Protecting What's Mine - Page 14

Sebastian throws back his head and laughs. I bite the inside of my cheek watching him. Who knew a laugh could be sexy? What would it feel like if I was pressed up against him when he laughed?

“You want to tell me why your cheeks are turning pink? If you say because of the beast I’m going to track him down and make a throw rug out of him.” I snort a laugh.

Sebastian doesn't think it’s as funny as I do. In fact I think he might actually be jealous, which only makes me laugh harder. This man surprises me at every turn.

“You’re gonna get it now.” He tosses the remote to the side before he’s coming for me. I get up and try and make a run for it, but he wraps his arm around my waist from behind, lifting me off my feet. With anyone else it would freak me out if they could move me around so easily. With Sebastian it makes me feel feminine and small. It’s sexy as hell too.

He drops me down onto the sofa, coming over me. His big body presses into mine. My legs spread wider to make room for him. My hands fly up, grabbing his shoulders. I dig my nails into him.

“Shit. Violet. Did I scare you?”

“No,” I breathe. Unable to stop myself, I try to lift my hips to rub against him, but I’m pinned under him. His hard cock is pressing right into my sex. I watch as what I’m doing finally dawns on him. My whole body lit up with need the second he came down on top of me. If this was anyone else, I would feel trapped and helpless, but with him all I feel is turned on.

“Do you want me to help you with that, sweetheart?” He presses his cock more into me, making me whimper with need. “I want the words. Need to hear them. Need to know you’re okay, Vi.”

“Please.” My eyes lock with his. He lets out a loud growling sound before his mouth is all over mine in a hungry kiss. I kiss him back with everything I have, loving the way his mouth feels against mine.

“If at any time you want to stop all you have to do is say the word.” His words only make me want him more.

“Stop talking and start kissing me.” I pull his mouth back down to mine. Our kiss is needy and untrained, both of us wanting more of the other's mouth now. Years of want and need pour out of both of us.

When his hands go to my thighs and start pushing up higher, I’m suddenly happy for the dress Mom made me wear today. His mouth leaves mine as he kisses me down my neck. The ache between my legs grows with each press of his mouth.

“Sorry, angel.” Before I can ask what he’s sorry for, he grabs the top of my dress, giving it a tug. It easily gives way for him. He ripped it enough that my breasts came tumbling out. “So damn beautiful everywhere.”

He sucks my nipple into his mouth. His fingers toy with my other one before he switches, giving them both the same attention. I swear I could come undone just from this.

As he slips more down my body, he keeps pushing my dress up until I can feel his warm breath on my thighs. My heart pounds so loudly it’s the only thing that I can hear.

“You know how long I’ve waited to taste you?” I nod my head. He might not want to say it out loud, but even in the midst of that terrible night when he reached for me I’d felt something. There has always been a spark between us. That feeling has never dulled over time. It only continues to grow more persistent.

One finger slips inside my panties. He moves it back and forth, barely brushing my clit. I grip the sofa, needing something to hang on to.

I say the three words that I know will get me what I need. “I want you.” His eyes flare as he yanks my panties to the side. His mouth descends onto me. He licks and sucks as though he’s been starved for me. It takes nothing to get me to go off. This has been long overdue.

Moans pour from me, but he doesn't stop. He keeps devouring me, trying to get his fill. His tongue is relentless, demanding for me to come again. When he sucks my clit into his mouth, giving a hard pull, I explode again.

“Sebastian!” I cry out his name. The pleasure is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. My eyes fall closed. My body feels truly relaxed for the first time in a long time. How am I ever going to be able to push this man away? He’s addictive. And that’s what scares me the most.

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