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When her clothes were back in place she looked up at him. He reached out and slid a slow finger across her cheek. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” She then remembered she needed to tell him something else. She sat up straight and pushed the hair out of her face. “I had lunch with your mom yesterday.”

He startled. “You did?”

“Yes. She called and invited me to have lunch with her at Chase’s Place. She’s so nice, Jared, and I really hate lying to her even though I know why we’re doing it.”

He nodded and fixed dark eyes on her. “Don’t worry about it. Things will work out.”

She gave him a shaky smile. “I hope you’re right.” But a part of Dana wondered how things could possibly work out when the one thing that she hadn’t wanted to happen was happening anyway.

She was falling in love with Jared Westmoreland.


“W hat do you mean there’s a possibility the child is mine?” Sylvester Brewster shot to his feet.

Jared slid the documents out of the envelope and across the table as he met the man’s shocked gaze. “What I’m saying is that according to this medical report, based on the physical that you took last week, you’re not sterile. In fact you have a very high sperm count.”

Sylvester sank back into his chair. “B-but what about that childhood disease?”

“According to Dr. Frye, you may have had a low sperm count at one time but there’s no indication you were ever sterile and nothing is documented in your medical history.”

Sylvester shook his head, squeezed his eyes shut. “This doesn’t make sense, Jared.”

“You were misinformed. Whatever doctor told your parents you were sterile evidently misdiagnosed your condition. And since you are capable of producing children, there’s a strong possibility that your wife’s child is yours…just like she claimed.”

Sylvester dropped his head on Jared’s desk with a solid thump. “Damn, Jared, you don’t know what all I said to her, all the things I accused her of.”

Jared nodded. He could just imagine. “All that medical report does is indicate you aren’t sterile. It doesn’t prove the child is definitely yours. The next step is to order an amniocentesis.”

Sylvester lifted his head. “A what?”

“An amniocentesis. It’s a test that’s done to the mother, generally during the fourteenth to twenty-fourth week of pregnancy to determine the paternity of an unborn child. We can have the results back in two weeks.”


Jared lifted a brow. “No?”

“No. I’ve humiliated her enough. Did you see the tabloids this morning, man? Someone leaked my accusations to the papers and it’s all in the news. Jackie is never going to forgive me for not trusting her.”

Jared knew that was a very strong possibility. That very morning, he had spoken to Jackie Brewster’s attorney, who had informed him that his client was hurt and upset, but would be more than happy to undergo a paternity testing. Once it’s proven that Sylvester was her baby’s father, she planned to sue him for every cent he had for publicly humiliating her.

Jared met the man’s stare. “I suggest you don’t make decisions about anything today. Take the report home and read it and then let’s meet one day next week to discuss how we’re going to proceed.”

“I don’t want a divorce, Jared. I want my wife back. I was wrong. I should have trusted her. I love her and I owe her a huge apology.”

It was on the tip of Jared’s tongue to remind Sylvester that two weeks ago, when he was certain he was sterile, he’d been singing a totally different tune. “Yes, that might be the case but I doubt a reconciliation is what Mrs. Brewster has on her mind right now. According to her attorney, she doesn’t want to see or talk to you. As your attorney, I suggest you don’t try to contact her until we’ve determined our next course of action.”

Thirty minutes later, Jared was standing at the window in his office looking out. Sylvester had gotten himself in a real mess this time. The love he had for his wife had gotten overshadowed with mistrust. Was there any hope of the marriage surviving? For Sylvester’s sake, he hoped so.

Jared sighed deeply as he switched his thoughts from Sylvester’s problems to his own. He could sum up his troubles with one name.


There were very few times in his life when he’d been faced with a situation that he couldn’t figure out or adequately handle. And this was one of those times. Frustrated and annoyed, he drew in a deep breath. What had happened between them yesterday had touched him in a way that it shouldn’t have. And what was so extraordinary about it was that they hadn’t made love. Yet he had shared something with her that he hadn’t ever shared with another woman.

