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“Good luck with that one.” He laughs. He gives me another hug before he heads back inside to leave for his honeymoon.

I put the box in the robe of my pocket as I make my way back to the pool house. When I enter I see Sebastian is in the kitchen staring down at his phone. He already has a cup of coffee made for me on the counter.

“Why is my mom asking if she should bring a side dish over for dinner tonight or if we’d prefer a dessert?”

“I invited them over.” I pick up my coffee, taking a sip. As if it were perfectly normal that I invited them for dinner.

“Are you sure you want to do this? They can be—”

“Difficult?” I finish for him.

“Pretty much.”

“They're your parents. We’ll need to do this sooner or later. I can deal with them. Besides, I think once your mom realizes she’ll get grandbabies one day she’ll relax.”

Sebastian stills. “We haven't talked much about that.” We haven’t, but we sure have been working on it plenty.

“Didn’t think we needed to at this point. You know everything about me, so you know I’m not on the pill. You don’t use condoms. I’m no doctor, but I could already be knocked up with how we’re always going at it,” I tease him.

“Going at it.” He drops his phone down on the counter, coming over to me. He takes my coffee from my hand before setting it on the counter. Before I can complain, he picks me up and sits me next to it.

“Making love, going at it like bunnies. You know what I mean.”

“Maybe you should show me.” He nuzzles my neck.

“Babies mean we should get married.”

He lifts his head. “You asking me to marry you, Vi?”

I pull the box out of my pocket. I am. For so long I ran from this in fear. I’m all in, and I’m not wasting another second of the life Sebastian and I can have together. I want my happily ever after with him, and this is the first step in getting it.

“Yes.” I open it to reveal the simple black titanium wedding ring. He stares at the ring but says nothing. I take it out of the box. “They told me this would be best since you work with your hands so much.”

“Don’t move.”

He steps back from between my legs and turns to leave the kitchen. He pauses to turn back then takes the ring from between my fingers and slips it on before he actually leaves the kitchen this time. I wait, not the least bit worried. I’m more curious than anything. Sebastian would marry me right this second if a priest walked in and said he could do it now.

“I’ve had this ring for a while and you beat me to popping the question,” he says, stomping into the kitchen with what I’m pretty sure is a pout on his lips.

My eyes fill with tears. I try and blink them away, but there is no stopping them. From the very beginning he knew I was the one for him. He never once doubted it.

“I was walking past a jewelry shop and there it was. It reminded me of you.” I hold my hand out as he slips the ring onto my finger. The purple amethyst is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. He’s right. It does scream me.

“Yes,” I say instantly. He kisses me hard and deep, telling me he loves me. I kiss him right back with the same passion. He lifts me off the counter and carries me back toward the bedroom.

“We’re staying in this bed for the rest of the afternoon,” he says when he tosses me down onto it.

“I love this plan, but we need to go grocery shopping before your parents get here.” I get up on my knees, putting my hands on his chest. He puts his hands over mine.

“You don’t have to do that. Make a list and I’ll go.”

I shake my head no. “I know I don’t, but I want to.”

“You’re so damn brave, baby.” He digs his hands into my hair, tilting my head back. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” How could I not? He isn’t only my hero, but he helped put me back together again. He made me want to get back to living my life. He made me yearn for a future where I am his wife and the mother of his children.

No fear comes at thinking about leaving here anymore. Not when I know Sebastian will be at my side. Together we can do anything. He will always keep me safe.

Sebastian will always protect what belongs to him. Me.



“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I made!” Gwennie runs toward her mother and me as fast as her little four-year-old legs can carry her. At the edge of the blanket, her foot gets caught, and she tumbles forward.

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