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“I’m at your service.” I let out a small scream as he tosses me over his shoulder before carrying me through the house and out the back.

I know one day I will rejoin the rest of the world. I can already feel my fears slipping away. For now I have everything I need right here.


Chapter Nineteen


This time I don’t put her down in the living room, light a fire, make some tea. I’m already burning up and so is she. I charge to the bedroom and throw her onto the bed. She bounces and laughs.

“In a hurry?”

“You have no idea,” I growl, tearing at my clothes. The police coming by to search for Adam sets my teeth on edge. They’re not going to find him. There’s nothing left to find. The Kasteros’ furnace is hot enough to incinerate the hardest materials. I don’t think even steel, let alone bone, stands a chance in those forges. But even the merest prospect of losing Violet, being separated from her in any way, ignites my berserker tendencies.

I kick off my jeans, toss my shirt over my head, and dive between her legs. Her nipples are hard, and her cunt is wet. The way she’s ready for me is another trigger. My dick’s marble hard, and the cockhead throbs with the need to be inside her hot, juicy cunt. I grab the base of my cock and squeeze until I see stars.

“Are you hurting yourself?” She tries to knock my hand away.

“I’m about two seconds from coming all over your pretty tits so, yeah, a little less blood flow to my cock is a good thing.” I release my shaft to stroke the outside of her warm thigh. “You reduce me to an eager boy. I do have some self-control.” She wouldn’t know it the way I’m always on her if she gives me even the slightest hint of interest.

“I don’t want your self-control.” She winds her arms around me and tugs my head down to hers. “I just want you.”

The softly spoken words drive me crazy. I slam my mouth against hers, driving my tongue between her teeth, licking every surface, tasting every essence. I cup her breast and thumb one pert nipple into a hardened peak. The need to taste it pulls me down. I close my lips around the nipple and take a hard draw. She lets out a moan which spurs me to reach between her legs to see how much she likes the tit play. The state of her soaked pussy gives me all the intel I need. I move to the other breast and give that nipple the same care and attention.

Under my hands, Violet writhes in excitement. “Sebastian, please…” She digs her nails into my shoulders as I drift lower, kissing her stomach, laving her belly button, pressing kisses to the sides of her hips before stopping when my face is level with her cunt.

“You got a pretty flower here, babe.” I scissor two fingers into her channel and stroke the tender skin. Her thighs start trembling. There’s nothing sexier than the woman that you want wanting you back. And from my viewpoint, I can see how very excited she is. Her pussy lips are swollen with want. Her liquid essence coats my fingers. Even her erotic scent that fills my lungs tells me of her need. I stroke her slow and methodically, enjoying the sounds and sight of her. I sip at her font, drinking down her orgasm as tremors shudder through her body.

Rolling onto my back, I place her on top of me. “You got to work for it now.”

The slow, careful way she positions herself over my shaft makes my body burn. She tugs the corner of her lip into her mouth and gasps as my cockhead pierces her center. “Did you get bigger since yesterday?”

A laugh catches in my throat. “I will if you keep talking like that.” I circle her waist to steady her. “Don’t tease me too much. Remember that lack of self-control?”

“It just feels bigger in this position.” She wriggles a little, and my cock slips in another inch.

“Are you trying to kill me? Is this on purpose?” I narrow my eyes.

An impish smile sweeps across her face. “Maybe.”

“Minx.” I thrust upward, and this time it’s her breath that catches.

“Sebastian,” she cries.

“Take me. Take all of me.” I clamp my hands around her hips to hold her in place while I drive into her, thrusting hard and deep. Her hands fall to my chest, and her breasts sway like pendulums as she rides my cock. “Violet!” I command sharply. “Eyes on me.” Her gaze flies to meet mine. “This is how it’s always going to be between us. Hot and fierce. Full of fire. It will never die. You hear me?”

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