While in that bed kissing her, touching her, he had felt as if she was the only woman he could ever want. The only woman that he wanted in his lifetime. Damn, but this pretended engagement was going to his head, zapping him of common sense and confusing the hell out of him.

It hadn’t been easy to leave her last night and before he’d left he had sat on the bed and pulled her into his arms. For the longest time she had sat curled up in his lap with neither of them saying anything. The only sound that had intruded on their moment had been the soft meowing of Tom at the bedroom door. Even now, just thinking about her made his chest tighten with a need he wasn’t used to.

He glanced down at his watch. He would be picking her up at six for dinner. And the only thing he could think about was seeing her again and kissing her with the desperation he felt. Dana Rollins was definitely getting under his skin.

“Would you like some more wine?”

“No, thank you, Jared.” Dana bit down softly on her lip and tried not to stare at him. Every time their gazes met she felt a tiny pull at her heart.

“Are you ready for your trip this weekend?”

She met his gaze and forced a smile. “Yes, I’m ready. Since it’s not a long trip, a lot of packing isn’t necessary.”

“I’d like to go with you.”

Dana’s eyes widened in surprise. “Why?”

Jared shrugged as he sank back in his chair. That was a good question since he had just made the decision. “I don’t like the idea of you driving so many hours alone.”

Dana couldn’t help but appreciate his concerns. “It’s something I do every year, Jared. And when my father’s birthday comes around in September I’ll be doing it again. No big deal.”

Jared frowned. To him it was a big deal. “You shared my father’s birthday with me and I want to be there to share your mother’s birthday with you.”

Dana glanced down at her wineglass. How could she not fall in love with him when he said something like that? She slowly lifted her head and met his gaze. “Thanks, Jared, but that’s not necessary.”

He smiled. “It is to me.” He leaned closer over the table. “Besides, it’s been years since I’ve been to Jekyll Island and I’d like to go there again.”

Dana inhaled deeply. The part of her that was fighting what she was feeling for Jared wanted to tell him to find another time to go, that she needed time alone, time away from him, but she couldn’t say that. She decided to use another approach. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to go out of town together, Jared.”

“Why? Because of last night?”

Dana felt a jolt to her body at the memories, something she’d tried to downplay all day. She had played Red Light, Green Light, many times as a child but never like that and never with a playmate like Jared. He gave the game a whole new meaning. “That, among other things,” she finally said softly. And please don’t ask me what those other things are, she silently screamed. I don’t want you to know that I’m falling in love with you.

“I know your thoughts on us sleeping together, Dana. You’ve been pretty clear on that and I think I’ve been straightforward in saying that I won’t push you into doing anything you’re not ready for. But this isn’t about us sharing a bed.”

Dana met his gaze. “Then what’s it about, Jared?”

His eyes held hers. “It’s about me being with you and enjoying your company. I like talking to you.”

Dana knew he was holding something back. She had been around him enough to know when something was bothering him. She could feel it. “Is there something else? Is everything all right with your mother, Jared?”

He stared at her for a moment and after taking a deep breath he said, “I spoke with Dad earlier today and he said that Mom got a call from the hospital. There was a cancellation and they were able to schedule her outpatient surgery for next week instead of waiting two weeks.”

Dana nodded. “That’s good news, isn’t it?”

Jared heaved a long sigh. “Yes, but…”

She waited for him to finish. When he hesitated she asked, “But what?”

He dragged a hand over the back of his neck, seemingly frustrated. “But nothing. I guess I’m just remembering how it was the last time.”

Dana understood and reached out, took his hand in hers and held it tight. A part of her was glad she was here with him and that he was sharing his innermost fears with her. “All we can do is hope and pray for the best, Jared. And I know you, your father and your brothers appreciate and love your mother. Your willingness to pretend to be engaged just to make her happy proves how much you care.”

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