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“Touch yourself,” I order. “Make yourself come on me.”

The sight of her back and ass as she rides me and brings herself to orgasm is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Not that I’ve really seen a lot of beautiful stuff because my life hasn’t led towards that kind of shit, but she is truly phenomenal. The curves on her…the way her hair moves…the tiny droplet of sweat cascading between her shoulder blades…

I growl and cry out as I push inside once more, holding her hips against me as I fill her. My head drops to the mattress as I angle my hips a couple more times to milk the feeling a bit. I sit up and wrap my arms around her, letting her fall back against my chest as I roll us to our sides, almost dropping us both off the small bed in the process.

She giggles through her rapid breaths, and the motion makes my softening cock fall out of her. She twists around to face me, and I push the hair from her forehead.

“What do you do for a living?” she suddenly asks as she props herself up on one elbow with her head resting on her hand.

“I’m retired military,” I respond automatically. It’s the truth, easily validated. I roll onto my back and try to catch my breath as she begins to pepper me with questions, and I continue to answer in the vaguest way possible.

“That explains a lot,” she mumbles under her breath as her fingers trace over my bicep. “I like your muscles.”

“The better to hold you down and fuck you with, my dear.”

She laughs as I roll over her and take her nipple between my teeth. I nibble, but only lightly. Between last night’s numerous escapades, the lack of sleep, and the earlier morning romp, my stamina hasn’t quite returned yet. I prop myself up on my hands and lean in to kiss her a couple of times before I lay back on my side facing her.

Her hand runs over my bicep again, then down my arm. Her head cocks quizzically to one side as her fingers trace over the slight dip at my waist right before they creep around to my ass. She gives it a bit of a squeeze before looking up at me with humor in her eyes.

“I like this part best,” she admits as she blushes.

Heh. Birds of a feather or whatever the fuck the saying is.

I grab her butt, too, and bring us closer together.

“I like this one better.”

She giggles, blushes, and then stares at me again.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing,” she mumbles back.

“Tell me.”

Lia hesitates before speaking again.

“Can I try something?”

I narrow my eyes and release her ass.

“Depends on what it is.”

“Just…roll over a minute.”

“Roll over?”

“On your stomach,” Lia clarifies.

I glare at her a minute as she offers more encouragement. Finally I acquiesce and lay on my stomach in the center of the bed, watching her warily as she goes to the bag she has by the front door. I tense, watching her movements closely, and for the first time I feel agitated – sure for the briefest of moments I have been duped – she knows who I am and she’s here to kill me. I am a second from jumping out of the bed and maybe wrestling her to the ground when she turns and holds up a small, round, shiny coin.

It’s a quarter.

“What the fuck?” I ask. Lia giggles as she skips the fifteen feet back to the bed.

“I’ve always wanted to try this,” she says. “You were in the military – it’s just like the quarter test on the bed after you’ve made it up.

She cannot be serious.

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