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“I always want to see all of you, Vi.” He brushes his thumb across my lips. I part them, stealing a taste of him with my tongue. He presses his thumb more into my mouth, and I suck as hard as I can. He lets out a low groan. His whole body flexes as desire takes over. I release his thumb, kissing the tip before I try to slip off his lap. He stops me, not wanting me to go anywhere.

“I thought you wanted to see.” I slip my hands up under his shirt. I’ll never get enough of his hard body. His size scares me most, but it’s never made me feel anything but turned on.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” I put my hands over his, lifting them off my hips so I can slip off his lap and stand in front of him. I wait for the shyness to overcome me as I start to pull my clothes off, but it never comes. Sebastian’s fingers grip the edge of the sofa as he tries to keep himself seated. “So?” I ask, doing a small spin. “Does it look better in person?” I swear the man looks as though it’s taking everything he has not to lose control.

“Angel.” His voice sounds strangled. So close. Only a little more and I’ll have him breaking for me. The only one he would ever break for.

“I’m not too sure about the bra, but what girl loves a bra?” I reach behind me, unhooking it and letting it fall away. Before it can hit the floor, Sebastian is on me. My feet leave the floor as he lifts me into his arms. I wrap myself around him. His mouth takes mine in a possessive kiss as he carries me through the house heading toward the bedroom.

He only breaks his mouth from mine to toss me onto the bed. I let out a small laugh at how quickly Sebastian is getting undressed. When the last of his clothes hit the floor, my heart starts to race in anticipation. The throb between my thighs becomes almost unbearable.

Our eyes connect as we feel the same rush of emotions. Both of us are finally getting what we’ve wanted for so long. I drop back onto my elbows so that I can take him in. I want to try to savor every second of this.

“I love the panties, angel.” His big hands wrap around both my ankles. “But I want your pussy bare.” He pulls me down the length of the bed before he drops to his knees on the side of it. Before I can react, I hear the fabric of my panties rip and his mouth comes down on my sex.

His fingers dig into my thighs, keeping me planted where he wants me as his mouth devours me. He is relentless as he sucks and licks me as though he were starved for me. It’s not long before he sends me over the edge. Still, he wants more. His tongue circles my clit before he sucks it into his mouth. He takes long pulls of me, his tongue flicking back and forth.

It’s all too much. I cry out his name, lost in all the pleasure. The second orgasm hums through my body. I’m in such a state of bliss that I don’t realize he’s lifting me until I’m in the center of the bed.

“You with me?” He brushes my hair out of my face. His cock starts to push into me with nothing between us. Neither of us will have it another way from this day forward. We both know what we’re doing and what it could mean.

“I’ve been with you since that first day, Sebastian. You’ve owned me. I’ve always been yours even if we hadn’t been together.” I knew there would never be anyone else for me. I don’t care who thinks it’s crazy, but I’ve loved him from the start. Thought I was doing the right thing by not tying him to me, but really, I’d only been hurting us both.

“I love you so damn much, angel,” he says before he thrusts all the way inside of me. I cry out, my nails digging into his back as he claims me. “So fucking perfect,” he growls. “I love you.” He says over and over as he presses kisses anywhere his mouth can reach. I can feel the strain of his muscles under my fingers as he fights to stay still inside of me.

My body starts to adjust to his size, and the pain starts to fade away. The only thing I feel now is full. I know this man is trying to take it slow because he doesn’t want to hurt me, but I want more. My body demands it.

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