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“Yeah.” He fell to the side of my body, groaning, “Now neither can I.”

“I didn’t realize your balls were so close to my knee,” I lied. “I was just trying to get comfortable.”

“So was my dick.”

“I’m so sorry.” I kissed his cheek. “I’m going to get my big strong guy some ice, okay?”

“Oh, you’re going to give me that and more. Later. When I don’t feel like my balls are in my stomach.”

I didn’t know what to answer, other than, “I’ll be right back. Stay put.”

“I don’t have another choice, now do I? My dick is going to be afraid to show you how mighty he is if our close encounters keep going like this.”

I frowned, and stood, hurrying out of there.

Except, it wasn’t Cain on my mind the entire time I babied him back to health.

It was Leo.

My best friend who stopped trying to be in my life.

And I couldn’t blame anyone but myself.

Chapter 30


Two weeks later

“Mi! Come here,” Cain excitedly hollered.

It was the first time we took his catamaran out to sea. He finished rebuilding his engine the night before and we were taking her out for a spin.

I walked up to the upper deck and looked out to where he was pointing. Two dolphins were frolicking in the distance. It truly was an amazing sight to see with the sun beaming down on our faces, warming our skin.

“I love dolphins, let’s go swim with them.”

He laughed, “We’re not swimming with the dolphins. We’ll scare them away.”

I peered up at him grinning, recognizing the gleam in his gaze. It was a little off, sort of strange. I could read him pretty easily by this point and I could tell what he was thinking. He was getting ready to attack. I screamed when he effortlessly scooped me up.

“You want to swim with dolphins?”

“No, I was joking. Don’t you dare, Cain! I’m wearing a dress. Let me put on my bikini,” I demanded, tightening my arms around his neck. “Trust me, if I go in, you’re coming with me.”

He chuckled, “You do realize that I am a hell of a lot bigger than you, don’t you?”

“And you realize I could—”

“You could what, Mila?” He knew he had the upper hand. “Tell me what you could do?” With ease, he shifted my body, and my legs naturally wrapped around his waist.

“So, where can a girl get a drink around here?”

“I got you margarita mix. It’s in the fridge along with your Don Julio tequila.”

“Does that mean you’ve forgiven me for hurting your friend?”

“What friend are you referring to?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, not understanding.

“Leo or my cock?”

“I’m hurting Leo?”

He set me down on the ground. “When’s the last time you talked to him?”

“I don’t know. I’m not keeping track.”

He arched his eyebrow as if calling my bluff.

“What? He’s the one that stopped reaching out to me. I guess he’s too busy with work—”

“I talked to him this morning.”

Before I could regret asking, I blurted, “Does he know about us?”

“What about us? We’re basically friends who kiss sometimes unless you’re kicking me in the balls. That’s the only time you’ve touched it since we started whatever this is.”

“I told you it was an accident.”

“And I told you, you’re full of shit.”

I rolled my eyes. “Is that your way of telling me he knows?”

“Do you want him to know?”

I thought about it for a second. “I’m not sure.”

“Don’t you think you should be sure? I’ve been the perfect gentlemen and you barely kiss me and when you do, it’s brief—” His phone rang, and I was beyond relieved.

He answered the call and while he was handling that, I took the opportunity to compose myself and went to change into my bikini. A yellow bandeau top and matching cheeky bottoms.

Cain wasn’t exaggerating, I did avoid intimate situations with him. Anytime he kissed me, I thought only about Leo.

I missed him. A lot.

I missed my family.

My home.

My swing.

Four months into living in St. Thomas and I was already homesick. This was the longest Leo and I had ever gone without speaking.

On my way toward the fridge, Cain’s computer dinged. Pulling me away from my thoughts, I recognized the sound, it was Facebook messenger. His laptop was open, and I couldn’t resist. Curiosity got the best of me and I checked who the message was from.

Are you referring to you and Mila? Do whatever you want. I don’t control her life.

I read Leo’s newest response to Cain, and my heart fluttered against my chest. This uncomfortable feeling swept through my skin. I couldn’t help myself and my finger was moving the cursor to see more of their conversation.

In seconds, my whole world came crashing down.

Tonight’s the night.

What do you want me to say about that, Cain?

What? Cain wanted to have sex tonight?

I want you to tell me that you’re cool with it.

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