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Reality became just the two of them as Penni felt the passion she had hoped to find in the men she had dated in the past. They had all been different walks of life, but Jackal walked his own road. He didn’t cater to her, yet he had made no effort to hide he was attracted to her. Every time he was near, his eyes would appraise her from head to toe, showing he liked what he saw.

She liked what she saw, too. His body would make any woman drool. If he hadn’t been such an asshole, she would have found it difficult not to take him on a twirl and find out where their chemistry led. The only thing that had stopped her was, again, he was an asshole, and the gleam in his eyes had warned her he might be too much to handle.

Her parents had told her that she had never felt fear the way other children did, and it was the truth. She still had that. But where Jackal was concerned, her self-preservation had kicked in.

He circled his hand behind her neck, pulling her more securely against him as he leaned back against the couch until she was across him. Penni circled his shoulders, moaning as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. Her pussy ground down on his dick as she felt it harden beneath her.

Jackal raised his hips up, bringing his hands to her hips and pushing her down on him harder. Then, straightening, Jackal moved his mouth down her skin as he tugged her shirt down. The delicate bra she had on was brushed away, leaving her nipple exposed.

“Fuck me.”

Penni couldn’t tell if it was an expression or a demand. It took her everything not to echo his feelings.

Jackal licked the tip of her breast until she clenched the hair that brushed against her breast. When he touched her, it made her feel invincible, drowning out all the warnings she had never had trouble following before.

“Don’t tease me.” His tormenting lips were torturing her nipple, grazing the tip without taking it in his mouth.

“I’m trying to make it good for you.”

Penni could feel his back shake. He was laughing at her when she was on fire? When she was done with him, laughing would be the last thing on his mind.

She had parts of his body she wanted to explore. The fleeting glimpses had spurred her on.

Penni went to his chest, sucking his nipple into her mouth.

“What did I tell you about biting me?” Jackal’s husky growl had her licking the hard nub before moving down to his waist. His abs had been driving Penni to investigate his ridges and dents until she was forced to stop by the top his jeans. “Don’t stop.”

“I wasn’t going to.” Penni lifted up only long enough to unsnap his jeans.

Jackal rubbed his thumb over her nipple as she peeled down his jeans and tugged down his underwear. She was gifted with sight of his cock.

Another woman would have hesitated at the amount of piercings on his cock, but Penni had never been afraid of the unknown.

Her lips brushed the head of his cock, feeling the metal hit her teeth.

“If you bite me—”

“A man with that many piercings isn’t afraid of a little pain.”

After licking the length of his shaft back to the head, she sucked harder on him, determined to savor every minute she had him under her control. Penni wanted to taste him again and again. Each taste brought him deeper into her mouth.

Jackal gripped the arm of the couch as she covered his cock with her mouth again. Each time she lowered and raised her mouth, she tried to take him deeper, using the same rhythm he had used to tongue-fuck her. Penni had always learned by imitation, and her memory didn’t fail her now.

She spread Jackal’s jeans wider so she could reach the shaft of his cock, massaging his tightening balls.

“Move … I’m going to come.”

Penni tightened her lips around the head as he came, his body tautening as he bucked, driving him farther into her mouth.

She lifted her mouth off him when he stopped moving, and then Penni found herself sitting on his lap with Jackal trying to tug her shorts down.

She jumped to her feet, pulling her T-shirt down.

“Get back here.”

Penni shook her head, trying to calm her speeding heart. “I need to go. Lily has company coming in.”

Practically running to the stairs, she almost tripped over the first step.

“Sit your ass down on my dick. The only company you’re going to see is when I shove my dick up your pussy.”

Penni wanted to snap at him but couldn’t. Shade was standing at the top of the steps, about to come down.

“Sex Piston and her crew showed up early. Lily wanted me to tell you when you didn’t answer your text.”

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