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She stuck her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, wiggling both of them off much faster than I was tugging. She threw her pants on the floor.

“Wiggle like that again.”

She did, smiling.

Watching Mila’s tits bounce was a sight I’d definitely be masturbating to later, making a mental note of how delicious she fucking looked. Ravenously, my eyes scanned her sexy body, greedily devouring every last inch of her skin. Starting from her rosy cheeks, down to her perfectly flushed, perky tits, to her round hips and slender thighs. Right down to where my mouth wanted to taste the most.

Her pussy.

“And look at that, you weren’t lying about the hairless kitty.”

She purred, “Meow,” winking.

And I couldn’t help it, I laughed from deep within my chest. “Only you would make me laugh while I have a fucking hard-on.”

She wiggled, all proud of herself.

“You going to spread your legs for me, Lala?”

Almost like she was opening a gift for me, she did as she was told, and through hooded eyes, I glanced up at her, making sure to give her shit while I made my way down on her. Silently laughing because she rocked her hips against the bed.

“Impatient, are we? While I’m down here should I lick your but—”

She shot up. “Don’t you dare!”

“Oh, come on, we can add it to all our firsts of the day.”

“Just stay in the front.”

“But I like the back.”


“I’ll stay in my lane.”

There was no hesitation whatsoever when I licked from her opening to her clit.

“Oh, God.” With her eyes rolling to the back of her head, she fell onto the bed.

“Open your eyes, Mila, I want you to watch me eat your pussy.”

She moaned in response, fluttering her heated gaze on me. Our stares locked, and she watched as I licked from the bottom to the top of her slit. She just about came undone when my tongue flicked her clit.

In that second, I knew Mila’s pussy would be my favorite thing to eat.

Chapter 23


“Since I’m new down here, I’m going to need directions on how to make you squirm. Do you like this?” I taunted, sucking her nub into my mouth.

She didn’t say a word, I could barely hear her breathing.

“Or…” I sucked her clit, moving my head side-to-side. “Like this.”

She loudly moaned that time, which earned her a smile. I didn’t even try to hide it.

“Feels good, yeah?”


With my index and middle finger, I pushed through her pussy.

“Oh, God…”

Feeling like the king of the fucking world, I continued my sweet torture with my tongue on her clit. “Lala is slippery when wet.”

She ground her hips against what I was doing.

“I’m going to taste you now, Mila.”

A whimper escaped her lips as I dove my tongue as far as it would go into her core, loving the taste of her. She melted against my tongue, into my touch, coming apart from everything I was doing. Sucking her clit harder and faster, I was relentless in my pursuit to have her come over and over again on my fingers and in my mouth.

“Oh, God, right there.”

Pushing in and out with a steady rhythm, I worked her over. “Right there?” I mocked, pushing harder against that rigid spot inside of her.

Her back arched off the bed again, fisting the sheets. Her impending orgasm completely consuming her.

“Stop talking and… right there…”


“Oh god, yes—there…”

“You feel that?” I huskily groaned, appreciating the sight and feel of her getting off.

She was close, almost there. I could tell by her frenzied movements and erratic breathing. Her pussy pulsated, aching, throbbing against my fingers and I didn’t let up until she couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t wait any longer.

Within seconds, her legs started to shake, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Her hands immediately gripped onto my hair, and I grunted in pleasure.

“Hmm … ah … mmm…” she exhaled, coming hard.


All the way down my face and neck.

“And she’s a squirter. That’s a nice unexpected surprise. I’m just learning all these new things about my girl.”

“That’s never happened before.”

I smiled, feeling damn proud of myself. Tugging off my shirt over my head, I wiped my face and neck and tossed it on the floor next to her clothes. Unbuckling my belt and jeans next, I slid them off, along with my boxer briefs.

She opened her eyes and glanced down my body. “Huh, imagine that.”

I crawled my way back up to her face. “Imagine what?”

“You weren’t lying about your big main man.”

“My cock?”

“You just want to hear me say it.”

I scoffed out a chuckle, now hovering above her. “Fuck.”


“I need to get a condom and I’m honestly terrified what will happen if I go down that ladder with how hard I am right now.”

She kissed my lips. “I’m on the pill.”

“I’ve never gone bareback before.”

“Me either.”

For the first time in my life, I turned into a wild animal. Growling like I was a fucking lion and king of the jungle, I claimed her mouth, aggressively kissing her. Positioning my cock at her entrance, I held it there.

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