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“Mr. Grey.”

“Ana’s leaving to get some lunch. Please stick close.”

“Yes, sir.”

Back in the room, the meeting is wrapping up. Ros approaches me.

“Your private merger?” she says with a curious look.

“The very same.”

“No wonder you’re so upbeat. I approve,” she says.

I grin, feeling smug.

BASTILLE IS ON FIRE. He’s knocked me down three fucking times. “So Dante told me you brought a beautiful girl into the bar. This why you’re soft today, Grey?”

“Maybe.” I grin. “And she needs a trainer.”

“Your PA spoke to me this morning. I can’t wait to meet her.”

“She wants to learn to kickbox.”

“Keep your ass in line?”

“Yeah. Something like that.” I lunge for him, but he feints left, his dreads flying, and he knocks me down with a swift roundhouse kick.

Shit. I’m on the floor again.

Bastille’s pumped up. “She’ll have no trouble punishing your sorry ass if you fight like this, Grey,” he crows.

Enough is enough. He’s going down.

I RETURN TO MY office showered after my bout with Bastille, and Andrea is waiting for me.

“Mr. Grey. Thank you. You really are too generous.”

I dismiss her gratitude with a wave as I head into my office. “You’re welcome, Andrea. If you use it for a proper honeymoon, make sure I’m away, too.” She gives me a rare smile and I close my office door.

I notice a new e-mail from Ana when I sit down at my desk.

* * *

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Visitors from Sunny Climes.

Date: June 14 2011 14:55

To: Christian Grey

Dearest Completely & Utterly SS&S

Ethan is back, and he’s coming here to collect keys to the apartment.

I’d really like to make sure he’s settled in okay.

Why don’t you pick me up after work? We can go to the apartment, then we can ALL go out for a meal maybe?

My treat?


Ana x

Still SM&I

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Editor, SIP

She’s still using her work computer.

Damn it. Ana.

* * *

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Dinner Out

Date: June 14 2011 15:05

To: Anastasia Steele

I approve of your plan. Except the part about you paying!

My treat.

I’ll pick you up at 6:00.


P.S.: Why aren’t you using your BlackBerry!!!

Christian Grey

Completely and Utterly Annoyed, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

* * *

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Bossiness

Date: June 14 2011 15:11

To: Christian Grey

Oh, don’t be so crusty and cross.

It’s all in code.

I’ll see you at 6:00.

Ana x

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Editor, SIP

* * *

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Maddening Woman

Date: June 14 2011 15:18

To: Anastasia Steele

Crusty and cross!

I’ll give you crusty and cross.

And look forward to it.

Christian Grey

Completely and Utterly More Annoyed, but Smiling for Some Unknown Reason, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

* * *

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Promises. Promises.

Date: June 14 2011 15:23

To: Christian Grey

Bring it on, Mr. Grey

I look forward to it too. ;D

Ana x

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Editor, SIP

Andrea buzzes me. “I have Professor Choudury on the phone from WSU.” The professor is the head of the environmental sciences department. It’s rare that he calls. “Put him through.”

“Mr. Grey. I wanted to give you some good news.”

“Please, go ahead.”

“Professor Gravett and her team have made a breakthrough with regard to the microbes that are responsible for nitrogen fixation. I wanted to give you a heads-up because she’ll be presenting her findings to you on Friday.”

“That sounds impressive.”

“As you know, our research has been directed at making soils more productive. And this is a game-changer.”

“I’m pleased to hear it.”

“It’s thanks to you, Mr. Grey, and the funding from GEH.”

“I look forward to hearing more about it on Friday.”

“Good day, sir.”

AT 5:55 P.M. I’M outside SIP’s offices, in the back of the Audi, looking forward to seeing Ana.

I call her.

“Crusty and Cross here.”

“Well, this is Sex Mad and Insatiable. I take it you’re outside?” she answers.

“I am indeed, Miss Steele. Looking forward to seeing you.”

“Ditto, Mr. Grey. I’ll be right out.”

I sit and wait, reading a report on the fiber-optic patents Marco was talking about earlier today.

Ana appears a few minutes later. Her hair, shining in the late-afternoon sun, bounces in thick waves over her shoulders as she walks toward me. My spirits lift, and I’m completely under her spell.

She’s everything to me.

I climb out of the car to open the door for her. “Miss Steele, you look as captivating as you did this morning.” Embracing her, I plant a kiss on her lips.

“Mr. Grey, so do you.”

“Let’s go get your friend.”

I open her door and, as she climbs in, I acknowledge Sawyer, who’s standing outside the SIP office, unseen by Ana. He nods and heads to the SIP parking lot.

TAYLOR STOPS OUTSIDE ANA’S apartment and I reach for the door handle of the Q7, but I’m stopped by the buzz of my phone.

“Grey,” I answer, as Ana reaches for the door.


“Ros, what is it?”

“Something’s come up.”

“I’ll go and get Ethan. I’ll be two minutes,” Ana mouths to me as she exits the car.

“Hold on a moment, Ros.” I watch Ana as she presses the entry phone and speaks to Ethan. The door buzzes and in she goes.

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