. “Come on, I want to show you your present.”

I served myself another drink and finished it off by the time we were outside walking through the woods.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, birthday girl. Now.” He grabbed the cup out of my hands and placed it on the grass. Blocking my eyes from behind me, he ordered, “Close your eyes.”

I didn’t consider the severity of what he was suggesting until we were already alone and in front of his surprise. He moved his hands away, and I opened my gaze.

“Wow…” was all I managed to express.

Gradually, I looked around at the bed of his truck which was parked near a river. The full moon was beaming above our heads, accentuating the makeshift bed he’d made for us. I stumbled back a little, and it was only then I realized how drunk I truly was. The booze running through my veins made it easy to follow his lead.

“You’re so beautiful, Sage.”

He helped me onto the bed of his Ford. It all happened so fast… One minute we were making out, and the next I was practically naked beneath him. I laid there in only panties, feeling completely exposed to him as he took in each and every curve of my body.

“How did I get so lucky?” he admired and grabbed my chin to make me look into his eyes.

He kissed me, and this time, it was more urgent and demanding. I went with it, and slowly, his hand found the edge of my panties.


“Don’t you want this?”


“Me, Sage. I want you. I’ve waited long enough, don’t you think?”

We'd messed around before, mostly it was me getting Memphis off with my mouth, but we’d never had sex. We came close to it a few times, and I always made him stop.

“Don’t you want me?”

Did I? I guess…

“Look at everything I did for you. Let me finish giving you your present.”

I mean, I was already here. I loved him. At least I thought I did. “Do you have a condom?”

“Of course. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, baby.”

I let desire take over, listening to him mumble about the condom as he placed it on.

“Do you want me to help?”

“No, I got it.”

When he was done, he kissed his way up my body and found my mouth again. Positioning himself on top of me, he rested on his elbows with my legs spread open. His dick nudged at my entrance, and he slowly and carefully eased his way inside me. The pain and discomfort I felt was almost unbearable. It didn’t feel like anything I’d seen in movies or read about in books.

“Jesus, baby, you are so fucking tight.”

He angled my leg a little higher and pushed all the way in. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t.

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