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Sawyer let go of my neck. “You cock blocked yourself?”

“We were making out. She was ready, and I just couldn’t pull it off. I couldn’t stop thinking about Mila, and then I couldn’t stop thinking about Cain, and then it turned into thinking about both of them together.”

“Together?” they said in unison.

“Yeah. He didn’t tell you?”

They looked at each other before Sawyer answered, “Tell us what?”

“They’re dating. They’ve been dating for the last month. He called me before I picked Kylie up tonight.”

They didn’t say a word. However, the expressions on their faces spoke for themselves.

“How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know, Sawyer. I honestly don’t fucking know. I’m so blindsided by this.”

“Are you though? You know Cain. He’s charming and Mila’s hot as fuck.” Ashton shrugged. “They basically live togeth—”

“Excuse me, what?”

“Oh,” Ashton breathed out, rubbing the back of his neck. “He’s still working on his boat. He crashes at her place a lot.”

I jerked back, shocked. “Are they sleeping together?”

“Like fucking?” He shook his head. “Not that I know of. He stays on her couch, but it’s a studio space so they’re in the same room. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not fucking sleeping with her.”

“I can’t believe any of this.”

“I’m sorry, bro. Do you want me to find you some pussy?”

“I just left a wet one, Ashton.”

“And this is why—” he pointed to himself “—I’ll never break the Playboy Pact.”

“Who would have thought that Cain would’ve been the first one to break it out of all of us? Especially with what happened with his parents. It doesn’t make sense. Cain doesn’t believe in love and if he’s messing around with Mila’s heart, he knows you’ll have his balls for it.” Sawyer thought about it for a second. “I don’t know, man. It just seems weird to me. You sure there’s not something else going on?”

“Like what?”

“Maybe he’s trying to stir the pot between you and her? Like a fucking shit stirrer, I don’t know. I wouldn’t put it past him. You were there for him the most during the divorce.”

“Are you saying he’s pretending to like her? For me to what? Kick his ass?”

“I don’t think he’s pretending to like her. Mila is a likable chick. We all like her. Listen, all I’m saying is Cain doesn’t do relationships. You know this, we all do. Including Mila. I think he’s trying to get a rise out of you.”

“For what?”

“Not for what, for who—Mila. You’re obviously not fucking happy about it. Why do you think that is?”

Ashton peered back and forth between us, raising his finger in the air. “We’re going to need another round and some shots. I think our boy here—” he threw his arm around my neck and pulled me into his side “—needs to realize why he has a problem with them dating and that’s going to take…”

He brightly smiled. “A shit ton of fucking booze.”

Chapter 29


Two weeks later

We were at the gym and Cain was bench pressing two hundred and thirty pounds. Every time he lifted the bar, he grunted extremely loud and it was ruining my concentration on my yoga mat.


He set the bar back onto rack.

“Must you sound like a barbarian every time you’re working out? Your man grunts are disrupting my form.”

Glancing in my direction, he looked down my body. “You’re on the floor spread eagle and I’m disrupting your form?”

I laughed, letting go of my legs. I was in the upside-down frog pose.

“I have one more set and then I’m all yours to help you—” he winked. “—stretch.

“I don’t need help stretching.”

“You want to race on the treadmills again?”

“Oh, you want me to kick your ass again?”

“Did you say kiss it or kick it?”

I rolled my eyes smirking. Since I couldn’t focus with the caveman sounds coming out of his mouth, I moved to the punching bag in the corner of the gym. Grabbing a pair of boxing gloves hanging from the ring, I started hitting the big red bag.

A sequence of right and left hooks, I relieved all the stress I felt. Leo and I hadn’t spoken in six weeks and in the last two, he just stopped calling me.

No emails.

No letters.

No Facebook messages.

In fact, he also hadn’t logged on in the last two weeks as well.

I punched the bag again and again, hitting it made me feel better. I lost count of how many times I actually struck it.

Cain interrupted my thoughts, “My Mi knows how to throw a punch. Good to know. Here I thought you were just a wimpy girl who only did yoga.”

“Call me a wimp again and I’ll use you as my punching bag next.”

He grinned before looking down at his cellphone.

“Why are you always looking at that thing?”

He finished whatever he was doing and then gazed back up at me. “It’s a mix between the stock market and Leo. Which would you like to discuss?”

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