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She blows out a low stream of air. “I don’t want to shoot the gun, Sebastian. I just wanted to feel safe. That’s all.” She grabs the gun from my hand and shoves it back into the drawer. It doesn’t close all the way, and she pushes it again and then again until finally she gives up with a small exclamation of frustration and stomps away, leaving me with the broken drawer, the gun, the bullets, and the boxes she had delivered.

Chapter Four


“You still eat those?” Miles turns his nose up at my peanut butter and banana sandwich. It also has a nice thick layer of marshmallow fluff on it. I could live off these sandwiches. They’re one of the things that always gives me comfort.

“They're wonderful, and I’ll eat whatever I want,” I say with a mouthful of food. To make my point, I shove more into my mouth.

“Mom’s here.” I snatch the marshmallow fluff off the counter, hiding it quickly. Miles chuckles at me. I don’t need to hear about all the terrible things that are inside this yummy sandwich. It’s Mom’s fault really. One of the nannies showed me this as a kid, and now I can’t quit them.

“Is Mom why you’re hiding in the kitchen?” I lick some fluff off my thumb before I take another bite of my sandwich to get rid of more evidence.

“She’s nuts.” He shakes his head. “All the plates are the same. When I point that out, she and Eden act like I’m the crazy one.” I snort a laugh.

Ah. That’s sweet that Mom and Eden are tag teaming on Miles. I might joke about some of her antics, but she’s a great mom. Eden deserves to have a mom like her. Until she wants to choke her.

“But getting stuff done,” I point out. There is no way she’s not. “Buck up. You’ll be thanking her when you’ve said I do and you can get going on your honeymoon.”

“We’re not sure if we’re going on one. We might wait a few months,” he says casually. I’m not buying whatever it is he’s trying to sell me. Miles getting Eden all to himself on some private island is everything he could want and more.

I shove the rest of the sandwich into my mouth. Miles won’t make eye contact with me. “I’ll plan it,” I volunteer.

“No, it’s fine. We’re going to enjoy some time here. This place is a five-star hotel really.” I can’t argue with him about that. As nice as it is, sometimes it feels as though it’s a little too much. He starts to rub his hand along the counter, pretending to marvel in it. Now he’s gone too far.

I narrow my eyes on him. “Spill.” A stare-off ensues between us. “Fine. I won’t plan a honeymoon. I’ll focus all my attention on planning the bachelorette party though…” Something that sounds like a growl rumbles from my brother. He drops his head, and his shoulders slump.


“He could get out at any time. He’s been on good behavior and they are overcrowded.” Miles hates even saying Adam’s name.

“I knew this was coming.” I try to keep my voice level. I don’t want him to notice how nervous I am. “This place is like Fort Knox.”

“I’m not worried about your safety.” Miles comes around the kitchen island. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me in for a hug. The man towers over me. He stole all the height when we were in the womb together. Jerk. “I want to be here for you.” I swear I couldn’t have asked for a better brother.

“You have been more than you should have.” Miles gave up a part of his life to come out to the family estate to be near me. “Adam is not taking over your life too. I won’t allow it. You’re going on this honeymoon.”

“Violet.” Mom calls my name before Miles can respond. He releases his hold on me. I duck down, hiding behind the back of the island. “Where is your sister?” I hear Mom say.

“She had a headache and went to lie down.” Miles covers for me. It’s always been that way with us. We always stick together. But in saying that, I also know I’m going to owe him for that one.

“Well, lucky for me that you two have the same complexion and hair color. Come hold these bridesmaids dresses up against you and let me see how they look.” The snort of laughter that leaves me is uncontrollable. Miles starts fake coughing to cover it up. “You better not be getting sick. I’m going to call the doctor.” My mom's heels click on the marble floors as she leaves the room.

“I know. I owe you,” I say when I pop up. I drop a quick kiss on his cheek. “I’ll cancel three of the male strippers, and we can call it even,” I tease as I make a break for the back door.

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