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Cain raised his hands in a surrendering gesture. “Dude, let the record show that I have never looked at your mother’s titties, okay?”

“Good. Keep it that way.”

I hit the gas, and we were off again, but seconds later Sawyer muttered under his breath, “Bullshit. I’ve seen you look at her tit—”

I shot him a warning glare through the rearview mirror, and he shut right up, laughing instead. It didn’t take long to get to Leo’s new bachelor pad. It was on his parents' property, not that you could tell. They owned twenty acres of pure heaven. Leo’s parents were loaded. His old man owned Mountainside Building, and he was the best general contractor in our small town. Their estate was huge, and a full staff was needed just to keep up with the landscaping.

One day the company would be handed down to Leo, and we’d all known that since we were kids. His future was set and planned for him, and I wasn’t sure how he felt about that. If I were in his shoes, I’d be grateful as fuck. However, Leo was definitely the most serious of us all. It was hard to gauge what he thought about anything.

Other than Mila.

She was his neighbor, and they’d known each other since birth. She was his closest friend outside of us. They were like two chicks at a slumber party, and he had yet to bang her. And let me tell you, Mila was extremely bang-able. We would all love to slip our dicks inside her, just the tip, just for a second, just to see what it felt like, but we would never do that to our boy.

Bros before hoes.

Not that Mila was a ho. All we knew was that she was off-limits to any of us. We didn’t cross that line. At least not with her. Now, with any girl she brought around, those chicks were fair game. We'd ruined one too many friendships for her, and it was probably the reason she was always around. She didn’t have any other friends aside from Leo. We were used to having her with us anywhere we went; we didn’t question it. None of us really knew much about her, though. She was Leo’s, and no one understood their friendship.

Not even us.

I parked my truck in front of his cabin, and we all made our way inside. Leo’s cabin was more like a treehouse, given it was surrounded by tons of trees. It was bigger than a treehouse but still built like one. It was one big ass open room, the kitchen was to the left of the front door, and the living room was in front of that. It was in the middle of the open floor plan. To the right of the front door was a bathroom and a bedroom next to it that I’d probably be the first one to fuck in.

This place would definitely be crawling with girls. We all had a reputation for loving the ladies, and none of us were ashamed to admit it. We were good-looking and young—what else did anyone expect?

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the Hawkins genes. Leo had an eye for building like his old man and the men before him. Our boy came from a long line of carpenters or some shit. He even made sure to have glass doors that led to the porch which had a hot tub and lower deck. He built a fire pit with lounge chairs to host bonfires and make s’mores; he knew how much chicks were all about that. It would be easy to get laid here, and I knew a part of him wanted this place for that reason alone.

However, he still built a swing for Mila beside the pit. It was their thing. Our boy was so pussy whipped, and he wasn’t even getting pussy from her.

Fucking idiot.

“I honestly don’t know who’s worse out of the four of you,” I overheard Mila say as we walked toward the door.

Of course, she was the first one there.

I’ll tell you one thing, if I was spending that much time with a girl, then I better be getting my dick sucked. I had no time for a girlfriend, and I didn’t want one. I’d seen my older brothers have enough of them to know that I wanted no part of that.

The stage-five clingers.

The expectations.

The daily bullshit of what they wanted and needed.

Yeah, no thanks.

I was sixteen years old, I was in my prime, and these were the years I needed to look back on and remember I'd lived my best life. Balls deep inside as many girls as I could.

Why would I want to settle down and ruin that?

“Well…” Leo hesitated. “It depends on who you ask. If you ask any female in this region of Tennessee? It’s definitely me. Now, if you ask guys from our opposing high school, then it’s Cain because everyone knows he fucks anything that walks.”

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