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Penni thought about it, but she didn’t agree. Penni knew she could admit her own flaws, and she wasn’t possessive. When men stopped calling her, she didn’t get offended, chalking it off as another failed attempt to get Train off her mind. The child would be Winter and Viper’s, not hers. She was sure she could do it, but she would give Winter time to think over her offer.

“If you change your mind, let me know.”

“I will. We’ll work it out … if he’s not doing something he shouldn’t be doing.”

“He won’t be.” Penni waved her hand in the air, releasing her own worries and any she might have caught from Winter. Then she put her hand back on the steering wheel. She was determined to make Winter lighten up. “You think Kaden would give me maternity leave, though, since technically I wouldn’t be keeping the baby?”

Winter leaned her head against the window. “You’re a nut.” When she managed to stop laughing, she put her tissues back in her purse. “Will you do me favor?”

“Of course.”

“Don’t tell anyone. I let my emotions get the best of me. I really want to keep this between me and Viper.”

“No problem.”

The Last Riders had become a family. None of them would want Winter to jeopardize her health.

“I wish I could have seen Shade’s expression when he discovered we were missing.”

Winter brought her hand to her mouth. “I wish I could have seen Cash’s. He was guarding the backdoor. If the clerk hadn’t shown us the employee exit, we wouldn’t have managed to get away.”

For the rest of the drive, they talked about how the boys at the school where she was principal always believed they could pull the wool over her eyes. Winter told Penni several of the more humorous anecdotes, not stopping until she parked in The Last Riders’ parking lot.

Because they were driving Willa’s car, the two men on the front porch went back to leaning against the door.

“We’re here,” Winter said unnecessarily.

“Are you sure we should do this?” she whispered. Whether Winter went or not, Penni had every intention of seeing what Jackal was doing.


“Remember, let’s be cool. Whatever we see, we don’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing they’ve hurt us.”

“I’ll be calm. I promise. We’ll go in the front door. If they’re not in the living room, they’ll either be in the kitchen or the basement. The men won’t take the women upstairs to mess with; they’ll be too afraid of Mag barging in.”

“You remember she’s in a wheelchair?” she said as they quietly made their way up the large flight of steps.

“Tell that to Rider. I don’t know how she managed to get in her wheelchair, but she opened Rider’s door and caught him with Jewell.”

“I think she has a crush on him.”

When they reached the door, Penni saw it was Train and Crash on guard duty.

“What are you two doing here? You’re supposed to be in Lexington. Where are Shade and the rest—”

“We decided we didn’t want to stay the night. Excuse us.” Penni attempted to get to the door, but Train and Crash both blocked it.

Their guilty expressions made her sick. Winter had been right; the men had wanted them gone.

“Move, Train … now.”

Train and Crash stepped to the side, letting them open the door.

Penni looked over the crowded room. The members were having such a good time. Music was blaring, and several of the women were dancing. Several of the men were at the bar, watching a boxing match on the big screen.

“I see Viper.” Penni pointed at Viper, who was sitting on a stool with Ice and Cade on each side of him. “I told you that you didn’t have anything to worry about. Do you see Jackal?” Penni asked Winter, but her attention was on Viper who had turned to stare at them, his phone in his hand.

“I guess the secret’s out. Go. I’ll try to distract him from calling Jackal until you can find him.”

Penni had seen Jackal wasn’t in the living room, and the kitchen was practically empty. The few members back there were watching the boxing match in the room off the kitchen. They didn’t pay attention to her as she went down the steps.

The couple hadn’t heard her come in. Raci’s hand was on Jackal’s dick, and her breasts and pussy were bare. He was finger-fucking her. Then he slid his hand out, wiping it on her thigh.

After that, she didn’t remember much of anything. It was as if she were staring down at herself.

The rage that blindsided her didn’t leave until she was sitting on Shade’s porch swing and Winter left. Shade had warned her about the killing rage he was capable of, but she hadn’t expected it to be so intense to actually shoot at someone. Technically, she hadn’t shot him, but she hadn’t been aiming … Okay, she had been aiming at his dick, but she had missed it.

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